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  1. Stanley knife in the pocket, Ouch! Hope you remembered to retract it. Have you ever forgotten? The CoP looks great, a real collectors item. I agree with Graeme about the owners manual folder.
  2. Sometimes it can be processional but I still enjoy watching the masterclass of the better drivers and then you might also get some of the clowns doing cock-ups. Then you can also get the non-racing drama like will the tyres explode and who can get away with it? Was it luck or was it skill?
  3. @scotty435 almost the same colour as your Evora. Did anybody there notice or mention it? It might have been interesting to get a juxtaposition.
  4. Just watch the racing and put a block on all the other shite. Simples.
  5. nice... wish I could.... unfortunately... And fish and chips.
  6. You are probably fighting a losing battle. The good will get tarred with the same brush as the bad and legislation will make no distinction between the two.
  7. @Buddsy Do you actually search for these videos and stories? By the way, I've stopped watching them. The power and the danger of AI.
  8. Wasn't it the Russians who got Trump into office?
  9. Hamilton coming to Lotus!!! Does Toto know?
  10. Can we change the thread name from Alonso to Hamilton? I think he is a brilliant driver too, as long as he doesn't let his alternate life impinge on the driving, I hope he goes on for years to come.
  11. Self styled "science teacher" - is he a science advisor for Trump? Should someone let him know that bleach is a good way to kill the virus? Maybe he can experiment with oral application or injection. Exhaling CO2 - CO2 extinguishes fire, tell him to put his head in a fire and breath out, it'll put the flames out. I'm starting to lose the will to care. Darwinism will see us safe in the long term. treat all data sources with the suspicion they deserve
  12. Covid-19 was detected in Barcelona wastewater from a sample taken in March 2019. Spanish Flu was first detected in a USA military base in Kansas. I can use Google. I suspect Trump is calling it by a different name to try and shift the focus of peoples blame away from himself.
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