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  1. Thank you all for the replies. I can agree the h111 packages are very good and cars do perform well. But I will be getting a custom backbox fitted and bmc filter along with 2bular manifold soon, Would they still tune the car with their pulley upgrade? I have called about 2/3 times and have had nobody call me back. The off putting thing will be having to tune with their provided parts, is this the case with h111? I will definitely be giving back on track a call, I have heard many good things about them so far
  2. Hi all I am new to lotus ownership, having just owned my exige s roadster for 2 months. Car is a manual with race pack and hard top, great little car but definitely feel that it can do with some more poke. I've looked at komotec/hangar111 but not too appealed so far. Is there another tuner which will remap my car with 2bular manifolds and exhaust and a k&n filter, but with a upgraded pulley? On all cars I have previously tuned, I generally always have gone for bmc filters rather than an intake, also with different branded bolt ons etc e.g., My 997.1 turbo had cheap manifolds but with a europipe exhaust and was tuned working well. I'd appreciate all responses Thanks
  3. Video was made by one of them instagram car celebrities which then think they are chris harris due to having a few thousand 13 year olds liking their pictures. It is the most biased video i've ever seen. The fastest out of the bunch is definitely the m2 competition, a friend of mine has a m2 competition and that car is significantly faster than a e92 m3, probably even edges on a f80 m3. My exige s roadster is the same speed as a stock f80 m3, and also pulls a car length gear after gear on my relatives e92 m3 competition pack. That video should be banned lol
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