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  1. As well as a lack of proximity to other countries perhaps the lack of proximity between cities has also aided Australia's approach to lockdowns
  2. I can see the number of likes but I can't see any names attributed to the likes
  3. @Bibs Hi Bibs The "likes" seem to have become anonymised, or is it just me?
  4. I'm going to put my name down for one........ of those buses 😄
  5. Public Interest - the wellbeing of the global community in these shitty times. Presumably the parties gave their agreement and will benefit. Or is it a set up?
  6. All this frivolity has left me so EXIDEable Get a new battery fitted. Jobs a good un. Bish bash BOSCH.
  7. I didn't know the history but it sounds a bit like the proposed Lotus SUV (getting back on topic )
  8. Jenson Button, Jay Leno...... Well done Lotus.
  9. I have to say the Europa S and the Porsche Cayman have visual similarities. When going out on runs with MLOC I have wondered how did that get in our convoy until it clicked. It's a Lotus and I still like how it looks.
  10. @dcmp I'm no expert so will someone with better knowledge than me please correct me if I'm wrong. Doesn't the Cup nomenclature signify that it is more track oriented? and have the goodies for track usage.
  11. I can think of a few negative comments, so I think I'll keep quiet.
  12. What about a Cup 430? edit: With similar tweaks to the Exige Cup 430
  13. The silence speaks volumes, although it's only been an hour
  14. 10 would make it into double figures. 12 would make a dozen.
  15. Hamilton signs new 1 year contract Lewis Hamilton: F1 world champion signs new Mercedes contract - BBC Sport
  16. Not noticing any issues
  17. I think all they see is lines on graphs and don't actually understand what is behind those graphs. Oh, and the vested financial interests as well. Oh, and they probably don't give a damn if those oiks get that ghastly infection.
  18. The car on the right appears to be narrower, or is that an optical illusion? If it is actually narrower, would that be down to just bodywork. That could be possible, would that be desirable / efficient?
  19. Maybe iphone wasn't the best example to use for the analogy. Top of the range iphone £1000 - Top of the range Nokia android phone £350
  20. What if they fit ceramic brakes? Will it then be china built?
  21. I guess the copyright has already been taken for this one Elvira Mistress of the Dark Original Trailer (James Signorelli, 1988) - YouTube
  22. AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine candidate, dubbed AZD1222, can be stored and transported at normal refrigerated temps of 2 degrees to 8 degrees Celsius (36 degrees to 46 degrees Fahrenheit) for at least six months If it's true about the obstructive tactics at the Belgian plant then that is stupid. They should be assisting them to increase production.
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