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  1. Living in the states.... those “jokes” about Americans and straight roads is true, usually that road is 1/4 mi long. Thus you have the camaro, mustang and a few others. The majority w/o a doubt are into drag racing, it’s a American thing like those super boring american sports like NASCAR & baseball. We do have some incredible twisty roads however the vast majority, want straight line speed. In regards to the 400 front end vs others.... for me the first gen of the evora did nothing to me, it wasn’t until the 400 was released that I was interested in the car. I did see the U
  2. Sounds nothing like the music I play at my Funeral home! lol
  3. NC25T

    TLF GT430 Club

    Really sad that people are getting their parties in a wad with the US spec GT being posted here especially with all the work and money that’s been dumped into it. yea technically it’s not one but who really cares..... then again I live in the states and hope to get a GT this spring since that’s our only option.
  4. NC25T

    TLF GT430 Club

    I watched the 5min version of the head 2 head video, for those of us who do not have the paid motor trend channel I think it’s all we can presently watch. the 5 min version was pointless, not worth watching. Camaro threw a belt before anything could be tested. Hopefully the long version will be available for everyone to watch soon
  5. I have read that before, I just wonder how much of it is lotus marketing.... or if the GT/430 wheel are vents make up the bulk of the additional front downforce? &/or if adding a splitter to the 400 front end would balance the 430 spoiler.
  6. How much more downforce does the CF GT bumper create vs our US spec front end?
  7. NC25T

    TLF GT430 Club it’s their laters version of a slotted rotor which is what I figured many do state drilled crack, I had AP Racing drilled rotors on my last car, never a issue with cracking however being a Saab, also nowhere close to a track car!
  8. NC25T

    TLF GT430 Club

    For those of us here in the states, what makes those “j” hooks better then stock GT rotors? is it just their version of slotting or are they lighter? Or both?
  9. Again thanks everyone for their input! yesterday I had to head out of town for work, just happened to have lotus dealer where I went and also a gulia and Stelvio quad for me to check out, lotus dealership was the same same one I went to last fall, they had a e 400 that I took for a spin. Sales person was a great guy and a lotus fan however not so familiar with the evora. He told me back then that the evora 400 was the last evora. Seeing him yesterday he apologized and stated he wasn’t told anything in regards to the evora 400 replacement. He said he didn’t even kno
  10. Gator Motorsports in Indianapolis, Indiana I believe is where those cars are.
  11. I just talked to my insurance agent, they quoted me $3,200 a year for the lotus or $1,200 a year for the Alfa, both seasonal use Any suggestions of more affordable lotus insurance? I have been leaning towards the lotus however insurance is a bit more then I expected. my problem with the 911 and m2.... even though they are great is they are EVERYWHERE.....
  12. I do agree with any low volume vehicle it’s kinda a crapshoot on what we get, however from everything I have read with the evora being at the end of its life cycle, the majority of the bugs have been corrected. If I had to pay $2k plus for a 30k mile service, I would rather pay $5k or so every xx,000 miles + for a new clutch. One of the things that draws me to the evora (thanks JayEmm) is that even though it’s pretty close to a exotic..... it doesn’t come with exotic car maintenance like the F cars. The Toyota engine is a big plus for me while the Ferrari derived turbo 6, as sw
  13. Thanks for the info/opinions/etc...... I have been doing a bit of reading/research on the Alfa and wow.... one dealership I was looking at had 8 gulia quads and two Stelvio quads..... according to their fee auto check that comes with each vehicle, I looked at the history of 6 quad’s and everyone one was a lemon! Some were claimed as a lemon with less then 4,000 miles on their clock. also saw a thread where the 30k mile service is $2,000+, the evora is looking better and better and is the car I want, just trying to look at it somewhat rationally, is it worth 2x the price? Seems lik
  14. I am car shopping and my two top picks are the lotus evora 400 or a Alfa Gulia Quad, Amy suggestions be it good or bad on either car? Looking for something to use almost as a daily driver, either car will not see winter/snow driving however the other 9 or so months of the of the year it would be used. There are a few leftover new 400’s that I have my eye on, I want the carbon hatch and if possible the carbon roof as well as manual trans in the Lotus. the Alfa obviously is a auto and gains back seats which I do not really need. This car I would purchased used, they seem to be clos
  15. Wouldn’t different alignment specs, springs/shocks and tires result in a big difference in feel between the 400 and GT? i would think just a newer set of the same tires can make a big change in steering feel as well as handling on any car To me the only advantage the c8 has over the GT/400 is that it can hold two sets of golf clubs vs one in the lotus. Then again since I haven’t played golf in years it isn’t really a advantage for me! Then there is the looks of the back of the c8...... Ken2020 - wow... stunning car!
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