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  1. Haha, thanks! I suppose that I am (privately) very clear in my direction for the car, I’ve done renderings of what it’s intended to be, etc. You’re right that the thread title might be confusing. Nothing I’m doing will be irreversible, but at least during my stewardship of the car I’m going to make some - what I’d consider - improvements. I think the reveal over the course of this thread will be more worth it than me posting up what I envision as the end result and then just watching me get close (or fail! Haha). It’s not an “authentic” backdate, as it’s not meant to be a stoc
  2. I still have SUCH a soft spot for S2s. One day I'll have one. Roman Bronze or World Championship plz, thanks.
  3. Thanks, and yeah I was hooked well before this car - but this is some sweet justification on all those childhood dreams. I had meant/wanted to lift the car from the chassis but this lift wouldn't fit to reach the lift point (at least with the car backwards in the bay). I trawled through the manual I have and found an "either/or" situation and decided to not burn more daylight trying to mess around. Duly noted for next time though. If I gave it a little more effort I'm sure I could have snuck by the front wheels and reached the chassis. Any tricks, or should I pull it in forwards for bette
  4. Can you fit S2 bumpers in carry-on? Haha. Currently the best solution I've come up with is picking up some custom-sized Claudius bumpers, front built an inch shorter to be closer to euro S1/S2 size. They're local and I actually do think they're quite acceptable - if not OEM. I was going to do SJ bumpers but the lead time was ~10-12 weeks. I fully realize that if I had pulled the trigger a few weeks ago I'd have eaten into that time by now but... Well, anyway. Wrong side of the world on a lot of things for G Esprits. I'm not against trimming my front lower arms and getting shorter length d
  5. I can't wait to! Haha. Will be making up new brackets for the proper location, and remove that side one once I replace the rear bumper.
  6. Chapter 4: Breakdown Before Teardown. Pretty small update, but with some help from Micah (local mechanic dude) and my buddy Dom being a prybar master, they walked me through tearing the stuck caliper apart and reconditioned it best I could without spending any money. At least this would let the car roll freely and drive better, even though it's getting new brakes during it's teardown. I wanted to take it on a small drive to find anymore issues to address just in case, and also stop by the DMV to complete the paperwork since it was imported to CA - then moved out of state - now back t
  7. Chapter 3: Some Problems, Some Progress and a Plan. OK, so I wasn't able to get back to the Esprit until the end of that week, but things went quite well, overall. After Monday evening's Parkinson's-level test drive, I had figured that the 10+ year old tires that had been sitting idle for about 5 years were most likely out of round and causing a huge imbalance that then caused at least the majority of the vibration. Surely there were some bushings to be upgraded but this was pretty apparent to be rotational. But the first thing I did was install my new rear hatch struts, so i
  8. Chapter 2: Arise Chicken, Rise. I arrange for the car to get down to CA, enclosed, to protect it's glass. I've got some plans for it so we're working on it and shooting/documenting it at Race Service. At first I'm sure it (or I) was the butt of a weeks' worth of jokes but now it's gained a bit of a following. People really really love interacting with the car. It's so far out in left field because of it's SUPER Italian proportions and folded paper surfacing but either an innate knowledge of car design history (or I'm sure a few annoying conversations with me) and I think people reali
  9. Chapter 1: Folded Paper. So about a year and a half or maybe two years ago my friend Tony wouldn't shut up about how we should get Lotus Esprits because they're at a lull in the market and who doesn't want a mid-engined sports car from your childhood? That, like most dumb group chat ideas (we had roped our good buddy Brenden in about a year ago) took various sidetracks - one of which ended up being X180s, etc. But first, I guess a briefly why I embraced my obsession for this car. It all came from my favorite concept car, the Maserati Boomerang - a Giugiaro masterp
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