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  1. Maybe it was dropped after the S4 because I've had various bits of carpet in and out of my S4s over the past year while working on it and I've not noticed any insulation in mine either. Mind you I'm long overdue an eye test...
  2. So not looking forward to doing this to mine next winter.
  3. You'll find it tucked away under the front relay station not far from the three fan fuses.
  4. Inertia switch caused exactly the same head scratching for me when I came to restart after I had the cam towers off mine - although in my case I had removed the inertia swtich entirely some time earlier in the job and it took my grey matter a while to catch up with current events before I realised 😆
  5. Its a snug fit, but no idea if it's actually stopping any smells yet. The car still isn't MOT'd and the windows are down in the garage at present so it isn't a very valid test yet 😆l
  6. Guess that will have to wait until they're next out to do that then. The pod holes are at least confirmed clear while the pods were out.
  7. It took a day longer than planned but the lights are once again functioning. I cleaned up the pod lift arms and fitted a quartet of new ball joints since the original set were shot. These are slightly different to the OE fitment and are a slightly tighter fit in the bottom of the pod, but they function perfectly and I'm hoping their slightly larger size will mean they'll outlast me. I also whipped out the pod lift motors and refubished them too. They were actually fine internally, but since I had new parts I cleaned them up and fitted the new torque pins and regreased th
  8. Bodywork on the pods is pretty much done now. Got the reinforcing washers suitably secured in fibreglass - I don't think I'll be getting any lateral movement in the pods now! Pods all masked up ready for primer after some minor application of filler. I decided to paint the whole of each side of both pods and blended the paint in around the corners. The paint finish has come out so much better than it did on the bumper; no idea what I did differently this time though 😕 They will need a very light wet sand and polish to get them looking their best, but I
  9. If that's taken maybe "Fifty sheds of yellow" is more appropriate given that state my car was/is in 🤣
  10. In between preparing the pods for painting I've completed a couple of other tasks on the car in the past few days. First up, the bonnet hinge bar was showing signs of surface corrosion and paint was flaking off quite badly in various places, so while it's off the car because the headlamp pods are out I decided to spruce it up. I ground all the old paint and corrosion off Then while applying the primer I noticed that one of the arms that the bonnet bolts to didn't looks straight, a quick check with a square confirmed my suspicions. Probably more evidence of former cr
  11. Seat look smart. As much as I'd love the extra support and feedback those style of seats offer for fast driving I don't think my back would forgive me if I fitted anything like that to mine!
  12. If the ball joints are the same as those used on the S4 I've just fitted some myself earlier in the week and I ordered a bag of 3.2mm x 12mm countersunk aluminium pop rivets from this seller on eBay.
  13. I might be able to do that @sailorbob . I can't easily adjust the ball joints I've already installed in the pod recesses because that would require me rebating it into the shell to widen the gap between them and that sounds like a tin of worms I don't want to get into now. The sole ball joint in the pod is fitted on the inside so I could pack it out with a washer there, but I'll have to be mindful of that causing the inboard side to foul against its mating ball joint fixing plate. It's certain something I can try on that pod when I reassemble it again after painting 👍
  14. Its an interesting thought @jonwat. I only really need the washer to stay centred on its current poisition to prevent it from allowing the 6mm hole in the outboard side of the pod opening up again so if it does end up rotating that shouldn't be an issue I wouldn't have thought, its lateral movement I'm trying to prevent by doing this.
  15. The CoP declares all 92 as UK market cars. The howmanyleft website data you have to take with a pinch of salt because the data in it is only as good as what was recorded by the original selling dealer. If the make and model wasn't entered accurately then it makes this data set less reliable. You used to be able to download the data from that website as a spreadsheet and its laughable what some some vehicles have been registered as in there. It's possible those missing 20-odd S4s models in there dataset could have been registered simply as a Lotus Esprit, or maybe an Esprit S4 and man
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