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  1. Wasn't today, but still happy about it today. Became a Dad for the first time, beautiful baby girl born yesterday evening.
  2. Thanks for sharing the price @Gareth44. Sounds like I was bang on the money with the agreed valuation on mine earlier this year, based on nothing more than an educated guess at the time given how infrequently S4s's have appeared on the market since I bought mine. Do you know for a fact that those two gauges are definitely at fault? Would probably check the sensors too, could just as easily be them at fault. Certainly not unheard of for the oil pressure sensors to fail - mine has had a replacement at some stage prior to my ownership (it wasn't even the correct one fitted) so mine is on at least its third sensor now; I wanted to be sure I was getting the correct readings from it.
  3. I didn't know you could panic buy Facebooks?!
  4. Don't want to go starting anything in there... 🤐
  5. I have 20l of unleaded I drained from the Esprit to change the tanks that I'll exchange for a Christmas Turkey 😛
  6. Apprentice welder been tasked with making those pipes?
  7. Panic buying fuel, how irresponsible 😛
  8. You do resprays too do you? 😀
  9. I have my detached garage wired into the Texecom house alarm as a second independant zone with various sensors in the garage. I can also control who can arm/disarm the house and garage separately with it being a separate zone. Also managed to connect the garage door opener into the alarm so that it disarms the alarm only when the door is opened by the remote - very quickly got annoying having to get out of the car to disarm the alarm when returning in the car before I could park up prior to making that change. CCTV will be following soon.
  10. Would love to do that, but sadly my HP pipe has been bent out of shape so I don't have a reliable reference for someone to copy from
  11. I'm going to replace the HP power steering pipe under my car while the system has been drained to do the fuel tanks because it's been badly bent out of shape and is in generally bad condition. I see that both Lotusbits and SJ Sportscars are listing the pipes which in both cases I believe are reproduction - the pipes appear to be NLA at Lotus from what I can make out. I'm just wondering if anyone on here has used either of them and has a view on the quality of materials/manufacture before I splash out the cash Lotusbits: SJS: and
  12. Is it worth me replacing/upgrading the fuel pump while the tank is out? Don't know if they're prone to issues, but assuming its the original in there that makes it 25+ years old and with the tanks out its as easy as it ever will be to replace it.
  13. I had to watch that twice. A literal case of blink and I missed it!
  14. Either too much gin and your camera has double vision, or they've been breeding!
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