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  1. Got the Elise Heritage one but Sorn'd off at the moment
  2. yep, I think on their Facebook page. Clare did it for us so don't know how
  3. Where Malolm Ricketts or H$M? I think it is show up for MR and just let H&M know you are attending. We should be at H&M fairly early .
  4. Wayne, meet us over Stortford in the morning if you want a run out. Pete you going again?
  5. If you are over Bishops Stortford way, Hilton and Moss have a coffee morning (cars and Coffee) at 9:00am. If anyone is up for it, we could meet there, mooch about a bit then have a run out over to Malcolm Rickets? You just need to let them know you aim to attend. What time does everyone think they may be attending MR from the times given above?
  6. Hi, Good to see everyone (missed the last couple) We will be at the Hilton and Moss if you are going see you there! * Yannie Clare and I was talking to you about your Exige. Hopefully we will bring ours to the Hilton Event Kevin What Happened?? Hope you are all ok. Kevin and Clare
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