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  1. Did they think they were playing the Top Gear variety of musical chairs?!?!
  2. I might have got my terms muddled, but it will be the water permeable one. Spent most of the day breaking up concrete, I'm still shaking now from the breaker.
  3. Going with resin bonded gravel actually.
  4. After completing my garage build a little over three years ago work has at last started on properly sorting the driveway to it
  5. Maybe they don't understand imperial measurements... Seller should have listed them as 43.2cm wheels
  6. Nankang NS2R comes in the correct size and I think there is also a Falken in that size, can't remember the model though.
  7. Is it me or is there a gauge where the left hand air vent should be in the binnacle? Or did the Sport 300 not have that vent?
  8. The house refurb has been gettig in the way again so not a great deal of progress on the banana other than I started putting the oil coolers back on the car yesterday. Closed cell foam fitted around the coolers. I only did three sides because the shape of the ducts means anything I put on the outside facing short edge is pretty much redundtant. The nearside cooler is fully reinstalled and all the pipework buttoned up. A liberal smear of Duralac was used on all the mating surfaces here. Things weren't quite so simple on the offside. The knock its h
  9. Very sad. Never met him but certainly have, and will like continue to benefit from the information he shared on here.
  10. Measurements taken from my brand new unused KV85 leads 1 = 8.11k 2 = 7.87k 3 = 6.40k 4 = 6.34k
  11. I've got a brand new set of Magnecor KV85's waiting to go on my car. I can measure them later in the week if you want @AndyPG
  12. I put a flexible hose clamp (eg: on both of the hoses Mike has highlighted then disconnected one of the hoses from the crossover pipe and caught the small amount of fuel from the crossover in a suitable tub. I then got a jerry can under the car and stuffed the clamped off hose into it and released the clamp to drain the fuel from each tank in turn. Finally I drained the last little bit out of the offside tank using the drain bolt on the bottom. Found that the easiest way to drain the fuel in a safe/controlled manner without gettin
  13. Received the new Royal Mint £5 coin featuring Wet Nellie this morning.
  14. Thanks for the tips @Barrykearley and @LOTUSMAN33. I've tried various clearners before but never felt they really worked aswell as they should. Given I don't currently have host water pressure washer/steam cleaner (its on the garage wish list) I'll give the carplan stuff a try while the car is up on stands in the garage and see how that works.
  15. Latest update on Tim's Enthusiast Garage S4 restoration.
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