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  1. The only competition between the private companies is to see which fatcat can get the highest salary. It's a waste of my time and energy having to switch. When they were nationalised you always got the cheapest deal and you didn't have to fart around trying to get it. Re-nationalise them.
  2. Panic buying As we all know the Chinese invented writing paper therefore all paper must come from China. We went to the Asda yesterday and ironically all the toilet paper was gone but you could still get writing paper. We went down the pasta aisle. Pasta is Italian. All the pasta was gone. Ironically we wanted egg noodles which are Chinese and we were able to get them.
  3. Storm titanium Evora on Ecclesall Road, Sheffield at 8:45am. Personalised plate starting with J
  4. Heard her on R4 this morning and she was saying she didn't do the PFI deals. It was painful listening to her.
  5. You're doing the big Ben refurb?
  6. You made me shudder at the thought. Labour need to get their act together and get a new bunch in.
  7. Some gold members are showing yellow and some aren't (yet)
  8. Yellow carded? Have you been a naughty boy? Check the forum rules again.
  9. Remember the AM Lagonda was actually produced in the mid 70's. That was all sharp angles and slightly wedgy.
  10. Channeling air from the front to the back? making it porous like the Evija
  11. Maybe we should be concerned? Will science fiction become science fact? (Terminator, The Matrix)
  12. people in positions of power are very often arrogant and think they can do whatever they want with little regard for others
  13. Has anyone thought about how to commit the perfect crime? (There's probably no such thing) Good job we don't have thought police yet, like minority report. With advances in technology, can anyone say that it would never happen?
  14. You just have to hope that no one ever plants your DNA at a crime scene. I don't think I have upset anyone enough to make them want to try that.
  15. Genetically generated advertising and memes. Will you start to panic when you start receiving ads from private medical businesses.
  16. COAST - Concentration, Observation and Awareness gives you Space and Time
  17. The letter definitely looks like a scam but I did a Google search and it appears to be actually genuine. Here's the government web page. which also includes the link that Trevor has posted. As the letter states, most businesses only pay about £40 to £60 to register.
  18. Playing devil's advocate as I currently don't have any affiliation but I do understand that things will need to change. What will be will be. The Jaguar ipace has ceased production temporarily due to shortage of batteries.
  19. It took me 2 days to realise that this was the answer... d'oh I was thinking it was a rack from one of the models in a different thread but didn't bother to post a reply. It's an amazing part! F1 cars must be fly (steer) by wire. The drivers must get zero feedback through the steering wheel. I suppose the servos also make it easier to turn those wide grippy tyres at slow speed. A gas burner from The British Steam Car?
  20. Biker or ex-biker? These were my motor bikes: Honda SL125, Honda 400 superdream, Kawasaki KE100, Husqvarna WR 250, KTM 100 (with battery powered lights and a squeezy hooter), Husqvarna WR 250. I was racing at Manby showground and broke my hip. I have responsibilities so I had to get responsible and quit motor biking. I used to race the bike about once a month but nothing in between, it was an accident waiting to happen. After each race I'd have to clean and service the bike and to be honest it was a bit of a faff. Before the accident I used to mountain bike for fitness. After th
  21. Everyone here is continuously comparing Lotus with Porsche and that Geely are wanting to introduce a SUV. How about this for a thought and comparing the Elise / Exige with that other track day car, the Ariel Atom and then continuing the thought process to the Ariel Nomad. Of course there is no mass market so it will probably never happen but it is interesting to think what it might be like.
  22. Hi Mark Good luck with the search. I was searching for about 1 year before I found and bought mine, I hope it doesn't take you as long as it did me. I was quite picky, for me it is a lot of money to spend, so I wanted the right one. I actually viewed 8 cars and test drove most of them before finding and buying mine. It's a 2010 Evora NA manual, similar to what you are looking for. Mine is in Aspen white which wasn't my favourite colour but it has grown on me and with a couple of cosmetic tweaks that the previous owner did, it looks charismatic. Evoras are not common cars so if you can't f
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