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  1. Well, we know she completed the journey in an AA van but after that it's a mystery to us. 😝
  2. I think I agree with Barry, Cummings must have been stupid if he didn't realise the consequences of his own actions.
  3. Could the new more affordable car be an Elise replacement?
  4. Did you hear the noise as it was driving by. Was that added in editing? or is it added to the car?
  5. And does "more affordable" mean more affordable than the Evija or more affordable than current models?
  6. We were down to none in the cupboard before we managed to find a different shop that had some. I guess you could say we just scraped through.
  7. What if your windows are up but you have the vents open and fans on? 😜
  8. Probably delivered on the back of a wagon. The delivery guy wears PPE to get it off the wagon. You sign for it with a 2m pen. 😄
  9. Don't forget to use sun cream
  10. I thought they were taking design cues from the Evija
  11. I see a lot of posts on here talking about the new Esprit. I'm probably being naïve, but why isn't the Evora the new Esprit?
  12. mg4lotus


    You'd be a fool not to
  13. Can a Swiss section be added to TLF to aid their membership? An opportunity? @Bibs Would you get assistance from Lotus for this?
  14. I don't like it either. Silver underneath.
  15. mg4lotus


    Went out at 9:30 tonight to do my hours exercise..... refreshing
  16. Wow, that is a lot. I don't think that is the official figure. What is your source? I'm not saying it's false and I wouldn't be surprised if all governments are presenting information to suit their message. Also bear in mind the Chinese lockdown has been a lot more comprehensive than ours and it has been wonderfully described by our own correspondent in China.
  17. The Asda where we shop doesn't work like that. We are very efficient as a couple while we move around the superstore filling our trolley and as @Bibs has described we are also very efficient at the checkout. We've had years of practice at this and we don't want to be in there any longer than necessary. I can understand what you are saying for shops that operate in the way that you describe but that doesn't apply here.
  18. I expect the Chinese government are controlling the release of information just as our own government are controlling the release of information.
  19. The wife has definitely got the control in her half of the room.
  20. Apologies. There is nothing wrong with the mrs. (fingers crossed). I just find it amusing that people think a man and wife shouldn't go shopping together, but if they shop individually they can still share the same house together when they have completed the shopping. Yes we do wash our hands and keep 2 metres away from others not in our household where possible. We do follow government guidelines and as far as I am aware there are no rules to say you can't go shopping with your wife.
  21. I did some shopping at the Asda today on my own. Me and the mrs normally do everything together including the shopping but she wasn't feeling too good, I think it may be pollen related. My question is, now that I have come back home should I be socially distancing from her? We only have a double bed and that is not even 2 metres wide. Do we have to split the house up like Steptoe and son?
  22. He is, after all, just another here today - gone tomorrow politician. He's a commoner, not even royal. He is, like us, just another human being. My money is on Trump getting it. Have you seen how close he is to other people when giving briefings. Do these people never learn, obviously not Trump. He's an ignoramus.
  23. 1 hour 50 minutes! Anyone would think we've got nothing to do.
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