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  1. Not touched any of the suspension yet. Hoping I can work out what I have for front castor and rear toe by inspection 🤞. Front camber is going to require some disassembly to work out what is currently in there from what I understand from reading the workshop manual. That bit will wait until next month now when I take the tanks out ready ready for the shiny replacements. If it has to wait until it's apart then it'll just wait until I start on the suspension overhaul in the Autumn. At least I have a feeling for what's going on.
  2. No shims yet. My task for this weekend is to work out what shims I'm likely to need and get them and anything else worth doing while I'm in there ordered. Speedo developed a case of Tourettes last night too, so need to investigate that this weekend.
  3. I've already had words with that corner about letting the side down when I got back home 🤣
  4. Andy's workshop is not far from where most of my family live and I had the opportunity to go in and see his workshop before lockdown last year; it's an amazing place and fascinating to learn about some of the things he's made tanks for. When I placed the order for my tanks at the start of this year Andy indicated to me that despite his site still listing Esprit tanks he was stopping making them and my set was likely to be the last set he'll make 😞 Not checked to see if he's updated his site yet.
  5. Waiting for the new tanks for my 1995 car. Not really looking forward to the job a whole lot...
  6. Colour matching shouldn't be an issue @Steve V8, the whole lot really needs changing. The coolant overflow pipe from the expansion tank was broken when I got the car (didn't realise it at the time because the expansion bottle has that little velcro cover over it) and when it got particularly hot when the fans ceased functioning one day the coolant overflowed the bottle and deposited it into the boot and now all the old carpet sticky in several places from the left over coolant residue. Plus I ripped some of the carpet trying to remove it to replace the rusty bumper and rear valancer brackets.
  7. Definitely worth getting an agree valuation for the minimal outlay. Been stung once before by a rubbish market valuation and it ended up taking 18 months and a small claims court case to get the right value for the car in question - not a Lotus in this case. ClassicLine insurance agreed valuations last for two years (assuming you renew your policy for a second year) and cost £24. You just fill in a form and submit half a dozen recent photos and if they agree you get a letter and certificate back from them a week or so later. Not sure what happens if they don't agree with your valuation though. My first valuation when I bought the Esprit they agreed with (maybe I lowballed my valuation 🤔). I renewed it last week and upped the value because of the work I've done to it but not yet heard back from them. I don't know if that's because they're busy or struggling to benchmark my valution 😟
  8. Will try that when I take it in for a tracking check later in the week. Thanks for the clarification Erik, I appreciate it. Will just have to keep monitoring the ABS light situation.
  9. Pump is running about every fourth or fifth press which I believe means that is okay. It did feel a bit darty on the brakes but I did wonder if that was due to the tracking. If it's the solenoids can they be cleaned to improve that? No idea what state the ABS rings are in.
  10. The ABS light came on en-route to the test centre, but upon starting it again at the garage it went out thankfully. The ABS light came on again on the way home but that red dot on the brake circuit is the only thing that I can see that is potentially indicating any sort of problem. The brakes are pretty dire to be honest, but I think thats more to do with the DM system than anything. Overhauling all the calipers and putting new discs and pads on hasn't made a noticeable improvement, but they did need attention nonetheless. At least I have a good benchmark for comparison for when I fit @Chillidoggy's brake kit in due course. Just going to get some miles for the next couple of months before I start any more serious work on it again.
  11. Does anyone know what the red dot alongside the brake circuit means below? It goes blue when the brake is on, and is black most of the time when off, but very occassionally I see it go red and don't know what that means or if I should be worried by it. There isn't much information about the ABS page and I've tried to message @eriks4 but I can't, I'm guessing his inbox is full.
  12. Don't like the look of the sky there....
  13. Having got it through the MOT I decided to refit the engine cover but immediately ran into minor issue. The cover wouldn't sit down fully at the back right because it was resting on the low coolant sensor in the top of the bottle which also prevented the deck lid from closing too. I'm not sure if this was caused by the swtich to the Spoox alloy header tank being taller than the original (not checked that yet) or if the replacement bracket I bought was genuine or a pattern part having bought it so long ago. Eitherway the solution was relatively straightforward, just whipped the header tank bracket out and drilled a new pair of holes 15mm below the slots that were already in the bracket. Cover now sits as it should and the deck lid closes. Sadly my paint colour match for the boot floor wasn't very good as you can see with teh engine cover say in place. I still need to repair the little electrical cover thing so I'm going to trial some other shades of grey to get a better match to the cover and then I can repaint the boot floor in the winter when its out again for the next round of work. The texture spray feels like a very good match, so one out of two isn't bad. Just need to speak to @Steve V8 to hook me up with some new bits of boot carpet.
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