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  1. Thanks all for the help. I've sold the code reader to a friend that needed one anyway. So that saved me there. I'll check out the Autozone idea, might be a cheaper and easier way than getting one the shops to come out and take a look see. Beyond that it's an 8 hr drive to Denver. Wes
  2. That's what I'd hoped anyway, but plugged in it gives me and "error" everytime. Thanks for the followup. Wes
  3. Not sure what the log protocol is, here is a link to product I have if that would help. Wes
  4. Peter, I'm using an Innova OBD2 reader, which is a can buss reader, so that might be a problem. there isn't a setting that allows me to change the protocol so could be an additional issue. I did have the key on when I attempted the read but each time I get "error" in the reader. The fuse didn't make any difference, When the key is first turned on the Check engine light is lit solid, have a few seconds of cranking it goes out. the engine sounds fine when turning over, and fuel pump sounds like it pressurizes okay. I've checked the inertia switch as well. I'll check and see if I can find a different reader here. We're in such a small town, selection is pretty light. Thanks for the response. Wes
  5. Gav, I'm actually in Cody, just outside the east entrance to Yellowstone, which about 8 hrs from Rapid City. You are correct. Ferrari of Denver is the closest Lotus service which is where it seems to be headed. I pulled the ECU fuse last night and still can't get the OBD reader to communicate. I'll keep looking though, Wes
  6. Peter, That makes perfect sense, not sure why I didn't think of that Thanks Wes
  7. Thanks for the ideas, Worked with the OBD II reader last night and I think it's not even talking with the ECM, It give me a link error then displays the codes so they may be some kind of default. I didn't notice the error before. I'm debating pulling power to the ECM and seeing if it resets, but worry about the "stereo code", I've changed batteries in the car once and didn't have an issue, but have read posts that indicate you should have this code before leaving it off for any period of time. I don't have the key fob or any other alarms that I know of. Thanks for the help. Wes
  8. Peter, Thanks for the reply, I hope to put the code reader on tonight, and I'll let you know what it throws. the check engine comes on normally when you are cranking but since it never starts it just stays on. I'm really a newbie when it comes to this car I have two American Muscle cars that I can work on, but this beast is a little intimidating. I'll let you know. Thanks again. Wes Peter, I put the OBDII reader on the plug in the rear boot, and got a whopping 5 codes. P0100, P0110, P0115, P0120 and a P1600, Where do I start with this mess? Wes
  9. After a long absence, I'm seeking some needed help. After a year of zero problems I got the car out for a show, it started but sounded like it was missing, ran rough and had to feather the throttle to keep it at idle. Seemed better in 2nd and 3rd, Drove around the block to warm it up but didn't improve, by the time I made the round and got home it quit altogether and hasn't started since. Fuel pump comes on with the ignition and the engine turns over but will not start. Just bought a code reader but haven't had a chance to check it yet. If any you have any ideas I'd love to hear from you. I'm 8 hrs away from the nearest Lotus service, so doing my best to narrow this down before I make the trip. Thanks in advance.
  10. It's awesome to hear other points of view. As for me I live in an area where 95% of us own firearms. I compete at a regional and national level. My sons and I all hunt. There is virtually zero violent crime in our part of the country, for many reasons. I'm obviously against gun control, every area of the US with strict gun control has higher than average violent crime rates. Every State that has passed laws allowing average citizens to carry concealed weapons has seen a decrease in violent crime. Personally I think there is a serious decline in social standards and morals in this country and the outcome will bad, taking away the tools doesn't change the cause and that where the attention should be paid. Take the fully auto weapons ban in the US. Today the only persons that have fully auto weapons are by default criminals, why because they are the only ones willing to defy the law, that
  11. Bibs, Just wanted you to know I just paypal-ed 10 pounds on behalf of Martyn, he was kind enough to get me the decals I need from the Lotus parts sales, on faith alone and instead of paying him directly he ask that I donate to the forum on his behalf, what a guy Wes
  12. Noticed the post that there will be a parts day on the 15th, I need to get a replacement Esprit V8 quarter window decal and noticed that part is on the list. Is there anyone planning on attending that has a paypal account or would trust me sending them a money order or cashiers check and getting 2 of them for me? Its -7 farenheit here with 4 inches of snow, (trying pity) Thanks everyone and have fun. Wes
  13. Bibs, I'm new to the forum and appreciate all your hard work, just donated 100 US to keep things going. Happy New Year!
  14. Martyn, Thanks again for the insight. Went down this afternoon and spent some time and figured it out. The front bonnet has it's own light switch on the right side front. I noticed when I was giving the car a good once over that the switch was unplugged. Not thinking I plugged it back in. Well its not adjusted correctly and the light stayed on even after the bonnet was latched shut. Unplugging this switch corrected the problem. So now I just have to figure a way to adjust that switch and should be good to go. Have a wonderful Christmas. Wes
  15. Thanks for taking the time to respond, The overhead light and the two red lights (one in each door) are all lit. I pulled the fuse and have not replaced it yet to see what happens. There are two push switches in the drivers door and one on the passenger. I've not taken a meter to them yet but will do that next. Merry Christmas Martyn Wes
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