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  1. Shame he couldn't have hung on a bit longer, he would have gotten his telegram from the Queen.
  2. I have used the string method to adjust the tracking, not on the Lotus but on the Volvo, and if you do it correctly you can get it fairly accurate. Not laser accurate, but fairly accurate. Certainly good enough to put you on until it is done properly.
  3. Hi Dave As an alternative you could adjust the tracking by equal amounts on both sides until the steering wheel is lined up correctly. I'm not sure if that would be easier.
  4. Cosmetic stuff, stereo, exhaust, gear change cables, bi-xenon headlights, close ratio gearbox as standard. Product News AUGUST 2011 USA FINAL.pdf ( Some of the items may have been retro-fitted by owners of earlier cars. See definitive guide in previous post.
  5. 25 miles in under 1 hour. 20 miles in 2 hours. You need to up your game a bit or use some sneaky shortcuts to find that extra five miles. 😜
  6. C4 F1 commentators: Steve Jones - wacky David Coulthard - knowledgable and informative - good Mark Webber - ditto Alex Jacques - irritating Billy Monger - irritating New trackside interviewer guy - irritating Lee McKenzie - good
  7. @Bruss Surely eating the kids is against the law.
  8. If Verstappen had declined to relinquish the place I don't think he would have gained a 5 second gap. I find the new C4 commentators irritating. Coulthard, as ever, was knowledgable and informative, we didn't hear enough from him. Vettel was delusional. haha.
  9. Norris was a good 4th. Mclaren are looking like the third team behind RB and Merc at the moment.
  10. If Hamilton or Bottas are indisposed Russell may get another chance to drive a better car. He was unlucky not to win last season.
  11. The import CHARGES (duties) for normal engined cars to Grand Cayman are SHOCKING
  12. The worrying thing is that some people will actually believe that. No names, no pack drill.
  13. And if you go via topcashback and order online you get additional discount. Did you check out or
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    probably to do with spinning and gravitational forces Edit - Apologies to Exeterjeep, I didn't check back
  15. I'm with you, I don't like or use the AC.
  16. Central Lotus - April. Thaymar - May. Got it. 👍
  17. Think i might have worked out the teaser.
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    Some strange rock formations from an earlier mission to Mars. Strange Rocks - Martian Exploration Vehicle Vs Snake Rocks (Scene) Thunderbirds Are Go - YouTube
  19. Perhaps the Mrs Potato should also have a 'tache and dungarees to make it more realistic. *Waiting for the complaints to arrive*
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