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    Alias23 air intake, Alias23 side skirts, Hellslo wing mirrors, GRP rear lights
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  1. Cool, I'm also looking at the extended warranty with B&C. Re. Car Care Plan, I think that only applies to approved used rather than being an option as extending warranty? Re. Failures to my car - I really think it's down to rotten luck. Many a folk here will testify great reliability with Exige/Evoras. For me, looking at extended warranty is for piece of mind should my run of bad luck continue!
  2. Hey chaps, So my 2018 Exige Sport 350 is coming to the end of its 3-year warranty with Lotus. I'm considering taking up an extended warranty package and wanted to get your thoughts and whether anyone has elected to do so? Unfortunately, I had some rotten luck what with failures to the central locking/alarm, front access panel sensor, exhaust box, rear spoiler and as of last night, what I suspect to be the clutch! I've only covered 1,600 miles since I got it new... All these failures have got me thinking, do I need extended warranty for piece of mind? Hmmm... Cheers all, Ricky
  3. Lol! I did think it would be rather understated given the colour you currently have!
  4. Is that the pewter grey? not that I'm biased but I think its a great looking colour when contrasted with carbon/matt blacks. Looks miles better in the flesh than in pics!
  5. Hey chaps, anyone know if Lotus will be at the British Motorshow held in Farnborough over the next few days? It's the Emira that I'd very much like to see in the flesh!
  6. Cheers sir - I had checked both and must've missed you mentioning the model of the LEDs from Twenty20. Will check and watch your YouTube vid again!
  7. Interesting.... Would you mind advising which model of HB3 from Twenty20 you went with please @MAGas can see a few variants on their website. I'm not as handy as yourself and so thinking I may go with the halogens from HIDS-Direct that you tested. I think I'll be content with a slightly brighter and whiter light when compared with OEM, rather than the whole hog with LEDs.
  8. Added comment: Sorry to bang on about this guys. Been looking into options and have spoken to a number of bulb manufacturers and body shops. It would otherwise appear that retro fitting HIDs are not road legal and that the same applies to LEDs due to a lack of legislation/LED bulbs cannot be marked as 'E'/have British Standard mark as a result. Apparently this is all down to the fact that headlamps designed for halogens, should not house any bulb other than halogens. Is this your understanding too? If halogens are the only road legal/will pass MOT option, then the choice seems rather limited. Having looked around for halogen replacements (ideally emitting a whiter and brighter light than the stock Sylvania ones), bulbs from Osram and Phillips pop up. HIDS-Direct offer a HB3a (which @MAGtested ), though I'm struggling to find anything else. Anyone have any other suggestions?
  9. Hi all, hope everyone is well. resurrect this old thread once more. I was out in some windy roads at dusk yesterday evening and I must concur that the OEM headlights are rather poor! Ideally, I'd like to go down the plug and play route in replacing the OEM headlights with something that gives a bit more brightness, which I think may mean white halogens as it would appear the LEDs will require work to get them installed (whilst recognising that LEDs are going to give the brightest light). Has anyone found anything they'd recommend?
  10. rykchiu

    Nissan GTR

    I see your dilemma, third world problems lol! Have you driven the GTR? If not, I'd definitely get my hands to test drive one if I were you. It is a brilliant car in itself and you never know, you may fall in love with it even thought it's a different driving experience compared to the Exige.
  11. rykchiu

    Nissan GTR

    My view having recently driven a friend's 2018 GTR is that whilst it's undoubtedly a lovely and very fast car with plenty of mod cons and practicality, it's a totally different drive compared to the Exige. As already said, it's very much aided by loads of tech that helps with traction, grip, etc to keep what is a very heavy car (compared to the Exige) on the straight and narrow. The GTR has buckets loads of torque and pulls hard and fast, though doesn't give the same visceral and raw feeling the Exige does. Feedback through the steering is night and day between the two. In the words of the friend who owns the GTR and who drove my Exige - "your car is so much more engaging to drive! The steering feel and general feedback you get is unreal compared to my GTR". In summary, I'd say the two cars aren't really an apples to apples comparison. If you're looking for more something more practical than an Exige then I'd say give the Evora a go or dare I say it (spit spit), a Porsche GT3....(diff price bracket of course).
  12. Excellent, thank you - just received a notification from your YouTube channel too!
  13. Carbon covers look great (along with the rest of your mods/Exige)! Mind sharing where you sourced the carbon covers from? Did the bracket/mount/bolts etc come with?
  14. Looks like Greg's Racing Parts also do some:
  15. Another install with the infamous ALIAS23 side sills! Went for an aggressive look by max'ing out the extension/protrusion from the car body. Exige now looks "squatier" with a wide stance - just how I wanted Cheers to Imran for making an awesome product, I may be back for some more/others
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