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  1. As an Esprit noob I hadn't realised they had different valances. That's something new learnt today.
  2. Is it my poor eyesight, or have those two GT3s got different front valances?
  3. That's okay. I hadn't realised I hadn't mentioned that key piece of information about the car's history in this thread. Working on the car feels a little like an archeological dig as I peel back the layers and try to piece together what damage the car sustained in its write-off. I'm beginning to wonder if the write-off had something to do with the damaged body mount or if that broken just through normal fatigue.
  4. You weren't supposed to point that out The car, as I'm sure you're aware from the original sales thread, was a cat C write-off in 1999. Unfortunately I have basically no information about the extent of the damage other than I know the damage was concentrated on the rear offside corner. I suspect this and various other bits of damage are all related to that write-off and have never been repaired properly if at all. The top bolt on the gearbox for example, aside from the fact the casting has broken, doesn't actually line up for a bolt to go into it even if there were threads and I think that is because the bolt through the gear change bracket has bent as a result of whatever knock it had. I'm sure that's not going to be the end of it either... Cable boot things are already on the growing list of things to order next.
  5. House stuff has been getting very much in the way of progress still, but I have since my last update acquired a brand new gearbox case and an assortment of associated seals and other bits and bobs for when that jobs reaches the top of the list. I've also got a full set of new brake disks ready to put on once I get around to refurbishing the calipers. In the meantime I spent a little time in the garage again today and revisited my temporary lash-up on the reversing lights. I was going to simply fit new right angle spade connectors, but I decided that it was a stupid idea to not have weather sealed connections in such a location. So I dug about in my stash of electrical connectors and found a set of 2-pin Sumitomo HW connectors. I soldered a short section of wire directly to the terminals on the reverse switch, covered them in adhesive lined heatshrink and then put a boot over the whole lot. I then fitted the male half of the sumitomo connector to the flying leads I'd soldered on. I didn't do a brilliant job of the boot, but its functional and will do for now until I can be bothered to redo it. I then chopped what was left of the badly corroded spade terminals off the car loom and fitted the female half of the sumitomo connector. Much better even if I do say so myself! I still need to obtain a clip to secure the connectors to the metal rail on the right of the picture, but it won't do any harm where it is until I do. Next I refitted the MAF (I think) sensor back to the body above the now redundant resonator box. Then to finish off I was going to fit my nice new shiny gear gaiter ring to the interior, but upon removing the trim from the top of the centre tunnel I found this. Can't say I'm surprised, but I will need to find a replacement before I go any further.
  6. Just need the blow torch and big press from that list. I've not had time to touch the car in weeks so whenever really! I just know it's going to be one of those jobs that will end up taking way longer than it should based on numerous past experiences on various cars.
  7. Reading this is filling me with dread for when I inevitably have to do the same on mine...
  8. So I've already decided to change the indicator stalks I fitted back in January, and I haven't even driven the car with them fitted. These are the stalks I as they were in January. I'm not normally this fickle, but I happened upon some TVR Tuscan stalks and felt their slightly more angular appearance was more in keeping with the wedge asthetic of the Esprit, so decided to give them a go. They fit pretty well, with the only slight issue being I can't get the second speed on the wipers because the stalk fouls the top cover of the steering column. This should easily be resolved by chamfering the top edge of the alloy stalk, but that will have to wait until I get the power sorted to the garage to run a bench grinder. I also have a large package en-route to me containing a lot of bits to keep me busy over Easter, including my new gearbox casing, so I hope to have some more "function over form" style updates soon. I really want to get the car in a fit state for an MOT in the not too distant future - whether it will pass is another matter entirely!
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions. I decided to go with the new case from SJ Sports Cars because the price didn't seem unreasonable and given I plan for this car to be a keeper it made sense to replace with new long term. Once the box is apart I plan to try and repair it through some means as a spare.
  10. Ah brilliant, thanks. I didn't expect to be able to get a new case so never even thought to look for one. Now to research rebuilding a UN1 and what else I could/should replace while it's apart. I plan to do this the once only!
  11. I reckon I've got two full threads left at best. There is a right side UN1 case half on eBay at the moment but it's not quite the same as mine looking at the photos. There is an extra switch on it and I'm not sure how feasible mixing case halves is, so I might be taking the box off, splitting it and getting it repaired I suspect. Not sure who has the capability to do that local to me without a bit of research first though.
  12. Well that was a not so fun hour out in the garage. Further investigations on the gearbox mount bolt has revealed that there is no snapped bolt left in the gearbox, because the threaded portion of the gearbox appears to have been snapped off somehow. I'm not sure quite how I'm going to tackle that little problem at the present time, so any thought greatly received. And having got the boot floor out with the assistance of my wife, I noticed that it appears the rear body to chassis mount on the offside is broken. I gather this is a pretty common occurrence. I decided to try and remove the crusty bolt and somewhat unsurprisingly the bolt sheared clean off, so I'll be ordering a new one of those for when I'm done with the fibreglass repairs.
  13. Been tempted with a set of these myself given the reflectors in mine are about 50% rust, but I can't decide between PNM's LED or halogen conversion. I like the idea of the LEDs, but just worried about what happens if/when an LED fails. Are they sealed LED units or is it possible to replace them if an idividual LED component fails do you know?
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