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  1. Yes it's very fiddly. I should have trained as a gynaecologist before starting this job
  2. Hi, I've had a long running issue with my Esprit I'm happily driving along when the fuel pump becomes very noticeable the car loses power and then cuts out. Usually on a dual carriageway. Least I get my steps in for the day pushing it. Anyway yesterday when this happened with a full tank of fuel, I opened both petrol caps and the car started straight away. I have ordered new supply and breather hose and will repipe the system. I can't seem to find the flow lock valves for sale shown on the diagram. Does anyone know where I can get these???? AND has anyone else had this problem.
  3. Hello everyone on here, this is my first post and wont be my last going by the number of issues i am having with my recently purchased Lotus Esprit I had fuel pouring out of the four inlets on my engine, i have set the float heights as per instruction on here. I also thought it prudent to change the needle valves. When i removed the old needle valves i see they are 225 competition type instead of the standard 200 as stated in the book. I have fitted brand new viton tipped 200 needle valves and 10 gram floats and all is well again. What i want to know is will there be a signifi
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