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  1. great stuff; how did you get the colourchip paint, did you know the code? Lotus doesn't seem to appear on the drop down list of manufacturers.
  2. They’re in UK East Anglia but can’t offer any reccs
  3. I think I saw Hangar 111 could do it Where do you feel it could use the extra oomph
  4. no just happened; contacted dealership a little while ago but no response as yet .set a reminder to chase them on Tuesday
  5. i'm not sure, i'll check
  6. Thanks Stephen, don’t know if that’s good or bad news
  7. Do all S3 Exige have a small gap at the top of the window at the side. not very well described but it seems that if you were outside the car standing just behind the door if you chucked a bucket of water over the car towards the front , water would get in the cabin. or maybe my roof or windows aren’t properly fitted ?
  8. does anyone know where the extra circa 20bhp comes from? thanks
  9. thanks for the insight, cross referencing as well to the post on the 430 cup exige which also didn't match the 3.2 figure quoted by Lotus. seems some manufacturers are playing the game others more honest'.Porsche used to be quite conservative with their figures
  10. are the factory 0-60 times a lie or just very difficult to replicate? I posted on another thread how Autocar couldn't get anywhere near the Lotus 0-60 for the Elise 250 Cup if it's a common theme perhaps they should be challenged
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