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  1. I think that is an optical illusion of the photo lighting and angles. The pipe diameters are identical near as makes no odds. Supplier is offering a refund so it'll be going back when I can find a suitable box to post it in. Just need to hope the old pipe holds water, otherwise it'll be coming off again for it to be used as a template for a replacement.
  2. Certainly does seem to suggest the part I've got is incorrectly made given that photo of the superseded part shown there (assuming correct) matches my earlier part too.
  3. I can't see the photos I found the links from Google stopped working reliably for me sometime last autumn. Not sure if there was a change on the forum software or on Google's end. I now have to save my photos from Google to my laptop and then upload them to the post. I have to resize the photos before I upload too because more than one photo exceeds the max attachment size on the post.
  4. In typical fashion posty delivered my new oil pressure sensor after the weekend. Clearly not the same part that was in there to start with, so I've no idea how reliable the readings I was getting from the gauge were. It clearly wasn't miles out, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't correct. All fitted in its rightful place and the height issues relative to the underside of the inlet manifold are not a problem any more. With the oil pressure sensor installed I could also crack on with priming the oil pump by back pumping oil down the turbo oil feed
  5. I ran into a problem with the two chargecooler hard pipes that run under the nearside oil cooler duct on my car that I could do with some opinions/help on. When I removed my pipes during the rebuild I noticed that one of the two pipes had several potential pin holes in it. I don't know if they were actually causing leaks but as a precaution I bought a replacement from one of the usual suppliers. Having tried to fit it last weekend I discovered that one of the two pipes was too long by about 75mm, by comparison to the pipes I removed from the car. New on the left, original on the righ
  6. Spent the first part of this morning trying to work out why my front drivers side indicator wouldn't work, turned out to be a dodgy centre pin in the bulb holder so I cut the old one off and soldered in a new one I luckily had laying about in the garage 😌 I then moved onto the job of refitting the front lower spoiler section to the front bumper. It was a pig of a job to do because the layers of fibreglass "repairs", if they can even be called that, restricted the already limited access to most tools even more, but after some perseverance and a liberal application of expletives I got it al
  7. Got the illumination sorted for the oil temperature gauge this evening. Just waiting for one more connector to be able to finish connecting up the actual gauge side of things. Here is the little adapter loom I made up to convert the bulb holder. The CAI gauges use a 501 bulb for illumination but the VDO gauges use a much smaller 286 bulb. The gauge itself came with a green filter on the bulb so I've changed that to a red one to match the existing instruments. I also fixed the ABS light for the second time. The crimps in one the binnacle connectors turne
  8. Yes, those parts go in the corner of the front bumper @Clarky5150
  9. If you can get dimensions/photos/drawings to me can certainly enquire on prices for any additional parts. Items 92 and 93 are present on my car but they are plastic parts that self tapping screws in the ends of the bumper screw into so not sure making them in metal will work.
  10. Fundamentally the core harness is the same between both cars, but what is actually connected into it and where differs.
  11. While I was researching to retrofit the absent oil temperature gauge into my S4s I noted that the revised wiring harness diagrams are not correct for the S4s. The S4s witing diagrams for the oil pressure switch and gauge is actually a hybrid of the revised harness diagrams and the early V8s, in my case at least. The main difference between the S4 and the S4s is that the VDO oil pressure transducer has an integral low oil pressure switch, whereas on the S4s the gauge transducer and switch are actually separate items. To that end I drew up what I'm calling the "revised-revised" harness diag
  12. Following expressions of interest in my project thread regarding the replacement front bumper mounting plates I've had manufactured from Stainless Steel I thought I would start a separate thread to see what level of interest there was before I speak to the engineering company that made them for me about a volume discount if there is sufficient interest. @Bibs hopefully I'm not breaking any rules by posting this, but if there is anything I should be doing now or before going ahead with any potential group buy please let me know. The brackets I've had made are for the front bumper only on m
  13. Yes I have replaced all the other smaller bumper fixing plates with new stainless alternatives @cweeden These are the plates that are secured in the nose of the body in front of the headlamp pods - pig to fit, especially if you have large hands! The little diamond shaped plates don't seem to exist in the parts list (no part number that I could find) and none of the usual suspects could supply them, which is what set me on the path to get these stainless alternatives made up. These are the plates that are fixed into the main portion of the bumper which the lower spoiler section
  14. My back still isn't quite up to clambering about on the car too much yet, but I did manage to last long enough to have a go at fitting the oil temperature gauge. Out with the clock... ...and in with the Lotus/VDO oil temperature gauge from an 1989 vintage Esprit. The VDO gauge isn't as good a match for the rest of the CAI gauges in the S4s as I'd first thought now it's in place, but given it's not right next to any of the other smaller CAI gauges it doesn't draw your attention too much. The OCD in me can just about forgive the mismatch for the more usef
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