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  1. Can you tell us more about the rear wing? What model/price?
  2. You can say that again. There are only 30 odd dealers in all of the US, and I'd venture two thirds of them are rubbish.
  3. I searched and surprisingly didn't find an answer. Will the 19/20 "Lotus Design" wheels from an Evora S fit a newer 2017 Evora 400? Obviously they are the right size to clear the bigger brake calipers, but I am wondering if anyone knows about the offset. Thanks in advance,
  4. Dang this picture thread escalated pretty quick into brexit and EU rules. lol.
  5. He did, and he's getting the bad news. It's par for the course in the US - the rarity of the Evora screws the insurance premiums quite a bit.
  6. Very nice! What front license plate mount is that? I like that it's not in your face.
  7. Evoras are hand built which means its a crap shoot as to what you get - some are good, some are horrid. And when the manufacturer warranty isn't worth anything, service costs are high since everything is out of pocket. I don't think you can make this decision on cost / rational variables. It comes down to do you want the exotic ownership experience or not? Both are fun cars in their own right.
  8. I am on my second Evora 400 and have test driven an Alfa Q prior to buying my first one. Here goes my 2 cents: Alfa pros: Ferrari "derived" engine. Sounds very good on the pipe. Interior was nice, much more upscale than the Evora. Looks sporty, for a 4 door anyway. Alfa cons: 4 door cars overstay their welcome with me. I get tired of them quickly and then it becomes "meh" I have never owned an alfa so I can't speak with authority on parts and dealer competence, but I would be very surprised if its good. Alfa is still a low volume / not an adult professional shop in many ways. Evora pros: The Evora is in a market segment all its own. The only true exotic you can get for $80 grand. Only 300-325 cars are sold annually in the US, making it the lowest volume production car south of Zondas and the like. IT still baffles me how Lotus stays in business with such low volumes. Very pretty coachwork. It is one of the most striking and pretty cars you will see on the roads. Actually, scratch that. You will never see one on the road other than the one you drive. Other than my E46 M3, its the most communicative steering I have ever felt. Thanks to what the British are really good at, the suspension setup is awesome - sporty yet perfectly passable for everyday comfort. I remember my W204 C63 being so much harsher and that's a 4 door Mercedes. Evora cons: The low volume stuff will really grate you when you need parts. The factory is amateur happy hours all the time. The company is so home made they get order sheets wrong on brand new $120k cars regularly. The reason I am on my second was because my first turned out to be an utter and complete piece of shit. To the point that my dealer was so embarrassed by the lack of support from Lotus that he bought it back from me. I bought my second Evora fully prepared to go it on my own with an independent shop in town that works on racing Lotuses. I have zero faith in the manufacturer warranty and consider it absolutely worthless. The US cars all have heated seats, but that's about it. Everything else is stripped down. Sparcos are a really bad, panel gaps are poor and overall, you get the feeling every time you get in it that its a home made kit car. Ultimately, there isn't anything remotely close to the price range of the Evora that's a true exotic. You will turn heads everywhere. And its special to know you are driving one of 300 cars sold that year. There are faster (My F-Type R, nearly every AMG I have owned were all so much faster and nicer than the Lotus) and nicer made cars out there for the money, but Lotus's rarity makes it a cool car to own.
  9. I race motorcycles, several of them being Italian. I have done the same - put $10k worth of parts on a $25k bike before it hits the track for the first time. We justify it in the name of racing where every little advantage helps. Mostly, it's because "you can" - you have the taste and means so why not? Some people buy $10k handbags and others buy million dollar paintings. It all comes down to "because they can" OP, more power to you! Keep us posted man!
  10. Beautiful car! Congratulations.
  11. Here's my Evora. HKFever side scoops, GRP splitter, hood stripe by local graphics shop, window tint. 3rd cat delete and rear wheel spacers are still on the list, then she's done.
  12. Wife and I still miss my Kawasaki Green! Orange is not rare and relative to the Kawi green, it's downright common haha
  13. I am noticing that many of the new Evora GT cars shown in the press fleet have white rim stripes on the black wheels. What do you guys think of that look?
  14. Good call, when the car is brand new is the right time to get a clear bra and any paint protection done. I just had the bra and tint done as well this past week.
  15. It doesn't matter which country operation issues the document. It all always reflects on the manufacturer. I love how defensive the UK guys get whenever someone points out the blindingly obvious immaturity/build quality issues with Lotus. Lotus, get your window sticker right and free of childish typos (what is Alcantara 'Paint'???). Not a hard concept.
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