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  1. Thanks Pete. I tried the link. Unfortunately I was put in a queue twice and when I used their 'we'll call you back facility', they didn't! It never bodes well when you can't get a company to respond for new business. I wonder how they'd be with a claim?! I will keep trying them and let you know if I get a good outcome.
  2. Thanks Bibs. I did try our broker (who does my various business stuff) and a couple of others. No joy. It just seems odd that they all think it's a really unusual or unique request. I still can't believe we're the only people to rent a workshop for our 'hobby'!
  3. Thanks Pete. I suppose it's worth a try.
  4. Hi All. After weeks of trying, I have hit a complete brick wall trying to insure a workshop that my brother and I have leased to complete the restoration of an Esprit and a VWT2. I can't believe it's proving so difficult. The workshop is a typical unit on a farm site alongside others being used by various people and small business. Because under the terms of the lease, and because we're sensible, we need some third-party liability insurance and some cover for our tools and fittings. We don't need any cover for the cars as they are covered by the classic vehicle insurance we have on them. Neither do we need a huge amount of cover for the tools. We've nothing specialised as our restoration is just a hobby. £10k at maximum would probably cover it. If we were a business it would be no problem. A standard commercial combined policy (the likes of which I have for my completely unrelated business) would be just fine and give all the cover we need. But it is proving impossible to get that sort of cover as private individuals. It's baffling! Various home polices offer a bit of cover for tools off-site, or in a workshop within our house boundary, but none of these provide the 3rd party cover we're obliged to have in place. One suggestion has been the NFU (especially given that the unit is located on a farm estate), but they too cannot offer us anything. I can't believe we're the only couple of people who have privately leased a workshop (man cave, person cave!) who need insurance. So does anyone have such a policy or know an insurance company that definitely provides this cover? We're all out of ideas! Thanks. Rob
  5. Hi Jeanvm. I just spotted your reply from November! I don't suppose you know where this actual car is, or who owns it do you? Rob
  6. Hi OSMojo I'm new to this forum and looking for an Esprit S2. I realise this original post was over a year ago, but do you still have your car and how has it all gone. Have you had an issues with it? Keen for any useful tips and info. Thanks. Rob
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