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  1. Now I see what your problem is. It's not printed square on the paper, I think I would probably reject that. 😄
  2. Lotus approved cars? The new marketing strategy?
  3. Also, "you've got to get the manual gearbox", I would agree but some people prefer the automatic.
  4. Great review. Bones of contention? He says it was designed as a competitor to the Cayman but the Lotus guru says it was the 911. Brakes are too powerful for him? It's a personal thing.
  5. Same here. Shared usage of pavements all around the city, sometimes de-lineated, sometimes not.
  6. Unless they build in an easily enabled noise button?
  7. photographic evidence of a cyclist having used the cycle lane and yes there is a directional arrow and dropped kerb directing cyclists onto the pavement.😀
  8. Looking forward to your reports @Cdm2018. I washed my Evora on Sunday and used two buckets for the first time ever. I'm still not 100% sold on the logic of it but will continue to do it on the Evora for the foreseeable future.
  9. ? not spotted anything unusual. Do I need my eyes testing?
  10. Why retire that early? He's not got 10 world championship titles yet?
  11. Interestingly, well I think its interesting, some projects are using hydrogen as a battery. When there is surplus electricity it is used to make hydrogen from water, the hydrogen is stored like a battery stores energy, then when there is a need for electricity on the grid the hydrogen is used to generate it and the product is water.
  12. OK, it is a photoshop montage type picture. If you download the original picture high quality then zoom in. New collaborations and a new home to reinvigorate Lotus Engineering - Lotus Cars Media Site Then use google maps satellite view Wellesbourne Campus, University of Warwick - Google Maps This is an old satellite picture but can be used to compare. The place where the 131 is, is a grassy patch on the satellite (that could have been changed but there is still some greenery at the bottom of the wall in that area on the montage. The 3 white paving slabs on the diagona
  13. Russian tactic. That and Novachoc.
  14. Could have had a 1 instead of the 8 to make it smaller. It's a personalised plate - It must mean something?
  15. The problem is going from the spoken word to the written word. Problems mentioned above by @oneshot and also a lot of people have problems with spelling, others have problem with typing. It's not so much a problem if you are in a situation where you can copy and paste. It's the same problem with easting and northing co-ordinates on the current national grid reference system. Some people might find 52.883970, -3.620175 easier than discombobulation.antidisestablishmentarianism. supercalifragilisticexpeealidotiouis
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