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  1. That wouldn't have been at Rebellion by any chance would it?
  2. Great viewing as always. Glad to see you breaking out the tent and working on the Esprit again.
  3. Bit more work this evening. Decided not to tackle the brake pipe tonight; I didn't fancy grovelling around in the muck on the underside of the car. Instead I first replaced the broken offside tailgate drain tube an re-installed the battery. Then I decided to tackle the gear linkage; I have replacement bearings and ball joints to fit plus the gaiters to replace on the cable. It was semi successful. Things before I started. Translator assembly all cleaned up with new bearings installed. Then play was halted upon discovery that the threaded ends of one gearchange control cables has evidently broken at some stage and been badly welded back on; its not even been welded back on straight by the looks of it. Best guess is this is related to the accident damage in 1999. The main issue is that its making it rather awkward to get the new gaiter on without damaging it.
  4. How did the clear lens conversion go in the end? Did you manage to complete them?
  5. Oh, I also found my missing air box clamps by chance last night. They were in a Lotus branded oxygen sensor package (of course ) stuffed down the back of the battery tray, of all places! That's one less part I need to source a replacement for.
  6. Refurbed calipers, new disks and Ferodo DS performance pads fitted to the front end. The hard pipe on the back of the caliper wouldn't come out willingly before the refurb so force was required and they needed to be replaced. For my first effort bending brake pipes I'm chuffed The new hard pipes have been coupled with some custom made "carbon look" braided hoses with stainless fittings from HEL. Rear end is the same again, refurbed calipers, new discs and Ferodo DS performance pads. Hard pipe under the trailing arms have been replaced and coupled with custom made lines from HEL. The tatty handbrake cables with be replaced imminently too; I have the parts ready to go but not had chance to fit them yet. Sadly I'm not quite done with the brakes yet. Upon investigation I found that the brake pipe from the MC down to the front left corner has been previously "repaired" but its failing further down the line so I've ripped the whole pipe out and started again. I suspect the damage to the pipe might have contributed to the funky braking behaviour. What a pig of a job it was getting the pipe across the chassis though. Its in, but I ran out of time to bend it properly into place and connect it all up because it took so long to fish the pipe from one side of the car to the other. Next time I'm out in the garage I'll get that sorted and start with the bleeding. Talking of bleeding, I've read the manual and the DM system seems to have quite a convulated bleeding process. I have a vacuum bleeder for my compressor, is there any reason I shoudn't use it to bleed the brakes on the Esprit. Will it have any detrimental effects on the accumulator for example?
  7. The Nankang NS2R comes in the correct size front and rear for the S4s. Had a pair fitted to the front rims last Friday but waiting for the rears to be delivered to my local fitter, hopefully end of this week or early next. Once I've got the brakes all reassembled I shall report back on them, subject to the MOT passing...
  8. That looks remarkably like the state of mine, except in my case the water ingress appears to have been from the offside tailgate drain being too short and draining into the boot instead
  9. Nice looking Esprit. Love the third photo with the storm cloud backdrop
  10. The calipers have returned from being refurbished at long last I was intending for a colour close to the Lotus green with a candy finish but they have actually come out a bit lighter than I'd envisaged, but I can't fault the finish on them, its excellent. If the colour was too much darker I think the effect might be somewhat lost in behind the Futura split rims, so being slightly brighter might actually be a good thing; I'll soon find out. The purists might turn their nose up at the colour choice, but I figure the car already has the stigma of being a write-off, so what the hell, go with something a bit different and hopefully it will completement the yellow of the car nicely.
  11. Friend of mine has one of their lifts. It's a different model to that but he rates it highly. Was fairly easy to set up but you do need a couple of volunteers for the heavy lifting during the install.
  12. Hayward and Scott make some lovely exhausts. I've got one of their systems on one of my other cars and the quality of the fabrication work is exceptional. I'm planning to have them build a system for my S4s once I've got it up and running properly again, but that is still some way off yet.
  13. I had a very enlightening visit from @Sparky a couple of weeks ago to go over my car, and while he did find a couple of things to add to my ever growing to-do list, he thankfully didn't turn up anything major which was a bit a of a relief for me. All four brake calipers are currently away being refurbished and should be back in the next week or so, sporting a sparkly new paint job The inspection report revealed that one of the rear caliper pistons was corroded beyond repair and will require replacement and two bleed nipples had to be drilled out (not sure which though). The new braided brake hoses have also arrived ready to fit when the calipers return, along with replacements for various bit of hardware that looked worse for wear after being battered in the pursuit of removing the calipers from the car.
  14. Quick follow up on this for anyone still interested in this fascinating battery tale. You don't want an 078 as I previously stated. The 078 is the ideal physical size for the battery tray but the terminals are the wrong way round for the Esprit, its actually an 027 that you want. Its the same physical dimensions with the correct arrangement of the terminals. I ordered a Varta D15 battery from Tanya, which has a five year guarantee and meets the cranking current requirements. I've not fully installed it yet because when I removed the battery I discovered the tailgate drain tube was damaged such that it would helpfully drain water into the boot space, so I'll need to fix that before I fully install the battery.
  15. Spotted this morning (about 10:40am) heading up New Road towards Handy Cross roundabout.
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