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  1. When it feels like you are pulling nothing I think it is taking up the spring loaded slack in the system. Once all the slack is taken up it is then that the cable actuator pushes against the stiffer lock mechanism. If I remember correctly.
  2. @Kimbers I do occasionally go out for a night time walk, streets are empty so no chance of getting infected, night sky is interesting. 10 o'clock curfew would prevent this unnecessarily. No filching, honest. During the first lockdown I did get a squad car circle round to see if I was up to anything.
  3. Regarding door open when it's not - Is the door latch post loose? Mine worked loose last year on the passenger side without me realising it. It was spotted and tightened up at service by Central Lotus. Windows fuse removal - Hope you don't have to do hand signals.
  4. Is there less sidewall flexing when going round corners with the tighter narrower tyres?
  5. People who want to know what their tyre pressures are without getting out of the car?
  6. Recently, when Bottas is not in front, he does have a tendency to lose places. Maybe Hamilton was being his wingman?
  7. Well I'm thinking about not eating or drinking any of that foreign muck. It's Yorkshire puddings and Yorkshire tea for me in future ðŸĪŠ
  8. Have to say, I think the Mercedes effort was all about getting Bottas to the second position in the championship.
  9. I used to watch Travis Pastrana when he used to race SuperX back in the day on terrrestrial telly. He was awesome then. Others might know of him from the Nitro Circus TV series. He was the first person to do a double back flip on a motocross bike.
  10. Had mine for 1 and 3/4 years and 3 weeks seems right to me. I'd have to check the service history to see when the previous owner fitted the battery. It must be a good one. Last year the door latch post became loose and the passenger door didn't always shut flush, It was spotted when it went in for a service, at that time there was a tendency for the battery to discharge quicker but I didn't notice the interior light coming on. Having said that, it's rare that I don't drive it for more than a week. And now it's probably only due to the lockdown.
  11. As for Verstappen, have to say he was a bit unlucky. Would his evading manoeuvre have been the same if the gravel was a different colour from the track?
  12. Hopefully the stewards will realise it wasn't Russell's mistake but the team's. Russell didn't gain any advantage from the mistake, in fact he was disadvantaged by it. He only had the wrong tyres on for a short distance and that was under safety car and as soon as they realised the mistake it was corrected with a change to the correct tyres.
  13. Has Hamilton got a contract for next year? 😁
  14. I expect Russell's brief will be to finish the race. The Mercedes is a different car from the Williams. Good luck to him.
  15. him or her, but probably him
  16. @Bibs When I said digital I was referring to computers and technology which do use binary. It's complicated stuff this English language.
  17. @C8RKH I think I agree with you when talking about cars, but I think you are wrong when talking about the difference between digital and analogue. With digital it is either on or off, it is either one or zero, it is working or not working. You can make these tests/controls at a finite number of places. With analogue it is anywhere on the line between one and zero, anywhere between working and not working, so with analogue it could be working but working badly.
  18. Are you saying that people think the Evora doesn't have a computer? How do the things work in my original post if not by a computer? and the ECM etc. It's confusing, I think if somebody talks about an "analogue driving experience" we need to challenge them exactly what they mean.
  19. @Bravo73 No, it was more nuanced than that as the computer games were always on computers whether you had digital or analogue mode. Play stations are computers. If I remember correctly: In digital mode and you turned the wheel to the left it would send a command to the game to start turning the wheels to the left until you get to full lock and similar to the right and when you you pressed the accelerator it would send a command to the game to start pressing the accelerator until it gets to full throttle. In analogue mode if you turned the wheel 30 degrees to the left and held it there it would steer 30 degrees left and hold it there, if you depressed the accelerator 50 percent it would do the same in the game. The gamers on here will probably correct me if I'm wrong. It was years ago when I last played games. But I suspect this might be what some people are referring to.
  20. It's interesting to see how different people have a different perception of "analogue driving experience" and compounds my confusion about what the term means. One of the things I thought it was referring to was back in the day, when you used computer driving games (Gran Turismo), the controllers you used had a switch where you could choose analogue or digital.
  21. This Covid is a bastard. It's real and it's serious.
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