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  1. I've already got a replacement set of mirrors in the correct colour ready to go on, but while I'm doing other work on the car I'm going to leave them safely tucked up in a box in the garage for the time being.
  2. Just snuck a cheeky hour on the car this evening and fitted another bit of bling. Bought some alloy stalks a good few months back for shade under £20 and rather than risk destroying the original stalks I bought a new pair of pattern stalks to cut up for £12 the pair from the bay-of-e last week. Half way through the butchering process All fitted and tested Time permitting I'm hoping to spend some time diagnosing the lack of fan control from the ECU this weekend.
  3. tomcattom

    Time to start explaining

    I'll be interested to see what difference you notice with the LSD. It's something I am considering doing to mine in the fullness of time. I've fitted LSDs to one of my other cars and that made a noticeable difference, but it is FWD, so I'll be interested know how noticeable to difference is on the Esprit.
  4. The car and I are both in South Bucks so not very far from you at all Sparky. Though I think it might be easier to tell me what's right with it rather than what's wrong with it when giving it a once over 😋
  5. I sincerely hope that isn't the case, but that prospect was in the back of my mind while I was search the parts list last night. Given all the other things I've found missing I'm hoping it was just through sheer laziness that the bolt wasn't put back rather than because its broken.
  6. I was going to ask/check the parts manual to see if there was supposed to be a bolt in there. From where I was working under the car I couldn't get my head far enough up to see if that bracket lined up with a hole in the gearbox.
  7. Just been out for a tinker while the wife is on her way home. Decided to have a look at the lack of reversing lights tonight. I'd already ordered a reverse light switch on the assumption that it was the most likely cause of the failure and even if it wasn't it seemed like a good idea to replace anyway. Upon closer inspection the cause of the failure was that the terminal had snapped clean off the switch. I installed the new switch and then on pulling the remains of the snapped terminal out of the connector, the rest of the connector crumbled out with it I've lashed up a temporary connection with whats left of the terminal in the plug, but I'm going to have to order in a replacement set of right angle spade terminals to completed the fix.
  8. Back in March 2018 I took what I hope won't prove to be a miguided chance and bought a running S4s in need of tidying up. As one of my good friends aptly described it, the car has been "thrown back together" so while everything is largely there and working a lot of it hasn't been put back together with a great deal of care, so lots of things aren't fixed in where they are supposed to be. Seems this car was a topic of debate on here when it went up for sale last year, so I thought I would start a thread on the work I have and will be doing on it as time allows. Here it is all tucked up in my new garage patiently waiting for me to start work on it once the main chunk of work on our house refurb is completed early this year. So updates are probably going to be a little thin on the ground in the short term. So far I have managed to do the following things in the past year in the odd hours/days I been granted time off house refurbishment by management. Replaced the breather hose between the fuel tanks, the one up over the rear window. Replaced the clear hoses to/from the charcoal canister. Fixed the non-operational ABS light - dodgy connection in the dash binnacle. Replaced the tailgate gas struts Repalaced a faulty dashboard temparatued gauge sensor Sourced a missing battery box Source but not yet fitted a replacement pair of door mirrors This lunchtime I have managed to carve out a cheeky hour on the car and managed to replace the ailing vacuum pump and restore my heater controls. Before After and then having done that I decided as a treat I would fit some new shiny bits that my wife bought me as a Christmas present Before After Annoyingly I managed to scratch the new control panel plate but I'm hoping it will polish out, becuse it appears all the colouring and markings have been applied to the rear of the plate.
  9. I decided to revisit what I though I already knew and it seems that since I did my first testing my vacuum pump has ceased functioning correctly. When I did my previous testing I'd isolated the pump and proven that it would shut off when I stuck my finger over its outlet, hence the belief that the fault was in the pipes somewhere. When I tried the same test again the other day, the pump wouldn't shut off at all, so either a sensor inside has failed, or my my likely suspicion is that it was generating a very weak vacuum before and it wasn't enough to shut the pump off with all the pipes connected. Long story short, thanks to Mr Kearley I now have a replacement pump, with the foam pack which mine was missing, and all appears well again on the heater controls front. Before After
  10. tomcattom

    S4s tyres?

    Thought I'd resurrect this thread as a continuation rather than start another one. What is the current consensus on the tyre situation on the S4s? I'm having real trouble finding a much choice by way of matching pairs of tyres even if I expand my search to +/-10mm. I see the Toyo T1 Sports are available but I've had Toyo tyres before and not found them to be to my personal liking, so trying to find another alternative and not having much luck. The tyres on mine must be the thick end of a decade old I reckon, so are in iminent need of replacement.
  11. EBPV and throttle jacks are still connected. When I disconnected the long pipe to the cabin from the T-piece near the pump and blocked the open end off the pump shut up after a matter of seconds, so that fault definitely isn't in that section of the system.
  12. I wasn't aware of a T-piece by the fuel tank when I investigated. I must have been looking at the wrong page in the parts manual. I'll take a look for that one tonight.
  13. I've got the part manual thanks. Based on my investigations last night when I posted I think the fault is somewhere between the first T-piece after the vacuum pump and the long run down the car into the cabin because when I disconnected the pipe under the dash and blocked it off the pump kept running, so my guess is there is either damage to the long thin pipe running down the car or a leak where the pipe joints the T-piece by the pump on the rubber reducer that connects it to the T-piece by the pump. The join by the pump didn't seem all that snug which I why I was wondering if it needed some sort of adhesive/seal assistance. Its a new joiner, but it could have been sat on a shelf as long as the old part had been on the car I suppose! I might give the heatshrink idea a try tonight.
  14. Since the day I got my Esprit it has been suffering with the vacuum pump constantly running. I've previously done some diagnosis and ruled out the pump as the cause and I know the fault is not on the engine bay side of the T-piece immediately after the pump, so the fault is somewhere between that T-piece and the long run down into the cabin. I ordered a whole bunch of replacement rubber joiners and elbows hoping it was them that had gone hard with age and were allowing the air into the lines, however the new rubber pieces don't appear to have made any difference. While fitting them there didn't seem to be much resistance between the thin black pipe and the rubber connections, so my best guess at present is the vacuum is still being lost at these junctions. Should there be any supplementary seal between the thin black pipe and the rubber connections that I'm missing; should they be glued together for example? Or is there another common culprit I've overlooked that is causing the lack of vacuum?
  15. tomcattom

    Silicone coolant hoses for S4s

    Ah the joys of internet forums, for every one positive experience you get one negative. Given the price of them I'm tempted to take a punt, but I might wait until I've drained the coolant and properly inspected the existing hoses before making any decisions.