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  1. Par, Hopefully the daughter didn't ask you to go too fast!
  2. Stephen, Clare and myself are going to Lotus in the peaks. Hopefully see you there.
  3. Sadly don't think we can make it to this one. Have fun and see you at the next one.
  4. Great to meet everyone. Sorry had to rush off. Hopefully meet soon at the next one and have more time to chat and admire the cars! Many thanks for the Choccy orange.
  5. Hello neighbour...It may well have been you we saw on the A10 a couple of weeks back. Don't see any Lotus on the road and then saw two Evora's. One black and one yellow driving next to each other!
  6. @ChrisJ We are about a mile from Pearce's Farm! We live in Braughing. (I really must update my profile) Kevin
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