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  1. Up for sale at their auction in Dunkeswell on 31st May. Might be of interest to someone on here perhaps?
  2. After several shakedown runs over the past few days to tweak the actuator and tame the boost I'm getting nearer my target. I'm not getting full boost on 50% throttle any more, I'm now down to 0.83bar at 100%, still a little way off my target of of 0.65bar, but edging nearer. I went out for a run this afternoon and saw plenty of other nice machinery on my travels; a BRG series one E-type, a lovely metallic mid-blue late seventies/early eighties vintage Aston Martin V8 Vantage and a TVR Tamora. Got plenty of looks in the Esprit and some appreciation from some pedestrians while I was stopped at some traffic lights, so obviously gave them a show of the lights 😁 When I got back I recorded another video of the exhaust since the previous one was recorded before the MAP was plugged back in. Sound much better now it's running right. Apologies for the poor angle of the footage; little'un was asleep so couldn't get to my tripod without disturbing her.
  3. Have you checked the wastegate solenoid is (still) working? Without that in theory max boost should be 0.65bar if the actuator is correctly set. Does the car still have a cat fitted? Might be worth checking it's innards haven't disintegrated. I lost all boost on my S4s last week and it turned out to be a blocked cat. P.s. if the gear shift is indirect it might be time to renew the translator bearings and joints on the gearbox end of the shift cables, assuming they haven't already been done recently. Renewing them transformed the gearshift on mine.
  4. Spotted it driving past Gadebridge Park in Hemel early this afternoon. Think it was a lime green colour, as best I could tell through my tinted sunnies while walkibg through the park.
  5. Well that drive was... errr... exciting. Car is running fine again; no misfire and boost all accounted for and then some. You were right about it being more lively @cweeden! Seems the cat was already partially blocked for some time before the exhaust was done because my adjustments of the wastegate actuator are now well off. I was seeing 0.91bar of boost on only ~50% throttle, so I think I need to back out my previous adjustments 😆
  6. Not too far from me, but sadly I'm otherwise engaged tomorrow.
  7. There is a stretch of the M25 around Potters Bar/Waltham cross that is surfaced in concrete and it's a bit rough - or at least it feels like it in an Esprit - and it was around there that I was first aware I'd lost boost as I pulled out to overtake a car on one of the uphill stretches. My best guess is the rough surface was enough to shake an already fragile chunk of the cat innards free and block the exhaust. Indeed. I'm hoping all the time I spent before it went in for the exhaust trying to set the actuator wasn't wasted and have to go through all that again 🙄 I'll prepare for a possible while knuckle ride when I enter the national speed limit road for the first time later.
  8. Hoping that wont be needed now based on the MAP pipe discovery. But we'll see after a run out later this evening to test.
  9. Well done Dr @Bibs, diagnosed it in one. The pipe from the MAP sensor had been pulled off the barb on the engine and was found dangling down in the engine bay. Must have got distubed by accident while they were working in there. I plugged it back in and immediately the car is running so much better. I haven't properly driven it yet, but just based on driving it in and out of the garage the throttle response and idle is much improved 😌
  10. Thanks @Bibs. I'll take a quick look at the MAP pipework today. They did some other work for me on the car (photos to follow another day) and could well have disturbed that thin tube in the process, so it could be that.
  11. Bit of a mixed bag of emotions for my 500th post on my restoration thread. Car was booked in for a new exhaust to be made by Hayward & Scott back earlier in the year and was dropped off to them a week ago last Saturday , however on my way round the northern stretch of the M25 to drop the car off I suddenly lost all boost . The car wasn't misfiring and no CEL light was observed, I simply had zero boost. I managed to get the car there safely without any further drama, because its still otherwise driving fine and able to keep up with the traffic. We couldn't find any obvious reason for the loss of boost for the brief period I had to look at it when I dropped it off; hoses all looked okay, wastegate flap moves freely, the elephant trunk hose from the airbox hadn't delaminated and collapsed, so I was at a bit of a loss. Fast forward to today. I collected the car and while loading the old exhaust parts into to wife's car several large chunks fell out of the old cat, so at that point we thought it might be a simple case of blocked exhaust and apt timing for a new exhaust. Anyway, here are a few snaps. I've had a 3" system made with twin 3.5" inward rolled slash cut tailpipes and a 200 cell sports cat. On the way home sadly the car still wasn't running right. The boost seems to have returned to some extent, but if I try to apply more than the merest amount of throttle it just starts coughing and spluttering, but oddly still no CEL light. As with the journey to Essex, the car was able to be driven back safely, but just seems to have lost its get up and go. As I backed the car into the garage when I got back the CEL light did then come on, so I'm hoping whatever error code has triggered that may reveal the problem. Either way I'll be investigating more thoroughly over the weekend. Here is a brief video of what it sounds like with the sports cat fitted. I did get a decat made too, but that's currently sat in the boot. The small puffs of black smoke suggest I have a potential fueling issue, so I'm hoping that the new RC injectors I have may go some, if not all the way to solving the running issues 🤞
  12. That temperature sensor isn't present from the factory on the S4s @fjmuurling. What you can see in the photo is the end arrangement I created so I could install the temperature gauge in my car. The CAI instruments in the S4s have a separate low pressure switch and sensor, unlike the earlier S4 which is a combined unit. Lotus dropped the oil temperature sensor (and gauge) on the S4s and replaced it with the separate low pressure switch (a backwards step if you ask me). To reinstate the oil temperature sensor, I installed that T-piece you can see there so I could move the low oil pressure switch to make way for the oil temperature sensor to go where it would normally be located on the S4.
