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  1. Hi Osku, I have a very similar '83 model, the ignition switch is correct, they just look wrong, I like the 3D print bezel, I'll try and print one. My car has a different key for every lock, 5 keys! I've owned mine for 31 years . . . so far.
  2. Hah, well spotted! Those 2 pics are a few years apart, I had them silver and diamond cut at first, then had them done in a pewter/bronze colour. Both those photos are over 15 years ago, but the car is virtually the same today.
  3. Some old, some new . . . .
  4. Hi, and thanks for the welcomes! I've met Angus who runs, I live fairly close to him. There's a thread on there about my recommissioning. It's amazing how much you forget over a long ownership period, I keep taking things apart to fix them, then realise that i've already done that before years ago! I will have questions!
  5. Hi, I just signed up here. I bought my '83 Excel in '89. Still have it! Just in the process of recommissioning it after 10+ years idle. Things have moved on a lot since I last used it properly, and there is now an Internet to help! Cheers, Mike.
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