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  1. Hi all, I've just installed GRP rear lights and noticed my indicator switching speed has changed and become a lot faster. Someone on Seloc has recommend i change to one these modules as a fix. Has anyone encoutned a simialr issue and i'm hoping it'll work. This is on a 410. Thanks
  2. I've got a 410 and had the exhaust switch fitted. On the motorway I keep it closed and for some fun/around town its nice to have it open. I too have tinnitus and dont find the 410 overly loud or bothersome with the valve closed, though it very loud with it open. I also think with any convertible car, you'll get a lot of wind noise at speed, the Exige is no different.
  3. Interestingly, the 410 isnt in the handbook and it refers to the 350/380's having 265 rears. Mines on 285 though not sure if the wheels are the same size on the 410?
  4. Ive had my 410 for about a month now and i'm wondering what tyres sizes fit onto the rears, its currently on 285/30 Cups. Great in the dry though not so great in the wet, this is for normal road use. I want to fit Winter tyres from October onwards and Michelin PS4s for next summer. Can i fit: Winter: 285/35' (Dunlop Wintersport 3D) or 265/35 (Michelin Alpin PA4) The Michelins are also a lot cheaper than the Dunlops Summer: 275/35 (Michelin PS4)
  5. The big banks are best for car finance (PCP etc), offering very low interest rates. Otherwise you can try Richard Foster at Meridian finance (, hes a member on Seloc and can help.
  6. Thanks, i cant wait to get down there now. From what ive just heard on the news, they should be open from next week! Silver and black does go very well together, I like that they've also painted the rear clam panel and the blue interior looks great. They've specc'd it well and at a good price for the age and mileage, ive seen two others in similar spec up for £75k+ (Hoffmans and Central have similar cars). Mikes a good guy, I spoke to him online about it a couple of weeks ago and i also know Ken who used to work over there. He let me test drive the Purple 380 mentioned in another post
  7. Nice Car and love the colour! I've just reserved the Silver 410 at Snows, waiting tentatively for them to re-open to get all the finance sorted and pick up the car 😎
  8. I test drove this a few years back, really nice car. I remember the guy who later bought it posted some pics on the FB Lotus forums
  9. I think the Urus looks nice! The bentley does look like a London taxi, imho the taxi is better looking 😉
  10. Hi Martin, that would be me. I had the roof conversion done a few months ago and it makes such a difference. Ready for the Summer ☀️ Nice to see another Lotus owner around Brighton, Yours was looking very nice and i like the plate
  11. Cracking Car! From another Orange Sport 350 Owner!
  12. I couldnt resist :-). Its a good plate, i'm guessing (or hoping) the police dont focus too much on letter spacing. I'd like to keep it as EX16GE N if i can
  13. Funnily enough ive been looking at plates this afternoon, all the enthusiasts have got to the good ones already 😉
  14. Thanks, its a pretty loud colour and definitely reflects the nature of the car, its been styled well. I'm down in Hove on the south Coast, i'm guessing there are meets in or around Sussex? Jamie mentioned you're the last owner, Its a lovely car and you've done a great job in maintaining it. I PM'd you last night to get some History and ask a few Qs, thx
  15. Hi all, I'm new to the Forum and to Lotus, coming from a Z4M i've just put a deposit down on a nice 2017 Orange 350 Sport and pretty excited to pick it up next week. The guys over at Bell & Covill have done a great job, thanks to Jamie for helping me to get the right car. I'm still getting used to the dfferent drive these offer and the brutal acceleration. I believe this is k20Rob's old car, keen to know a little bit about its history. I've tried to embed a few pics, though have attached them to this thread. Nick
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