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  1. Gates are level. It's the floors and walls that are out. 😜
  2. The picture shows that it has a fuel filler cap and twin exhausts a the back. (It's also got something funny going on with the back wheel.) Previously we have heard that there will only be one more ICE Lotus, will this be it?
  3. I've seen a few people talk about the analogue driving experience. What's that all about? My series 1 has: Anti-lock braking system, Hydraulic brake assist, Electronic brake distribution, Electronic differential lock, Lotus traction control, Sport mode, Cruise control and I also believe it has hydraulic power steering. It's pretty sophisticated stuff. I suppose people are referring to the feedback you get from how the car is handling or is it how the car responds to your inputs?
  4. Evora NA will give you cheaper running costs. Earlier cars will hold their price better. And they beautiful and fun. Get a good one.
  5. I suspect there might be restrictions about visiting the factory due to Covid, but good luck anyway.
  6. I think most of human kind are starting to realise the impact we are having on the planet and we are starting to develop more technologies that are sustainable. Things will change because they need to change. People will still want things and experiences. It's just a case of making those desires more planet friendly. I just hope we have not gone over the tipping point. I generally have a positive attitude about the future and technology. The dinosaurs and deniers are a worry but they are surely the minority? The number of people on the planet is increasing and at some stage we will reach saturation point. What will happen then? Soylent Green? Best wishes for the future. Greta Soylent Green set in 2022 😱
  7. I think it's being generally adhered to around here. Numbers were starting to come down even before we were moved into tier 3 from what was being reported. And still coming down during lockdown. You still see the occasional person that doesn't seem to understand the idea of masks.
  8. @Loquacious Lew @C8RKH Get a room guys 😄
  9. With the camera being in a fixed location I suppose there is no need to adjust the "mirror" for different drivers or seat settings.
  10. Got a mate who has just left his job at the cat food factory. He said "Because of Covid they were cutting back meowers".
  11. That's not going to happen, especially if it's proper Yorkshire tea made with proper Yorkshire water
  12. All these engineers in F1 and they still haven't worked out how to shorten the straps on face masks. 😁
  13. Absolutely, we love Evoras. Changing the clutch at 15k is not normal for any road car. If it's a mechanical problem and it's not been fixed then you need to decide if you still want it and how much you are prepared to pay. If it's a mechanical problem and it has been fixed then you need to decide if you still want it and how much you are prepared to pay. If the problem was the previous owner then that is now fixed. You need to assess the wear and tear and if you still want it and how much you are prepared to pay for it. Precautionary replacement of the clutch - Highly unlikely at such a low mileage, the general consensus usually suggests around 40k miles although some can manage over 100k on the same clutch. It would only make sense if you were planning to do over 30k miles per year.
  14. I think the issue is why it had to have a new clutch at 15k miles and will you get a honest answer. 15k miles is nothing compared to 125k. Is the worn out clutch a symptom of another problem and has that problem been fixed? Did the previous owner continuously do 6.5k rpm starts while slipping the clutch? Does the service history include frequent tyre bills? Do you have regular ECU performance figures in the service history That show abusive usage?
  15. That Lambo in the top right corner... is that the one that Paddy McGuiness crashed. hahaha
  16. I presume you are turning right from the driveway onto the road and the angled entry onto the road doesn't bottom the car. The small interior mirror on the passenger side will be the cheapest solution. Another option might to put a mirror on a post on the opposite verge, if that's possible and you have permission from the land owner.
  17. It looks like the black Evija has roll cage bars that are making entry a bit more tight.
  18. The reduced running costs of the NA were a factor when I was looking at buying an Evora. I think you are probably right about the older models having possibly reached a bottom price (subject to condition) and wouldn't be surprised to see them rise as the Evora becomes an iconic classic car.
  19. @RobinB5 With regard to autonomous driving and speed limits. My satnav has and indicator for what the speed limit is on the stretch of road that I am driving. Sadly it is a couple of years old so for some roads that indicator is out of date and telling me the wrong speed. And, that is not taking into account any short term changes to the speed limit due to road works and the likes. Systems would need to be developed and put into practice on all roads to take things like this into consideration. If the system is faulty and your autonomous vehicle breaks a speed limit, who is to blame? Who pays the fine? What if it causes an accident?
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