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  1. Thanks for sharing the price @Gareth44. Sounds like I was bang on the money with the agreed valuation on mine earlier this year, based on nothing more than an educated guess at the time given how infrequently S4s's have appeared on the market since I bought mine. Do you know for a fact that those two gauges are definitely at fault? Would probably check the sensors too, could just as easily be them at fault. Certainly not unheard of for the oil pressure sensors to fail - mine has had a replacement at some stage prior to my ownership (it wasn't even the correct one fitted) so mine is on at least its third sensor now; I wanted to be sure I was getting the correct readings from it.
  2. I didn't know you could panic buy Facebooks?!
  3. Don't want to go starting anything in there... 🤐
  4. I have 20l of unleaded I drained from the Esprit to change the tanks that I'll exchange for a Christmas Turkey 😛
  5. Apprentice welder been tasked with making those pipes?
  6. Panic buying fuel, how irresponsible 😛
  7. You do resprays too do you? 😀
  8. I have my detached garage wired into the Texecom house alarm as a second independant zone with various sensors in the garage. I can also control who can arm/disarm the house and garage separately with it being a separate zone. Also managed to connect the garage door opener into the alarm so that it disarms the alarm only when the door is opened by the remote - very quickly got annoying having to get out of the car to disarm the alarm when returning in the car before I could park up prior to making that change. CCTV will be following soon.
  9. Would love to do that, but sadly my HP pipe has been bent out of shape so I don't have a reliable reference for someone to copy from
  10. I'm going to replace the HP power steering pipe under my car while the system has been drained to do the fuel tanks because it's been badly bent out of shape and is in generally bad condition. I see that both Lotusbits and SJ Sportscars are listing the pipes which in both cases I believe are reproduction - the pipes appear to be NLA at Lotus from what I can make out. I'm just wondering if anyone on here has used either of them and has a view on the quality of materials/manufacture before I splash out the cash Lotusbits: SJS: and
  11. Is it worth me replacing/upgrading the fuel pump while the tank is out? Don't know if they're prone to issues, but assuming its the original in there that makes it 25+ years old and with the tanks out its as easy as it ever will be to replace it.
  12. I had to watch that twice. A literal case of blink and I missed it!
  13. Either too much gin and your camera has double vision, or they've been breeding!
  14. I'm hoping to collect them myself since Andy lives very near my family. It's a fascinating place to look around having been over there once before. Wasn't aware they were problematic. Hopefully they're not too expensive or difficult for me to obtain. My sentiments exactly. Especially after the battle my friend and I fought with that tank in particular to get it out yesterday!
  15. Been enjoying the car over the past couple of months since passing the MOT with the only minor issue of note in that time being the case of Tourettes that my speedo developed. That was cured with a combination of a new wheel speed sensor and cleaning all the accumulated crud out of the teeth in the toothed ring on the drive shaft. The car is now SORNed once more because my new fuel tanks are scheduled to be crafted by Axminster Specialist Panels in the coming weeks and I need photos of the current tanks so they can make sure they build the right thing for me. So today was the day I removed the old tanks. My creative use of the garage door frame to hold the deck lid up while the gas struts were disconnected to allow removal of the tanks. I initally thought I'd need to remove the deck lid completely, thankfully not! It took all day, but with the help of a friend we got both tanks out inside the day. Engine required some disassembly to make clerance to get the tanks out. Quite a lot of rust debris found on this side. Having inspected the tanks it's clear both have been out for repairs in the past, but sadly the repairs aren't very good, the passenger side tank being the worst and the one that was disconnected when I bought the car. Here are some photos of the repairs found on that tank. Couple of patches welded in the base. The whole thing looks to have been coated in a thick epoxy type coating, but it seems whoever did it didn't think it was worth trying to clean the surface corrosion off first so the coating is just flaking off in big chunks all over the place 🙄 And there's the source of my fuel leak! Just got to await the arrival of my new tanks and everything can go back together again
  16. I've no experience with the Elise, but I guess where the Rovers and Land Rovers may have used metal fuel delivery pipes between tank and engine I guess perhaps Lotus used hose instead being low volume?
  17. Interesting that Lotus are saying the Elise/Exige with the K-series is not compatible with E10 because JLR have it listed as compatible for their K-series cars from 1996 on. Wonder what the differences with the Lotus fuel system is? I've read that the T4 has an option to configure the K-series to run on higher Ethanol levels, but I've not had a look on my T4 to see if that is the case myself.
  18. Might try that on mine. The wife reckons mine still smells of fuel but I can't smell it. I obviously have a higher tolerance to fuel smells than she does 😂
  19. You mean I have to wait another 28 minutes... 😱
  20. Apologies for the slight radio silence on this, getting my Esprit back on the road was taking all my attention and so I've only got around to sorting the drawings for this now. I've completed the first batch of drawings and emailed them over to the engineering company this afternoon, so hopefully I'll hear back from them during the week. The parts I've requested quotes for are: A082B5002F A082B7321F B082B4811F Front bumper corner nut plate (doesn't seem to exist in the 1993 parts list 😕 so I don't have a part number for it) I have just noticed that I've missed a couple of the brackets that you've provided details for @cweeden so I'll get them drawn during the week and emailed over to them too; those being: A082B4810F A082B4820F
  21. Not touched any of the suspension yet. Hoping I can work out what I have for front castor and rear toe by inspection 🤞. Front camber is going to require some disassembly to work out what is currently in there from what I understand from reading the workshop manual. That bit will wait until next month now when I take the tanks out ready ready for the shiny replacements. If it has to wait until it's apart then it'll just wait until I start on the suspension overhaul in the Autumn. At least I have a feeling for what's going on.
  22. No shims yet. My task for this weekend is to work out what shims I'm likely to need and get them and anything else worth doing while I'm in there ordered. Speedo developed a case of Tourettes last night too, so need to investigate that this weekend.
  23. I've already had words with that corner about letting the side down when I got back home 🤣
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