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  1. Having 2 will give the car more balance. Having just 1 will add lightness. 😁
  2. I've never been to Goodwood and I'm not attending this year. It's an outdoor event, is there opportunity for people to be socially distanced? Can it be organised to be Covid safe? Could the organisers apply for it to be a test event? If other sports can make it work why can't motorsport. F1 can do it.
  3. The Lotus guru said up to 460bhp the engine was reliable but over 460bhp could lead to piston / con-rod problems. Something to bear in mind and I'm sure Lotus will have.
  4. Some people only hear what they want to hear. It's getting ridiculous.
  5. Please for gods sake don't let Buddsy see this. I'm a collaborator. Is that good or bad?
  6. Then why show a video clip from Australia where a reporter shows a string of edited clips that may well have been taken out of context to fit in with his agenda to be viewed by people who have their own agenda. I don't want a police state here but I think you are all barking up the wrong tree. Nothing to do with policing here. Nothing to do with Coronavirus. However, if you were to start discussing the merits of the various covid strategies in different countries that would be more relevant to this topic.
  7. Nothing to do with Covid 19 then.
  8. Covid deaths in Australia = 910, makes a pretty good argument for the strategy. Perhaps we should start a new thread for how you treat people who resist arrest.
  9. mg4lotus

    Lotus Emira

    Outside temp is 23.5 so it must have been photographed abroad unless it is a very recent photo. 😄
  10. Can worry about the tyres letting loose though. Lucky that they were able to just walk away from the cars.
  11. I think we have seen an image of the Evija with that, but the Emira has an ICE so that may be a bit more complicated and expensive to get in place.
  12. Everything has a price Bloodhound supersonic car project up for sale - BBC News
  13. SSC Tuatara top production car according to my Google. Drag racing funny cars are also very fast and are involved in motorsport. Then you've also got Thrust SSC and Bloodhound which might also be considered motorsport.
  14. mg4lotus

    Lotus Emira

    It's got side skirts for ground effect and wheel covering to reduce drag. This will surely go go GO.
  15. With regard to 3rd party cover for vehicles you do not own: I have it and have always had it, my friend who is a similar age also has it. My sons don't have it so I'm wondering if it is an age related thing. An important thing to bear in mind about this is that if you crash into something, then what you crash into will be covered but the car you are driving is not covered! The owner of the car you are driving will have to get recompense from you directly. For example, if I were to drive my friends Bugatti into his gate post my insurance would pay for his gate post but fixing the Bugatti would have to come out of my pocket. I've only got small pockets, so just as well none of my friends have a Bugatti. When I was looking to buy an Evora I had test drives in about 8 cars (the market was different then), some private owned and some from dealers. Some were happy for me to drive on my "3rd party for vehicles you do not own" insurance, 2 others (including the one that I bought) wanted me to have full insurance. You cannot insure something you do not own so it was a case of adding me as a named driver on their insurance for the day. This cost me under £30 each time, which I was happy to do to ensure I was getting the car that I wanted. Of course I had to supply all my details. If I were to ever sell my Evora privately I would probably require people to be added to my insurance if they wanted a test drive, otherwise I would take them on a demonstration drive. This is the way to keep the seller and the buyer satisfied. Like @Daveb99, when driving other peoples cars I always drive respectfully, as I hope we all do.
  16. mg4lotus

    Lotus Emira

    the OCD in me wants to know what happened to "08". Please can we get it back in line.
  17. mg4lotus

    Lotus Emira

    The Ohlins will be laid flat to keep the weight low. The movement will be transferred via links. Yellow and black is quite popular recently.
  18. Can't help but think about bumper cars when you go to the fair. So it could be more exciting? They call them Dodgems but everybody knows they are bumper cars.
  19. BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5. This thread is time I will never get back again and irrelevant to me. No longer viewing.
  20. I was ignorant and now I am educated. Sounds scary not having a brake pedal. How does it modulate the braking? sometimes you want to brake softly and other times you want to brake hard. Can you freewheel (coast)?
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