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  1. Saw you waving and waved back
  2. As an alternative opinion, I do regard the BBC as being impartial. I don't listen to Jeremy Vine but even if I did I probably wouldn't have gone out panic buying. Would all of his listeners done that? What does that say about his listeners?
  3. When I bought my Evora I drove it home 260 miles. Yes, it was a concern driving a car that I didn't know or could trust so I joined the AA beforehand, just in case (Automobile Association with recovery and get you home option). The journey home was great as I had planned the route to give me the opportunity to get to know the car better on different types of roads. 2000+ miles is a lot more in a car you don't know so you are right to be worried, however, it would be a good bonding experience. The daredevil in me says do it. I do love touring in mine and, although I haven't done that may m
  4. Bear in mind that the tyres may be directional. Swapping them over will mean they are rotating in the wrong direction (for normal driving).
  5. Agreed, I was able to do a satellite set up on the cheap so gave it a go. I think streaming TV is the way things are heading and probably in 10 or 20 years will be the way we all receive entertainment etc. They just need to get fast broadband to everybody that wants it first.
  6. I didn't look into it too deeply as I wanted to avoid phone data limits and also phone battery life issues. I have two fixed USB power leads, one for each car. I move the dashcam between cars depending which I am using. If I want to retrieve footage, I take the dashcam to the PC and connect it via USB lead. No need to take out the micro SD card.
  7. Some Nextbase dashcams have wifi for connecting via phone or tablet. My dashcam doesn't have it, it was something I deliberately avoided.
  8. @Kevin Wheeler N51.7213 E0.1454 is North Weald flying services. 🙂
  9. An alternative could be to go to satellite. The dish receiver can be low down on your property as long as it has no obstructions in the southerly direction. You can even have ground mounted satellite dishes and mobile ones. Satellite is also less affected by weather / atmospherics. For tuners you can either go with Sky or Freesat or Free-to-air.
  10. The story has now been reported on by the BBC "BBC Proms refused to confirm or deny the story. "We are still finalising arrangements for the Last Night of the Proms so that we are able to respond to the latest advice in regards to Covid-19 and deliver the best offering possible for audiences," a spokesman told BBC News, noting that full details will be announced nearer the time."
  11. Can you imagine a world with no nations and no religions. Nothing to kill or die for... This is where I break out into a song. To be fair, I wouldn't want the songs removed pseudo-political reasons but would be happy to see them go if it means no more hooters, bells and whistles.
  12. Being a bit flippant, but they can't have been racing much if they were caught by a SUV.
  13. p.s. The mission statement is on a BBC website so it is up to you whether or not you want to believe the veracity of it.
  14. The BBCs historic remit is to inform, educate and entertain which it does. It's current mission statement goes a bit further than that. I could ignore this thread but once I have read something I am a sucker for rising to the bait. Up to a point - there are some threads that I ignore. Generally this forum is a really good read with some interesting people. I hope I have not offended anybody, but if I have I do apologise.
  15. If you have principles you don't have to pay. You can remove TV receivers from your property and not pay the TV licence. You can get your entertainment and current affairs from other forms of broadcasting media. You don't have to consume BBC output. Everybody has the right to form their own opinions and whinge and moan and moan and moan. Personally, I find all the hooters and bells and whistles from the audience at the last night of the proms irritating, so won't miss them. That is, if I am watching it.... I might have switched to another channel.
  16. If the BBC is so abhorrent to you then switch to another channel or switch it off.
  17. I think the Carbuzz images are more attractive than the Autoexpress images. Perhaps it will look better in the flesh. The Carbuzz interior image has no gear stick and no paddles that I can see. Are we sure that it's not electric? 😁
  18. Sounds like fun. Did you have any dashcam footage? Presuming it was in sport mode, did you have traction control turned off?
  19. Treat all sources of data with the suspicion they deserve
  20. I think the Autoexpress images have a feel of the M100 Elan about them. Then they've just added some of the porosity features from the Evija. It looks too busy and retrograde, IMO.
  21. If you are not confident or unsure of what you are doing then it is always best to use your local Lotus specialist. It will protect service history and value of you Lotus.
  22. Hi Gavin I have just recently been getting engine warning light with OBD code P0160 - Bank 2 sensor 2. It has happened after the last two times I have washed the Evora and after it has had time to dry out I have cleared the code and it didn't come back on, so I am guessing it is water in the wiring. Pedal Loud has a Youtube video showing similar For some tips on an alternative method of removing a stubborn sensor see this video The DeRoure link for the sensor is here
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