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  1. Looks like it has already knocked over 2 children but the police must have been involved and done the outlines.😁
  2. Had the luck of a sacrificed Tsunoda. Corrected for accuracy. 😜
  3. The Evora is available, the Emira still isn't. 😉
  4. Another technique that seems to be designed to raise revenue is the alternating speed limits. The gantry shows 60 then the next one shows 50, then 60, then 50..... Definitely trying to catch people out. If I'm on a motorway then I just set cruise control. It's probably more fuel efficient than all that speeding up and slowing down.
  5. @BarrykearleyProbably right, and it's all down to one man. If only there was a way to get rid of him without risking nuclear armageddon.
  6. I'm all for innovation but I do think circumvented was the correct term. It's a specification that is there at the time of testing but not adhered at the time of racing. Hat's off to them for being clever. Yes, I know that all teams will look for a winning edge and interpretation and that it is down to the rule makers to tighten up those rules when they are being circumvented.
  7. The Volvo front suspension is Macpherson strut and the Evora is double wishbone, they work differently so it wasn't meant as a clue, other than checking the camber.
  8. My Volvo wears the inside edge of the front tyres (both sides). I checked the camber and it is spot on, It's set at factory build so there is no adjustment anyway. It could be due to worn springs but I suspect it may be due to my driving style, something I'll have to live with or change my style.
  9. They released the schematic diagrams on the Emira. I can't think what measurements you might need. Could you buy one of the scale models, take the measurement and scale it up? (only joking) @DarrylV8It's all computerised models so no tape measure needed. They will know the boot capacity but for some reason don't want to publish it. To keep the competition guessing? Chinese naturally secretive nature?
  10. Not totally surprising that Red Bull, who have circumvented the plank rules will be teaming up with Porsche for engines. Porsche are part of the Volkswagen group who recently decided it would be a good idea to circumvent the diesel emissions rules. Did I hear someone say cheats? haha
  11. My Volvo had a safety recall a couple of years ago. On the Gov website it now says "No outstanding recalls". So the system does appear to work.
  12. @Frickin_idiot With the volumes of throughput that the factory is capable of I would have imagined that March 23 would be achievable.
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