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  1. @PARthanks for the correction. I must have mis-remembered.
  2. Having an Evora NA with 276bhp that can be driven at reckless speeds on public roads it wouldn't worry me that the Emira came with a 300bhp engine that was lighter weight. However, I can understand it when some people are saying the Emira needs to be competitive in the sports car market and for some that will come down to numbers.
  3. I thought they had stopped production of the Evora so they could set up for production of the Emira along that line. No excuses for being late with release schedules.
  4. The test mule vehicle had the Evora shell but with wider arches so I would expect the Emira to be slightly larger than the Evora
  5. If you extrapolate the same attrition rate to the missing 20 odd cars it's still excellent.
  6. Ghost house could be a good setting? Ghost House (
  7. Ahhh... West Midlands (Black country) RIBA West Midlands award winners (
  8. @CorsuYou will be looking forward to the electric Lotus when it arrives
  9. This is old data but nothing to say that the Emira won't have been developed with improvements and sustainability in mind Lotus Evora MPG (Fuel Consumption) (
  10. What if the CO2 is less than 220g?
  11. @Frickin_idiot agree, there is so much negativity on here. I positively think Lotus will be here to celebrate their 90th. And with Lotus sustainability of 70% of cars still being active, that will surely only get better. It would even put a smile on Greta's face, wouldn't it?
  12. There was a view of the front end and you also saw a skeleton outline of it on the production line which included the rear venturi. I think I recall Russell Carr mentioning how the rear lights of the venturi also being included.
  13. same for me, tried again, OK now
  14. There may be some here RIBA South West Award winners (
  15. It's more like cuniform for dugout canoe
  16. And one thing that is close to all of our hearts on this forum, you are adding lightness to the overall mass of the car. Good luck with the job.
  17. I'm not smart enough to know but, I would have thought the forces from the mass of the car and the mass of the planet would be the most significant. I suppose if you ignore the mass of the car and planet the smaller mass of the wheel would mean the inertia will be less when it moves up and down, allowing it to change position quicker but wouldn't that then be controlled by the damper? I'm a bit out of my league here.
  18. Matt Windle said the SUV was the size of a Porsche Cayenne which is quite large so probably not related edit: followed by a small SUV - That must be a long way off?
  19. If I do win Euromillions I will definitely ask for my Emira to have "a mirror" finish to it 😄
  20. D'oh I've been looking too hard. Thanks Bibs. The yellow circle in the middle of the building is just a dot = E The reflected lines in the water are dash dash = M The glow in the eye and next to it are dot dot = I The next one is dot dash dot = R And as Bibs has just pointed out dot dash = A
  21. The claims of better acceleration and braking are probably relying on a lighter flywheel effect and better steering are probably relying on less gyroscopic effect?
  22. Just to provide a bit more info. The forces acting on the suspension unit (springs and damper). At the top, pushing down, is the mass of the whole car that is sprung. At the bottom, pushing up, are the mass of the whole world, plus the wheel, plus the hub, plus the swing arm. The difference in wheel mass should have a minimal effect on the suspension.
  23. With regard to wheel weight, here's what I think- The lighter weight will make it easier when you take the wheel off the car and put it back on. The lower mass of the wheel will mean that it needs less force to make it move. There will be less inertia in respect to that movement. There will be less of a flywheel effect. There will be less gyroscopic effect. However, with regard to suspension damping and springs I think it will have a minimal effect as that will probably have more to do with the mass of the whole car and it's relationship with the changing road surface. Happ
  24. True. I just see them being further down the line of the sports car platform than the SUV platform. Which, again, is an assumption. Another assumption is that it might weaken the marketing impact of announcing the Emira, if they also do the SUV at the same time. I guess we will just have to wait until do the official release. 😁 That Ebay Allegro was on a "soft road" (muddy patch) but they also had hydrogas suspension which might also be considered soft roader.
  25. How does it say SUV? Why would it say SUV when they are releasing a sports car? @Barrykearley hahaha. Now that is a soft roader.
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