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  1. they seem to be gradually reducing in availability on the used market
  2. Stratton has a 430 for sale; looks like the one from the JayEmm video so might be SOR ?
  3. In the introductions section a guy has gone from 350 to 410; perhaps contact him ?
  4. thanks for your helpful reply Dave , it helps
  5. had a replacement belt (gator type), just trying to find out possible causes of squealing on start up when car is dry and garaged. Does a pulley cause squealing ? As you say the car isn't old, I guess I was just trying to establish if the squeal is curable or is it something which you have to live with. Thanks.
  6. Hi Dave even when garaged and covered it does it; noise lessens after prob 15 mins
  7. What causes the belt to squeal ? I have a new gator belt which squeals on startup.
  8. was speaking to a lotus guy who said run out would not go beyond 430 but 410 would have the 311 instrumentation
  9. Does anyone experience this when starting from cold ?
  10. not a 360 but my 430 (from main dealer) had multiple issues over 3 years, manifolds, paint bubbling, wheel sensors, usual ball joint and track ends, paint issues on the inside of engine cover, etc.
  11. Always reassuring to hear when official weights are independently validated
  12. Glad you’re enjoying the car on the road, I’m still struggling with (especially winter months ) visibility issues with low sun (even with a cap on ) I am really surprised Lotus can get away with no sun visors in these health and safety days.
  13. I believe that his experience with the dealership and vice versa wasn’t always positive
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