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  1. Sounds great, did you change anything gearbox wise?
  2. It just seems so simple to have made the numerals visible and the headlights better. are these Lotusisms
  3. Turned up to max, but still the red numerals are so dim to make them almost unreadable. is there a bulb upgrade for this and also the headlights which also seem to me pretty poor. why is all the Lotus illumination so weak?
  4. Problem was a nail in the middle of the tyre which I hadn’t spotted new cup 2 being fitted tomorrow, (luckily) only need 1 due to small amount of miles covered.
  5. Thanks Guys, first port of call , I will report back
  6. Running in (just reached 600 miles) accelerated up to about 90mph and encountered noticeable vibration through steering wheel., backed off and vibration stopped. known issue or a tyre/geo problem? TIA
  7. Glad you’re enjoying the car and no more probs; was it easy to take the top off?
  8. Does Lotus cars have a presence at FOS ?
  9. Ive probably lost a zero then
  10. Anyone any experience of these re fit, finish etc almost seem too cheap 109 euros
  11. hi Chris had this from my supplying dealership The first aftersales service is at 1000 miles, where we remove the running in oil and refill with 5w40 Castrol who is correct????????
  12. In my maintenance record booklet it says the after sales service to be carried out between 1000 and 1500 miles !
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