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  1. The foam inside the cover actually sits proud of the edges of the cover so is seals to the bulkhead when secured... I hope!
  2. Mine is exactly like this too. Put it back where I found it when I renewed those pipes myself. Just in the process of doing something similar to this myself.
  3. What captive nuts are you referring to @Escape? I can't recall any captive nuts on mine when I did the rad pack last year 🤔
  4. Good luck with the rad pack, it's not actually that big a deal I didn't think. The only really worry/issue you'll likely have is if the oil coolers cooperate. It's a lot easier to remove everything if half of it's missing in the first place 🤣
  5. How much bigger than standard have you gone? Guess they weren't six pot originally either?
  6. Looking forward to doing a tour when the Covid situations allows. "The Wing" really isn't very far from me. I wonder if they'd host a TLF tour there one day? They seem to like their motors and there seems to be plenty of people interested in their watches here too.
  7. The cost of the gauge itself is identical to the price of a new VDO gauge like I used in my conversion. Using a CAI sourced gauge vastly simplifies the wiring changes to get it working. If people are interested I could probably make up some small kits of all the wiring items to make it more of a plug and play conversion to go with these CAI gauges if we generate enough interest to buy some. I'm certainly interested in these gauges.
  8. The agreed valuation has expired on my Esprit's insurance policy and I need to submit updated photos and details to the insurer to renew the agreed value. When I first bought the car I simply got an agree value to match what I paid for it, but I'm not sure what to value it at this time around. Anyone that's been following my project thread will know the car is far from perfect cosmetically but its not a shed either. The main difference from the last valuation is that the oily bits are in a MUCH better state than they were previously. There don't seem to be any S4s's on the market at
  9. Nice! Fancy turning a new timing pointer for my bell housing for me? 😉
  10. Unlikely based on the most recent video 😬
  11. Looks like the engine cover. EDIT: Looks like @cweeden beat me to it 🤦‍♂️
  12. That one was a right game to get at. Took my knuckles several days to forgive me after that job. Getting a spanner on it was relatively simple, it was getting the bleed hose in there that I found more of a challenge.
  13. I did consider that, but the VDO oil temperature gauge is a subtlely different design from the rest of the CAI gauges and the OCD in me wouldn't like seeing two different style gauges that close together if I'd put it where the boost gauge is. By doing a straight swap with the clock it's less obvious on first glance that the temperature gauge differs from the rest. To be honest, I have fitted boost gauges in some of my other cars and having used it to check it was boosting correctly I found myself seldom looking at it after that. My personal preference is to be able to see the engine oil
  14. Time will tell how reliable the velcro is @drdoom. It is stiched on so glue failure shouldn't be a problem. Anyway, after nearly two years and two months off the road the Esprit has finally broken cover. Still plenty to do before its ready for an MOT, but its a big milestone having it in a drivable condition again While idling on the driveway it kept stalling and it took me a while to realise it was due to be a lack of fuel. The weird thing was the low fuel warning light wasn't on and I know that works because it was illuminated before I put fuel back in
  15. This is what I bought @cweeden I went for the 38mm inside diameter which was a perfect fit for the chassis tubes.
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