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  1. Will try and make of us will be hung over as going to a 50th on Saturday! ChrisJ Bling Dave Eds Kevin and Clare
  2. Sorry we missed the world famous hospitality of Dave and Megan on this occasion! Did see a white Esprit driving along the A120 towards the A10 about 8:30. Was that one of you lot?
  3. ChrisJ Spyros Steve44 Faye2000 Top-plumber Boostmacher PaulB Kevin and Clare Jan and Ade
  4. Hi Jack, that picture of the Emira at FOS driving in front of Goodwood house has me as a passenger. Is it Ok if I nick the picture and post in another forum? And well done, you inadvertently managed to get my good side 😊 Kevin
  5. Ok, We will wait in the layby on the A10 just after the Hertford turnoff 👍
  6. Chris, what way you going after that? If it is via ware (along A414) we could meet along the way....We will be coming down the A10
  7. It's gone on holiday to Spain. The rain likes to spend it's summer holidays in the UK...
  8. ChrisJ Sparky John D Paul B painterdave Spyros Chillidoggy Janet and Ade Kevin And Clare
  9. Two southern fried chicken wraps and two coffees please (really don't want a BLT but at a push Clare will have the houmous thingy) Kevin and Clare
  10. You removed Sparky and Internets! Welcome and Look forward to seeing the new car Chris Pete PAR PainterDave Michael P John Oz Spyros The Bartman and Caroline Senior Kevin and Clare Dave Eds SFJ-Matt neilreid top-plumber & Shelly Schumacher Hornsey Boy Sparky internets FortheDrive
  11. Yay! Clare and myself will be there. Chris Pete PAR PainterDave Michael P John Oz Chris - Spyros The Bartman and Caroline Senior Kevin and Clare
  12. True, although the Evora is still in the fleet 😁. After seeing so many wedgies I am having covetous thoughts...
  13. Big thank you to Dave & Megan! Fun morning drive out, fantastic brekky rolls and fabulous place to meet. You have a lovely home. And as always lovely people to talk to. Thank you again. Kevin and Clare (and Faye and Grace)
  14. Of course. We will probably leave just after 8:30 (say 8:40) so if you can make it just turn up
  15. Good stuff, If you look for Pearce's Farm shop and cafe (SG9 9ND) on the A10. At their entrance is a lay by, we could meet there at say 8:30am (Thaxted is about 40 mins away at a leisurely bimble). Dave Eds you will know it. JNW3 is that time ok? Kevin
  16. Ok presume you are not doing M1-M25-M11? if you are coming via Ampthill - Baldock - Buntingford, pop down the A10 to the Bishops Storford (puckeridge) turn off and we can meet there. Then we can pick up the A120. Kevin Great. Can meet at the Puckeridge turn off. Kevin
  17. Anyone want to run in with us? Coming from the A10-Puckeridge area. Always nice to see a little row of Lotus pootling along the road..
  18. ChrisJ Me and Schumacher Sparkles (dammit, they've got me saying it now) NigelM Senior internets Pete Stephen & Kim Dave Eds Chris Fella Kevin and Clare (might come in two cars if ok. Will have the girls)
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