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  1. Hi I’m new to Evora ownership which is great (the car itself) apart from I live in a remote corner of Cumbria so rather than having to waste half a day traipsing into that rare thing, a Lotus dealer, I wondered whether I could get a proper diagnostic scanner that can read all the codes for the Engine and ABS systems so I can either fix them myself or get a local specialist WRC garage to sort it. My local specialist garage fixes £250k rally cars but his expensive diagnostic kit but can’t see many of the Lotus codes. The car is a low mileage IPS model showing a ABS light. I’ve alread
  2. Thanks for the advice. I’ve since talked to Lotus Silverstone who suspect the same and are going to send me the part next week so I can get it installed locally. It’s a 10hr round trip to Silverstone as I’m near Loweswater in the western Lake District I’m trying to avoid going into Carlisle to get the codes read if I can help it.
  3. Just bought a 60 Reg Evora IPS from Lotus Silverstone which is great, except the car was sat for a while and has had new disks and pads. the ABS and traction control lights have come on after about 600 miles (mostly long slow trips so the pads are still not fully bedded in yet) Any views, want to avoid going back to Lotus as they’re 5 hours away. Loving the car, view this as teething issues. Have access to excellent local specialist who maintains WRX rally cars, but can’t read all Lotus error codes with his system All advice / ideas much appreciated
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