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  1. I asked Lotus if they sold the sunstrip that has featured on a number of their cars; they said no.
  2. Thanks guys, I received these ones as spares which seem to be a cheap metal rather than rubber and are 5 pronged
  3. thanks Pete so just try and wrestle them off I guess
  4. Is there a best way to remove/replace the wheel centre caps to avoid damage ? I don't know how they are fixed so any help would be welcome before I get the flat head out,
  5. 12 o’clock marker appears on Evora steering wheel, but not on Exige. Any reason ? Weight, cost
  6. IMHO a stupid money saving/weight saving idea; should have at least been an option
  7. do you think Evija is a loss leader ?
  8. Genuine question; are all hypercars like Evija loss leaders to showcase the company ?
  9. do you know if they install for the technically challenged
  10. without mentioning any names it was from a Lotus employee
  11. I was told that there will be a 410 with AIM style electronic dash; maybe it's here. would be a nice future upgrade
  12. "whether or not the Merc is actually better than a Lexus, you have been led to believe in the superiority of the Merc". i don't think that is entirely correct; even if people do believe the Lexus is the superior car they will still buy the Merc; i think it's the superiority of the brand rather than the actual car per se
  13. Can you tell me the “right” dealer please? And can you spec as you want ? That could be a circa 10k saving 🙂 which would be bril
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