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  1. Now I see what your problem is. It's not printed square on the paper, I think I would probably reject that. 😄
  2. Lotus approved cars? The new marketing strategy?
  3. Also, "you've got to get the manual gearbox", I would agree but some people prefer the automatic.
  4. Great review. Bones of contention? He says it was designed as a competitor to the Cayman but the Lotus guru says it was the 911. Brakes are too powerful for him? It's a personal thing.
  5. Same here. Shared usage of pavements all around the city, sometimes de-lineated, sometimes not.
  6. Unless they build in an easily enabled noise button?
  7. photographic evidence of a cyclist having used the cycle lane and yes there is a directional arrow and dropped kerb directing cyclists onto the pavement.😀
  8. Looking forward to your reports @Cdm2018. I washed my Evora on Sunday and used two buckets for the first time ever. I'm still not 100% sold on the logic of it but will continue to do it on the Evora for the foreseeable future.
  9. ? not spotted anything unusual. Do I need my eyes testing?
  10. Why retire that early? He's not got 10 world championship titles yet?
  11. Interestingly, well I think its interesting, some projects are using hydrogen as a battery. When there is surplus electricity it is used to make hydrogen from water, the hydrogen is stored like a battery stores energy, then when there is a need for electricity on the grid the hydrogen is used to generate it and the product is water.
  12. OK, it is a photoshop montage type picture. If you download the original picture high quality then zoom in. New collaborations and a new home to reinvigorate Lotus Engineering - Lotus Cars Media Site Then use google maps satellite view Wellesbourne Campus, University of Warwick - Google Maps This is an old satellite picture but can be used to compare. The place where the 131 is, is a grassy patch on the satellite (that could have been changed but there is still some greenery at the bottom of the wall in that area on the montage. The 3 white paving slabs on the diagona
  13. Russian tactic. That and Novachoc.
  14. Could have had a 1 instead of the 8 to make it smaller. It's a personalised plate - It must mean something?
  15. The problem is going from the spoken word to the written word. Problems mentioned above by @oneshot and also a lot of people have problems with spelling, others have problem with typing. It's not so much a problem if you are in a situation where you can copy and paste. It's the same problem with easting and northing co-ordinates on the current national grid reference system. Some people might find 52.883970, -3.620175 easier than discombobulation.antidisestablishmentarianism. supercalifragilisticexpeealidotiouis
  16. For clarification purposes, any image you look at on a computer screen will be pixels.
  17. @jimichanga I was looking for your post on the introductions section but didn't find it. Welcome to the forum. looking forward seeing pictures of your Lotus. I hope they won't be photoshopped. 😜 p.s. You don't need to own a Lotus to be a forum member
  18. @Bibs so the device sampling the GPS signal at 1Hz will produce a "grainy" acceleration curve on a graph
  19. Just been reading the GPS Wikipedia page with regard to accuracy and standard home devices may only be accurate to a few metres for geo-location whereas surveying equipment will use additional features for additional accuracy. Still OK to stop you getting a speeding ticket though.
  20. If there is lag in working out that it has started moving won't there be the same lag in detecting that it has got to 60? Is the lag a computational thing to do with the performance of the recording device? Or is it to do with how often the GPS signal is sampled? Some years ago I used a mobile phone with a speedometer app for a short while on a previous car. The phone wasn't very powerful and the lag was obvious but it saved me getting a speeding ticket.
  21. You could always support your local Lotus service centre and pay them a visit.
  22. Just re-read the thread and you've already tried swapping the wheel nuts. To eliminate the wheels you could try swapping the wheels over. If your tyres are uni-directional they won't work so well in the wet so drive with care and once you've completed the test swap them back. Is the stub axle wheel nut torqued down correctly? Other than that people have already mentioned wheel bearings and sub frames etc.
  23. cup holders? 😄
  24. The clicking CV joint on the Youtube video is on a front wheel drive vehicle. The Evora is rear wheel drive. As the clicking is coming from your front wheel that is not your problem. Another thing you could test to eliminate possible problems would be to swap all the wheel nuts from the front left wheel to the front right (and from right to left. If the click also swaps sides then the problem is with the wheel nuts.
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