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  1. I skimmed through the Coudenhove-Kalergi article and I can't see how it ties in with your argument. What exactly has occurred in Europe since 1945? Can you be a bit more specific? I don't think the EU is what Hitler was trying to do with Europe.
  2. Winston Churchill was a proponent of a United States of Europe.
  3. I'm not a fan of spoiler tactics, I'd rather see fair sporting competition. It reminds me of some of the things Michael Schumacher used to do and I didn't like that. Toto Wolff said they weren't doing tactics and I did see one car in front of Hamilton before the start of the last lap but we weren't shown if there were other cars causing a hold up. It was down to Red Bull to get their cars across the line before the chequered flag and they failed for Perez.
  4. Libel and defamation of character court case on the cards?
  5. If someone is wholly responsible that would be 100%. Is there an official table to describe responsibility and percentages? I think I'm being flippant or are there actual guidelines for the stewards in this situation? And how would they decide the percentage of responsibility? I do think Hamilton was driving to avoid a collision, heading towards the corner both cars were almost level, Hamilton was backing out of the overtake when Verstappen turned in, that is why Hamilton's front tyre and Verstappen's back tyre touched. I do think Verstappen drives to cause a collision. Unless he changes his driving style he will continue to have collisions in the future. He's a hazzard to himself and others. He's fast (in a fast car) but dangerous.
  6. It's the peek-a-boo bits that are probably doing it for you. Just out of interest, does it have a cam belt or a cam chain?
  7. A few years back I was fortunate to stumble upon the meaning of life, the universe and everything. 😁
  8. Composite panels so no good as a Faraday cage. If it was Carbon fibre panels it would be heading in the right direction but you would probably want the carbon fibre to be all encompassing and grounded. The wheels are made of rubber which insulates the body from the ground so it would be best not to use your Lotus as a Faraday cage. 🤪🌩️☠️
  9. Won't it turn into a submarine if it rolls in? Don't all lotus do that?
  10. Yes, isn't JB top of the list? 😜
  11. It's probably 100% new parts.... apart from maybe a few nuts and bolts. 🤣
  12. 3 deaths nationally is nearly nothing. 50 deaths nationally is nearly nothing. I think what the concern is the potential for coronavirus to spiral out of control. We have seen that happen already so it is a real concern. At a time when you might expect this type of disease to be declining (It's July, it's summer) like you would expect influenza to be declining, covid 19 is now starting to rise up again. We all want restrictions to be removed. Hopefully we all want to be safe. Some want to be safe more than others. Some activities / practices are safe, others are not so safe. Get the balance right and we will beat this coronavirus, get it wrong and things will not be good. I have been working on site since April 2020 using safe practices. I don't want to die so I plan to continue using the safe practices for the forseeable future. The Balearics were green and now they are going to be amber for travel. The Coronavirus is going to be with us for some time yet and it seems some restrictions are being relaxed too quickly.
  13. Football fans forcing through barriers to get free entry to a match sounds familiar, sadly.
  14. I'm quite happy for the serendipity of Googles estimations to continue.
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