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  1. That Lambo in the top right corner... is that the one that Paddy McGuiness crashed. hahaha
  2. I presume you are turning right from the driveway onto the road and the angled entry onto the road doesn't bottom the car. The small interior mirror on the passenger side will be the cheapest solution. Another option might to put a mirror on a post on the opposite verge, if that's possible and you have permission from the land owner.
  3. It looks like the black Evija has roll cage bars that are making entry a bit more tight.
  4. The reduced running costs of the NA were a factor when I was looking at buying an Evora. I think you are probably right about the older models having possibly reached a bottom price (subject to condition) and wouldn't be surprised to see them rise as the Evora becomes an iconic classic car.
  5. @RobinB5 With regard to autonomous driving and speed limits. My satnav has and indicator for what the speed limit is on the stretch of road that I am driving. Sadly it is a couple of years old so for some roads that indicator is out of date and telling me the wrong speed. And, that is not taking into account any short term changes to the speed limit due to road works and the likes. Systems would need to be developed and put into practice on all roads to take things like this into consideration. If the system is faulty and your autonomous vehicle breaks a speed limit, who is to blame?
  6. If you won it you obviously came first. Not your fault if the mrs can't keep up.
  7. Attended the Scare yourself sensible session yesterday morning. Even in the wet the cars handled brilliantly. The procedures set up are very professional. Doing the organising was Guy and Danny was doing the driving. Martin was also there. Thanks guys for the great day which we all enjoyed. All those who attended were impressed and had fun. I was the only Lotus driver there! There were 2 Porsche drivers! One of them was my brother. On a personal note, I need to improve my consistency, my application, my commitment but I was having fun with a sociable bunch of people. If you are think
  8. Satnav to get you directly there. Paper maps to get you there on the interesting roads.
  9. We are probably not commenting as we are waiting to definitively find out if he really has it or is he just pretending. How seriously he has it. Will he live or will he die.
  10. Go to 36 mins
  11. Just thinking about when I hand wash the Evora and the curves and corners of the surfaces particularly on the rear quarters. Sometimes it is difficult to be methodical. It must be really hard to hand wash the Evija. I'd have to come to terms with that.
  12. The wife and I came back from holiday on Saturday night. On Sunday we did an efficient shop at the Asda together, we got to the toilet roll aisle and couldn't believe it... the shelves were empty again. Everybody must be crapping themselves about the onset of a second wave.
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