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  1. He is, after all, just another here today - gone tomorrow politician. He's a commoner, not even royal. He is, like us, just another human being. My money is on Trump getting it. Have you seen how close he is to other people when giving briefings. Do these people never learn, obviously not Trump. He's an ignoramus.
  2. 1 hour 50 minutes! Anyone would think we've got nothing to do.
  3. Took a bit of searching but apparently it's from a 1966 Chevy Corvette
  4. I'm a townie and the supermarket shelves are still empty. The supermarkets have stopped the bulk buying. Lots of fruit and veg are missing. Eggs are missing. Where is it all going? Red milk is missing but there seems to be plenty of green? What's that all about?
  5. This must surely be from a flying car, and as such, does it fall foul of the thread rules? As an aside, it looks like some scrote has tried to nick the stereo.
  6. What, the Evija or the Porsche?
  7. While the government say they are not doing herd immunity, in practice that seems to be what we are actually doing. we are just flattening the curve and hoping by doing that not as many people get the infection before the virus dies out.
  8. Yes, I have heard that mentioned too. Or it could be that people have the anti bodies to one particular strain and are immune to that then they get infected by a second strain / mutation. Also, if you have been infected and think that you are now "immune" you should still continue to practice safe hygiene and wash your hands regularly. If you touch a surface that has the virus and then you touch something else then the virus will be transmitted to that second surface, even if you are "immune".
  9. I'm not a doctor or professional scientist, but here goes- When you contract the virus you are infectious and can pass it on to other people. Your bodies immune system fights the virus and builds up anti bodies, you get better and you are no longer infectious. This virus likes to spread so a lot of people get infected on different days and timescales. Then because they get better and have anti-bodies they can fight off the virus as soon as they have contact with it. Eventually, because there is no one to pass on to at the infectious stage that doesn't already have anti bodies, the virus dies out. I think that is what herd immunity is about. At that stage the older people can come out. Until the next variant / mutation starts to spread.
  10. Yes, there was a second and third phase of the Spanish Flu, probably as different variations (mutations) of the flu struck. It's called Spanish flu but apparently not in Spain. the reason it got that name is that the Spanish were the only people to publish figures about what was happening.
  11. probably still OK on private property as long as you don't drive there and as long as there are no more than two of you and you are from the same household. Are you still doing donuts on the driveway?
  12. Like @Bibs said, low unsprung mass is desirable as there is less inertia that needs to be dampened when the wheels move up and down over bumps in the road. Larger side walls will flex when put under lateral forces (corners) and make the handling feel a bit woolly and imprecise. They will also flex a bit under acceleration and deceleration. Low profile tyres with small side walls only flex a bit making the handling feel more precise and "planted". Larger side walls can also be used as part of the suspension as they do in F1 cars. On the video clip with different size and weight wheels they were mainly seeing the difference that the flywheel effect can have on acceleration and possibly gearing (and the torque that @andydclements mentioned). When the wheels turn they are acting as a flywheel. It is easier to spin up a lighter flywheel than a heavier one. Larger diameter wheels generally have a larger contact patch with the road which will generally improve grip. Drag cars have large diameter tyres which give them a large contact patch enabling them to get all that power onto the tarmac. A good sportscar (Lotus of course) will have lightweight large diameter wheels with low profile tyres.
  13. I also saw an interview where a correspondent said you could drive for half an hour to somewhere that you could exercise in a remote spot with no contact but I think that was an off the cuff comment that they are probably regretting. @Redwing
  14. Monday night they said no non-essential travel. They have now beefed that up with additional powers that the police can issue spot fines, however, the police should use common sense and discretion unless they don't like the look of you or they have had a bad day or there is a "y" in the day. The spot fines will double each time there is a repeat offence and you could be arrested and face court if you don't comply.
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