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  1. I wonder how long I'll have to wait for it to appear on terrestrial TV?
  2. I bought the stuff Renault specify when I bought the new case for mine. Can't tell you what it was called off the top of my head. Just checked what I bought and its a Renault branded tube that simply says "sealing resin" on in.
  3. I'll try and remember to take my camera out to the garage when I install my kit. Still waiting for it to be delivered with a whole bunch of other stuff at the moment.
  4. Eurgh, something else to put on the ever growing list.
  5. Already started on the translator bearings and joints but then found one of my cables was knackered, so got the joy of fishing a new one of them through the backbone to finish that at the same time as I fit the overhaul kit. Sounds like it'll all be worth it once done though.
  6. On mine all of the red engine bits are crinkle finish except for the chargecooler, which isn't. Is that standard or has someone been at mine with the paint before and taken the easy route.
  7. Its really tempting me to do that when the time comes to drop the engine out of mine. Would like to get it driving again before that happens though
  8. That's some useful tips I'll bear in mind when I do mine @AndyPG. Did you notice much of an improvement with the new parts on your car? I'm waiting for my gear linkage kit to arrive with a whole bunch of stuff for my radiator, so I'll be fitting mine pretty soon I hope.
  9. Just got back from a trip to Serck with a nice shiny new radiator. The guys down there did a top notch job on it and astoundingly they even managed to repair and reuse most of my original rad frame. Just waiting on a large care package of ancilliary bits to arrive before it can be put back in the car. What's the general consensus on the foam strips at the top and bottom of the radiator. Are they prone to holding dampness and rotting the frames out again and if so is there a more suitable alternative I should be using to replace it? My foam strips are pretty ropey and need replacing. I've got some OE foams strips coming because they cost peanuts, but if there is something better I could/should be using I'd rather put that in.
  10. Seeing that picture has got me thinking that the inverse colour scheme actually looks quite smart too!
  11. That plate on the back of the pad is an anti-squeal shim. Not essential, but it does serve the purpose it's name suggests. In racing applications you don't really care about brake squeal so they don't tend to be fitted to racing pads. Bit of copper slip, or better still Ceratec, will do the same job.
  12. Awesome. Thanks @Chillidoggy. Its true what they say about a picture speaking a thousand words
  13. Thanks @Chillidoggy. Luckily my original combined charge cooler/condenser appears to be sound based on Serck's inspection; the same couldn't be said of the engine radiator! I'm still considering doing the swap but even if I don't do the conversion, the price Serck's have quoted to make a later style chargecooler it could be of benefit to others who may need it if Serck have all the deatils the make them up.
  14. Just resurrecting this, does anyone have any decent pictures of the OE later (separate) charge cooler radiator off the car? I'm trying to see what mountings, if any are attached to it. The parts list isn't proving to be particularly helpful working this out. The pictures in sections 18 and 46 don't seem to show how its fixed into the car. I can see there are separate brackets (left, right and centre) that secure the two a/c condensers to the radiator tray and then I presume the c/c radiator secures to this bracket too somehow, but I can't see any mentions of what fixings are used.
  15. Indirectly Lotus related. I quite like the end result.
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