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  1. Hi all, my Exige didn't come with rear speakers (just a couple of plastic covers). Having spoken with the chaps at B&C, they reckon the wires are installed and it's just a matter of removing the plastic panel behind the seats to locate them. Anyone had a go at this / able to share instructions / pics pls?
  2. Cheers @Five50 Looks like the screws in my Exige must've tightened a bit too much when they were originally installed. I also tried using an adjustable wrench/spanner with a screw bit though they wouldn't budge! Will try again, ta!
  3. Out of interest, what tool did you use to remove the screws? Something like a low profile ratchet screwdriver? I had a quick go at mine the other day though the screws are stuck stiff/wouldn't budge! I'm worried that I may damage the screw head if I force it...
  4. Hi fellow Lotus enthusiastics! Just a note to introduce myself - a soon to be owner of a Exige Sport 350 (please see pic attached). I've been a fan of the Elise since the early days and the Exige that was released soon after and now 20 years on, I've finally bitten the bullet and decided to buy one! Am taking delivery next week and been spending lots of time on this forum (thanks folks for all the helpful info!) in prep for my new car. There's so much to consider - from detailing with ceramic cost (Gtechniq seems the way to go), PPF (Xpel), indoor covers (thanks Bibs!) through to insurance (AIB, Classicline, Manning Uk Henderson Taylor), trickle chargers (CTEK), car wash accessories (Metro Master blaster/sidekick), etc! Will of course use the appropriate threads for deeper discussions! Cheers, Rykchiu
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