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  1. Mira showers are now producing shower curtains? πŸ˜„
  2. Exonerated? in whose eyes? Opinionated claptrap that seems to ignore or make light of what actually happened. In my opinion.
  3. @C8RKH Known as Mpemba effect. Some experiments were done on the telly a few years ago that showed hot water freezing faster than cold but the mass of the water had to be large enough to allow convection currents to form (they used buckets of water). So although it may be interesting it may not be relevant to water being poured on screens
  4. The ice cream van has arrived😁
  5. Hamilton has the talent to get into double figures while he is in a car that is capable, Mercedes need to keep on top of the changing regulations and their competition. The competition from his new team mate will probably be more intense than previously. Also, if a boxer is fighting his opponent and the referee, it becomes very difficult to win.
  6. Probably to do with not enough charge in the battery. Build up some charge in the battery, switch off then back on again and hopefully it will be Ok. Is the battery in good condition or is it old and in need of replacement?
  7. Chrysler turbine car. Idles at 20,000rpm and redlines at 60,000rpm.
  8. As a temporary work around until you get it fixed proper job, manually turn the interior light off using it's switch.
  9. Have you checked the striker post that the latch catches onto? If this is loose or not correctly adjusted then it will think the door is open while you think it is shut.
  10. mg4lotus

    Emira GT4

    BRSCC | British GT Championship Not seen an entry list so not sure if the Emira is entered.
  11. I sometimes have the windows open and sometimes have them closed. It's normal to what you would expect. Are you referring to a resonance type sound? On a previous saloon car, when the kids had their back windows open, it caused a wind resonance sound in the cabin that was slightly painful. Either closing the back windows or opening the front windows a touch would make the resonance go away. The Evora doesn't have this.
  12. Teardrop shape is most efficient, with the rounded bit at the front and the pointy bit at the back. Reference Olympic cyclists hemets or speed skiing outfits for how this is applied to gain advantages. If you need to have air going through the car you need radical designs to make it efficient like the Evija. 😘
  13. mg4lotus

    Type 132

    Break the NDA and risk being "re-educated". 😱
  14. That's no lady, that's my wife joke coming on. 😈
  15. I have to replace a broken rear tie rod and have a few questions. Do I go with the original at Β£100 or do I go with the Spitfire engineering upgrade at considerably more? If I choose the upgrade do I have to do both sides or can I just replace the broken one? The upgrade is lighter and stronger. I wouldn't notice the difference if it was lighter (apologies to ACBC). It is stronger, is the original part designed to be sacrificial to protect the bits that it connects to? Delivery timescales may be the deciding factor as I want to drive my Lotus. Does anybody have experience of sourcing this part?
  16. If you are turning right and there is a pedestrian in the road, definitely don't run them over, even if you have been waiting a long time.😁 Hasn't this been the rule on the continent. I know when I have been driving abroad, I have always had to give way to pedestrians crossing the road.
  17. Sorry Chris, didn't realise they would change the pinout and wire colours. And I didn't check on models.
  18. I did a google search lotus evora alpine connector pinout and found this, if you read through the thread there may be more info that is relevant to you. If you do the google search there may be more info on other websites that is also of use.
  19. Roll on Formula Premiership. I hope it doesn't happen but won't be surprised if it does.
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