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  1. Phlissy


    I'm very pleased she's now in the hands of someone who'll enjoy her every bit as much as I did! Enjoy @62dave! Great dealing with you mate. 👍
  2. I completely agree! I loved the red alcantara in my white 400. The contrast between white exterior and red interior was gorgeous. It's back on Snow's forecourt now. One of four used 400's for sale in the UK with a red interior I notice, so clearly red interiors are reasonably popular!
  3. Phlissy


    Thanks @PaulCP, I hope (and I'm sure) that we'll both get to return to Evora ownership real soon!
  4. Phlissy


    Thanks @mayevora. I'm sure I'll be supporting the SW Evora population again real soon! In the meantime, I'll try (and will no doubt fail) to not look too envious if I see you out and about in yours! 😊👍
  5. Phlissy


    Ooh, crap. Good point, thanks, I forgot that! 2016. Thanks. It's no biggie, just a perfect storm of business downturn (thanks Brexit...) and a need to move house, meaning I have to move pieces around or off the board.
  6. Phlissy


    Thanks @Bibs. I'm just trying to focus on this being a temporary forced hiatus. 👍 I know many others here will understand that I did absolutely research the alternative option of organ sale before making this decision. 😆😪
  7. Phlissy


    How does the phrase go? "With a heavy heart..." Well mines so heavy right now, there's real danger of it spawning a black hole. Due to an unexpected change in personal circumstances, I have to part company with my Evora 400. Bugger. I'll be back though! I've had nice cars before and never really gave a toss when the time came to sell them on. This thing though, jeez. It's been a joy to own and drive, I'll be coming straight back to Lotus as soon as I can! For anyone interested in a mint, rock solid, issue-free Evora 400:
  8. Ah, phew! Cheers @Suddabym, knew I couldn't be the only one. 🤟
  9. Ah, there's no such thing as a perfectly good aeroplane! Thanks for the tips on the route/timing. I'm not sure I'll be able to wait until September, now I have the idea in my head, I'm keen to go ASAP! It would be fun to share the trip with some other Lotuses though.
  10. I jump out of planes for a pastime, and every year I make a few trips to dropzones in Spain or Portugal. This year, seeing as I now drive an Evora, it would seem rude not to drive to the DZ at Evora in Portugal! So are there any other Lotus-driving skydivers here who may be interested in joining me? This is the kind of route I'm looking at I reckon a couple of days driving each way, plus three days jumping, to make it a week-long trip of road and sky blasting. 🤟
  11. I've remembered another Evora trait that I'm finding really amazing; it's bloody good fun even at 'sensible speeds'. One thing I found with my previous Boxsters, is that they only really came to life when pushed. Driving at normal speeds and in traffic was, well, a bit boring and like being in any other car. That certainly can't be said for the Evora! Yes, it's sublime when pushed. But I also really enjoy the driving experience when it's not right or possible to be blasting about. I guess that's down to a combination of the steering feel, the geometry, the view inside and out, and the noise.
  12. I've had my 400 for a few months now, and I want to briefly share a couple of aspects of my ownership experience, so anyone thinking of buying an Evora who has come to TLF to do some research can find this. My Evora is my daily driver, and I do up to about 12,000 miles a year. Aside from short trips and early morning blasts just for thrills, I travel long distances with a decent amount of luggage for work and my sport, which is skydiving. And as you can imagine that involves a fair bit of kit. So how does the Evora cope with this life? How well does it meet the combined demands of short-d
  13. Thanks @Bravo73. You're right, my analogue speedo is back to displaying the correct speed again. What a weird little quirk!
  14. So, as per the subject really! I noticed this morning that the analogue speedo in my Evora 400 is reading a good 10mph or so more than the digital one. GPS confirms that the digital one is correct (as much as they ever are!). Is this a known 'feature'? I've done a quick search and couldn't find much. ...which is usually a cue for someone to share many, many links to other posts, showing how inept I am at searching. 😆
  15. espritmania, MPx, Rick Edwards, mayesprit, SWLC, elite503chris, rafphillips, splodge s4, malcolmS, JayTwo, Simon350S, Alex Carter, paul1972, blueg33, swindon_alan, Tris..., alias23, esprit17, Phlissy
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