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  1. I've been running through all of the wiring on a 1990 Esprit SE, and found a secondary injector resistor (part A082M6442F) with familial resemblance to a depleted kipper tin, soldering iron scorch marks aside. I wonder what the original story was? I think this accounts for stumbling in upper RPMs. It looks like there was an effort to reattach one of the resistor leads, but it's all been left open, and the resistor's ceramic case has crumbled. A kind correspondent on the TurboEsprit mailing list tells me that this should be directly replaceable by a 10 Watt, 3.3 Ohm resistor. In the US, Digikey has these for $.81 at
  2. Hi Ben, If it's not too late, could you sign me up for a Stevens manifold? Many thanks, Jesse
  3. I took the rear cover off the transaxle of a 1990 SE to determine what had caused a small crack to appear in it, and found that the lower arm of the fifth gear selector fork has snapped off. I was wondering, offhand, what’s involved in fitting a new one? I don’t see signs of other damage. Regards, Jesse
  4. Thank you again everyone for your warm welcome and advice. There do appear to have been substantial shenanigans concerning the front spoiler and cooling systems.Following up on @Jacques wonderful notes, the dual oil coolers are present, however, given the pre-SE spoiler, they're not experiencing much airflow. They're pupating. It's heartening to know that a correct spoiler is available, plus all 'C' service parts, for a sum less than what I was quoted by an unnamed continental manufacturer that used to do a good trade in diesel passenger cars for servicing a 3mm hairline crack in the top of a secondary fuel pump in a different car that is undergoing severe demotion anxiety. And, the previous owner seems to have noted in these fora that the chargecooler radiator was outright missing at one point and he replaced it, but -- he hasn't posted here for many years. Regards, Jesse
  5. And pardon, due no doubt to delirious enthusiasm, I wrote 'LEW' for 'TLF' in the original post.
  6. Hello Ruud, Thank you, and glad to meet you! The car does seem to be in most respects SE spec: for instance, the chargecooler, oil temperature gauge, and as you say, appropriate side sills are present. However, ABS and SIR are not (fine!), and my understanding is that these were usually provided on '90 federal cars. The steering wheel is Momo badged 3 spoke -- would that have been stock? Perhaps some sort of late 89/early 90 model? I'll look into a provenance certificate at some point, and also get further under the car. Regards, Jesse
  7. It was actually quite gratifying to put the car in better than new condition in such a short amount of time as it seems to have been an earlier patch that slipped a bit.
  8. Hello, Just writing to introduce myself as the exceedingly proud owner of a brand new 1990 Esprit SE, and express my gratitude to LEW and its members for providing so many hours of delightful and informative reading. I harbor the modest conceit that it will in part make up for the possibility that I have very little idea what I'm doing other than having great fun. The car appeared at a consignment auction in Maine in November, and I managed to bid and win. 1. Ambient 18f/-8c December morning -- after chipping off the ice, all looks well, rear boot stuffed with parts in JAE and RD boxes, ALDL USB dongle, and a full set of service notes and parts list. Nothing dire as far as belts, fluids, tires, etc. are concerned. 2. Very helpful mechanics razz me at gas station, then helpfully locate gas flap release in collective 10 minute effort. It's in the center console. 3. Oops! The next morning, a gurgling sound on startup strongly correlates with a puddle of 50W15, garage management not entirely amused, however possibly appeased with cat litter. Spiritual guide/tow operator/race mechanic magically appears at midnight and delicately chucks it into his yard. 4. Study electrical diagram and local food 5. Patch ruptured oil line the next day after stops to Walmart, NAPA, etc. Practically everyone has got a Lotus story, which is striking. Curtis, outstanding samaritan, lifts the rear with the tow truck, lets me slide a discarded hood under, and work in his lot for a few hours. Then, uneventful transshipment, and yesterday, getting a new cat fitted by the excellent Harry at A1 Automotive in Temple City, San Gabriel Valley. That's it for now! Glad to be here.
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