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  1. I have a 21 GT and live in the US, I visited a dealer a few weeks ago, they were estimating around 700 2021 GT’s came to the US vs closer to 500 in 2020. They are NOT 100% sure on the exact numbers for those years. They said the only remaining 2021’s that are available are what are sitting at dealerships. They are worried they might not have a new Lotus for their inventory until sometime in 2023. They feel all of 2022 will be for filling orders. I think the GT is kinda between the GT430 and the GT410. We do not get Ohlins or the 430 front end. But do get the CF rear ended, front vents & carbon inside. I was told the GT’s suspension setup is different from the 410 that was sent stateside and is also different vs the 400, but no clue on the exact differences between the cars.
  2. Thanks for the info! The shop quoted me FIFTEEN HOURS to swap the sub, at $100 a hour! I thought there is no way it could be that labor extensive!
  3. How long does it take to replace the sub? I went to a shop today to discuss upgrading the stereo and the time they told me to replace the sub seemed ridiculous! that being said, plywood is a BAD choice for a speaker enclosure, use MDF I read somewhere that a shop reinforced the oem enclosure, I am not sure exactly what they did to reinforce it. Possibly something as simple as sound deadening material inside the box then some poly fill?
  4. Kinda funny with this funeral talk.... I met my wife at my funeral home and she hates my lotus, purchased the GT early March. She just doesn’t get it.... last week I went to the grocery in my evora, as I was leaving a young and very attractive blond girl parked a few spots away, she got out of her vehicle as I was putting stuff away. She said this car is so 47%*4&3 hot... I usually park on the other side of the lot but I had to check to car out. My response was thanks... and I wish my wife felt that way... she got a good laugh... when I went home and told my wife, she’s like no...
  5. Here is a pic of my GT
  6. Similar story here.... loved the Esprit for 35 or so years...just last week I finally have a Lotus in my garage. Living in the states I have a new 2021 GT, truly an amazing car! I was debating on getting a esprit but was worried I couldn’t drive it reliably like I want to, kinda daily driver with some track days and the old esprit really had me worried. JayEmm is actually who turned me onto the evora i take my GT in for it’s 1,000 mile first service this week, have a few small issues but no regrets. The sound this car makes and the way it feels is truly amazing!
  7. Esprit - always wanted one, just worried trans is to weak to properly use car and it’s to old/fragile for daily use elise/exige - worried the car is a bit to hard core for a daily driver, i still play soccer/football at 50+, worried about getting in the car after a good game. Giulia QV -really liked driving the car, worried about expensive repairs and didn’t need a 4dr sedan. Poor dealer network for a mass market brand evora wasn’t really on my radar, was never a big fan of the early evora’ s. JayEmm’s video’s really peaked my interest on the car as well as pretty much every other review. Put a deposit on a new GT (I do live in the USA) last week!
  8. If it was me, I wouldn’t trust them, tires are cheap, fixing a car due to a blowout can be quite expensive. 7 years is the longest I would trust a tire, beyond that and bad things can happen actually several years back I was driving my hearse to the airport to pick up a client, fortunately I wasn’t loaded. One tire on my hearse blew its tread, took some body panels with it. Tires were 8yrs old, always garage kept and less then 20k miles of use, At that time I was swapping tires every 10 years, now I am following RV recommendations and swapping tires at 7yrs. due to lack of snow where I live, I prefer summer + all weather over summer and snows
  9. Also like to see before/after chart, impossible to know the actual gains without a before and after run
  10. According to front 370mm x 32mm, rear 350mm x 32mm)
  11. Being a “Mercan” I take offense to that we do not have a team in every state, that’s why it’s the World Series..... if there was a team in every state obviously it would be called something different ..... like universe series. seriously though, pretty crazy some of the crap that goes on here.... baseball has always been one of the least favorite sports and I never understood why the final game is called what it is. ps- presently RV shopping (American Eagle or Tradition) to pull my jeep and a yet to be purchased Evora
  12. HethelSport lists the following on their site “Our latest item, Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar Drop-link Kits will be available soon too!” not a clue when it will be ready, price and all that.
  13. Have you ever owned a white car? Man do believe it’s hard to keep clean. It’s actually a LOT easier to keep clean vs dark colors, especially black. I have never liked red wheels on cars.... saw a white GT with red wheels at Gator MS, wow did it look incredible!
  14. Living in the states.... those “jokes” about Americans and straight roads is true, usually that road is 1/4 mi long. Thus you have the camaro, mustang and a few others. The majority w/o a doubt are into drag racing, it’s a American thing like those super boring american sports like NASCAR & baseball. We do have some incredible twisty roads however the vast majority, want straight line speed. In regards to the 400 front end vs others.... for me the first gen of the evora did nothing to me, it wasn’t until the 400 was released that I was interested in the car. I did see the US spec GT with the 430 nose, it looked great however to me it wasn’t as big of a change/improvement going from the first gen evora to the 400. I have also never been a fan of black wheels, as stated it looks like a black hole. Same can be said about black cars, also never been a fan. To each their own.... ‘’what really surprised me was how good a white evora GT (it’s all we get here in the states as you know) looks with red wheels. Gator Motorsports in Indianapolis Indiana has a white Wih red wheels GT, it looked pretty amazing..,l I wasn’t expecting I would like it at all.
  15. Sounds nothing like the music I play at my Funeral home! lol
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