  13. I don't know if the GT3 is different, but I had to fit a T-piece on my S4s so I could add the deleted oil temperature gauge back to mine. This is it with the incorrect taller pressure sensor that was originally fitted to the car by the previous owner. It's snug, but it does fit. There is much more clearance with the correct sensor can fitted however.
  14. At my first/last MOT with mine the tester pointed out that my numberplate lights were working but very dim. When I took them off to replace the bulbs both lenses cracked upon removal. I ended up replacing mine with a pair of these @Sparky The opening in numberplate plinth needed opening up a touch with the dremel to get it to fit, but the hole centres were the same as the original unobtanium parts from the factory.
  15. Was spotted middle of last week by my Father. Was on an R-plate.
  16. Youre in luck @agk, I have one complete set left. Bumper bracket set only will cost £218.40 + P&P Bumper bracket plus the two plates in the wheel arch for the fuel tank boards (A082U4680K) will cost £235.20 + P&P Postage and packaging costs £13.50 in both cases and will be via RM Special Delivery to get sufficient insurance. If you're outside the UK I'll have to get some prices for couriers. Collection is also welcome if you're near Buckinghamshire.
  17. I stuck with rivnuts on mine, just used a heavy duty long arm setting tool for installing them. Needed the car a decent way off the ground to use the tool though. A number of the holes on mine were toast from removing all the snapped off old rivnuts so most of the holes have been drilled out to take an M8 rivnut now instead.
  18. It went past me around 9:15am this morning as I was heading south in my Esprit. Not sure if the driver saw me, I only spotted it after it was well past me.
  19. Reassuring to see another positive review of these injectors Now I've started using my Esprit more I've observed a bit of a flatspot when I pull away too and have a set of these on order too at present. Looking forward to them getting here to see what difference they make to my car.
  20. Despite our best efforts to shield the family, and my wife in particular, from Covid over the past 2+ years we finally caught it so not really been in a position to do much on the Esprit. Anyway, I felt well enough to want to go out an tinker with the car today. I removed the wastegate actuator from the equation and ran the turbo on actuator pressure alone and the peak MAP reading dropped to 1.44bar. That's someway short of the 1.65 (approx) that I was expecting to see during this test. So it would seem that despite my best efforts with the DTI when I set up the actuator in the first place, I got it wrong. Going for the trial and error approach now; I will add a turn at a time on the actuator arm and re-run the test until I reach the expected value. One positive is that at least I know the wastegate solenoid it working correctly because it's giving the extra ~0.35bar I need to get to the magic 1bar of boost when everything is working as it should. I also quickly fitted the new stainless jacking point brackets that I bought some time ago. I used the supplied pop rivets along with a bead of CT1 adhesive on each one after cleaning the mating face on the body shell thoroughly. The back right bracket took a bit more work because of the damage repair done in that area from a former life excursion off the road.
  21. Hubs are look good @cweeden That's a familiar looking ABS sensor 🙂 Looking at the part numbers these appear to be the same part for the S4s (anyone correct me if I'm wrong), so given the encouraging signs from Chris I'd be interested in a set for mine, depending upon time scales - looking to do my suspension overhaul this coming winter.
  22. Everything fits as far as the new brackets to secure the bumper to the body are concerned Postage and packaging will be £13.50. It needs to be via Royal Mail Special Delivery to get sufficient insurance cover. I can see if any other couriers come out cheaper but I doubt it will be a huge difference.
  23. Managed to find time to go and collect the remaining brackets with the missing welded bits today. I'll measure and weigh everything to get P&P prices over the weekend and confirm final prices with everyone via DM. I'll also confirm fitment of the new upper mounting brackets on my spare bumper to be sure they fit before collecting money/shipping. I have one set each earmarked for @madmax and @cweeden which leave one spare set remaining unallocated for anyone that wants to stake a claim to it.
  24. Wow, that radius arm bush is properly toast 😲
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