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  1. dealer now has my new plastic tank from the factory ready to be replaced
  2. congrats, I think i had the first 987 Spyder in the UK, brilliant drivers car, less sanitised than the 981 or 718 variants, in the end only took me seconds to install/take off the roof
  3. Yup, apparently a replacement improved version is now being manufactured , only affects charge Cool Exige not Evora or for that matter Elise
  4. Not very good photo compression but this is my burnt orange
  5. Hi, had my 1st year service today and at the same time had the recall work for the servo hose completed. worth checking your coolant plastic reservoir as there is a failure where the rivets are . lotus has ordered 100 replacements , ok to drive but keep an eye on your levels. will get a call when new plastic reservoir ready to be replaced.
  6. Wondered what the view was. do you think Lotus will do anything else with the Exige or is that it?
  7. Haven’t managed to get in race on road yet but will give it a try but defo not in sport mode
  8. Steel on the 410. No pops/bangs
  9. sounds shambolic and highlights the quantum improvements the company and it's dealers need to make
  10. Excellent, how long did the job take/will take?
  11. I think Stratton cars also have AU prefix, they are quite near Hethel
  12. The 570 is very quick, but you will struggle when it comes to changing, warranty around 4K pa
  13. hi, this one is for 2018 onwards cars so i was told
  15. was at dealership yesterday and i understand there is an imminent recall for a brake hose check don't know if it's just 410's but I guess probably not wondered if anyone else had more specific info? cheers
  16. great stuff; how did you get the colourchip paint, did you know the code? Lotus doesn't seem to appear on the drop down list of manufacturers.
  17. They’re in UK East Anglia but can’t offer any reccs
  18. I think I saw Hangar 111 could do it Where do you feel it could use the extra oomph
  19. no just happened; contacted dealership a little while ago but no response as yet .set a reminder to chase them on Tuesday
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