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  1. That sounds like a challenge to me
  2. I would expect the samples are accurate colours. The differences highlighted by @Eagle7 in his picture will be variables introduced at the time of taking the picture due to lighting and the equipment used to take the picture.
  3. Perhaps they moved the green steering wheel rim to the left to avoid confusion and conflict with the rest of the steering equipment that is coloured violet (inside your red circle), it has the steering column coming out of the bottom of your circle. Someone was asking about seat height. They do look suitably low. Different sized wheels / tyres? edit: and suspension setup
  4. More space in the engine bay. For cooling? To fit the i4 and ancillary equipment? Don't forget it is a whole new car apart from some nuts and bolts... oh, and the V6.
  5. I suspect by next week it will be a non-issue and you will be able to get fuel from pretty much anywhere. I've been running normal unleaded in my 2010 NA and the previous owner also used it and recommended me to use it.
  6. @C8RKH The [email protected] in Scotland panic buy in a more orderly fashion? The Petrol Retailers Association, which represents 5,500 independent forecourts across the UK, said about a quarter of the garages it had surveyed in Scotland on Tuesday morning were completely out of fuel. A further 35% were out of either petrol or diesel, while the remaining 40% had supplies of both. On Wednesday it found the number of dry sites in Scotland had reduced to 15% while the UK figure was 27%. The association said the issue was not as severe in Scotland as in England because supply chains were generally shorter north of the border, with petrol only having to travel from the Grangemouth refinery in the busy central belt. Its chairman, Brian Madderson, told BBC Scotland that the number of sites without fuel had decreased quite considerably since the weekend, when many central belt filling stations were "overwhelmed" by panic buying as concern spread over perceived shortages.
  7. Let somebody know your planned route and estimated time of return to base / contact. If anything goes wrong and you don't make contact at the estimated time it will make rescue more likely. A mirror to use as a signalling device in sunny conditions.
  8. @Bibs is there any way you can block people on your media from talking about panic buying and fanning the flames?
  9. To be fair, it was government minister Paul Scully that told people not to panic buy on Thursday. As soon as he sad that it was obvious that that is exactly what people would be doing. p.s. I haven't. I have 3/4 of a tank full in the Volvo which should last me 2 or 3 weeks
  10. You can see how Verstappen hones his racing skills and understand his mentality when it comes to crashing. Tip for the game player - Don't ever buy a real motorbike.
  11. She obviously had fun getting in and out of the Exige.
  12. @ArreguetiProbably not. It's just a perspective thing. If it was, the steering wheel would be too close to the bulkhead. The driver would be sat astride the central spine of the tub - no support for the seat, awkward ingress / egress. Electric motor with twin exhausts? 😄
  13. my water bill, £758 this year.
  14. Lots of people have driveways.
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