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  1. She obviously had fun getting in and out of the Exige.
  2. @ArreguetiProbably not. It's just a perspective thing. If it was, the steering wheel would be too close to the bulkhead. The driver would be sat astride the central spine of the tub - no support for the seat, awkward ingress / egress. Electric motor with twin exhausts? 😄
  3. my water bill, £758 this year.
  4. Is that Nimbus grey or Shadow grey.... or have I got the wrong thread. 😁
  5. If the person sat behind you is not wearing a seatbelt they could quite easily crush you in an accident. Through the windscreen injuries are pretty horrendous if not fatal. Some of the reasons why it was made mandatory. If it wasn't mandatory I would still be wearing one. It probably affects the emergency services that have to sweep up the mess. The cost to society would also be pretty horrendous having to cover the repair costs and benefits paid to those that had self-injured.
  6. You should be able to configure an alarm / camera systems to work in a way that suits your requirements. They can be very expensive or relatively cheap. You may not fully understand what you want until a system is in and working, some aspects you may be happy with, others you may not but you've already paid for the setup (If it was expensive - Ouch). My garage is 10 metres from the house. The PIR sensor is wired to the house alarm system. When the system is set and the sensor gets triggered the house alarm goes off. That is what I want. In 2012 I bought a £15 wireless security camera for the garage. When it sensed movement, day or night, it e-mailed me six still pictures. As a budget system I was happy with this. In 2019 I upgraded to a 4 camera wireless system that constantly records, I also configured it to e-mail me a picture of any movement from 2 of the cameras, day or night, including spiders. This was also relatively cheap (single purchase cost) and I installed and configured it myself. I am happy with the setup. I did purchase a fifth camera but the wireless signal from the camera was not strong enough for the location I wanted it to be sited. I returned the camera.
  7. Also got CCTV cam in garage and that picks up the spiders too
  8. PIR sensor wired to the house alarm. There are 8 ports on the house alarm system and we are currently using 5. A couple of years ago we did have an issue with spiders in the garage triggering the alarm but I have re-sited the PIR 18 inches away from the wall and not had any problems since.
  9. @pete The sausage kerb is orange but I don't think it was that that caused Verstappen to fly up. I believe when he comes away from the kerb his wheels are behind Hamilton's, he tries to force his way through as if Hamilton is not there and when the front of his tyres touches the rear of Hamilton's tyres it is that that causes his car to fly up.
  10. This ^^ Thank heavens for halo.
  11. Amusing wheeze... stick the 5mph in front of the camera of a friends car. 😄
  12. Of course we will all stick to the speed limit. Some people may cut and paste their own choice to the cars camera. 😄
  13. Conversely, competing manufacturers will probably infiltrate to spread doom and gloom and encourage people to back out. A manufacturer I used to work for used to spy on competitors to get an inside handle on what they were doing. These things do happen.
  14. If I were Lotus marketing I would be getting input onto the forums to keep enthusiasm up amongst the deposit holders. All you need is a super enthusiast, I wonder if anyone on here fits that bill? 😄
  15. The builder told him it was all to do with FengShui and gave it some good Chi 😁
  16. I thought you setting up one of those teaser's / riddles but surely the numbers were wrong, should be 5,19,16,18,9,20 for you 😁 Edited with correct numbers
  17. Don't forget the Lotus bikes 😁
  18. PJS are also sponsors of Lotus in the Peaks and had a stand there. Strong ties with Lotus owners.
  19. @C8RKHA gentleman brought his Lotus 11 to show at this years Lotus in the Peaks. It attracted a lot of attention. A Lotus Elan S2 won best car award.
  20. All Lotus already come with data loggers. When I have my 2010 Evora serviced I request a copy of my file to see what my driving has been like for the previous year. It should also be taken into account that these are sports cars and some owners choose to use there cars on track days which involves spirited driving and they are also used for touring on the continent where driving speeds may be higher. There is no geo-location on this data. Edit: All modern Lotus
  21. More points being scored on the forum than in the race 😄 and of course, all points count.
  22. Brilliant result for Russell, he was so close to his first F1 win and it would have been well deserved, you might have been able to put it down to strategy in quali 1 but quali 2 and quali 3 it was all down to driver ability.
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