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  1. I asked Lotus if they sold the sunstrip that has featured on a number of their cars; they said no.
  2. cheers all, i'll have a prod around
  3. Thanks guys, I received these ones as spares which seem to be a cheap metal rather than rubber and are 5 pronged
  4. thanks Pete so just try and wrestle them off I guess
  5. Is there a best way to remove/replace the wheel centre caps to avoid damage ? I don't know how they are fixed so any help would be welcome before I get the flat head out,
  6. 12 o’clock marker appears on Evora steering wheel, but not on Exige. Any reason ? Weight, cost
  7. IMHO a stupid money saving/weight saving idea; should have at least been an option
  8. do you think Evija is a loss leader ?
  9. Genuine question; are all hypercars like Evija loss leaders to showcase the company ?
  10. do you know if they install for the technically challenged
  11. without mentioning any names it was from a Lotus employee
  12. I was told that there will be a 410 with AIM style electronic dash; maybe it's here. would be a nice future upgrade
  13. "whether or not the Merc is actually better than a Lexus, you have been led to believe in the superiority of the Merc". i don't think that is entirely correct; even if people do believe the Lexus is the superior car they will still buy the Merc; i think it's the superiority of the brand rather than the actual car per se
  14. Can you tell me the “right” dealer please? And can you spec as you want ? That could be a circa 10k saving which would be bril
  15. IMHO-the new owner needs a well regarded big seller of any type . the new owner has a clear direction which does not include low volume petrol only niche cars hope I’m wrong but cannot at moment see how they will be able to achieve that big selling vehicle
  16. B and C recently fitted a Lotus Sport one to my car (Exige); very similar to the design in this thread
  17. I'm sure I was told there will be a run out 410 with this dash; perhaps then a factory retrofit might be on the cards
  18. any idea when you will be allowed to release this info mate
  19. Does anyone know anything about this which is from an indie website "Please note that Lotus have changed their service schedules/descriptions - effective 1st March 2020 - and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have."
  20. 410 exige update with AIM style interface on the cards
  21. Just to complete the thread the noise was actually a water pump pulley
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