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  1. Not sure who you are talking too as I've not seen anyone on here supporting the Chinese with regard to that. Do you think we are reliant on the Chinese? I don't. However, I do think saying the Chinese would release a global pandemic purely for the benefit of buying overseas industries which they are doing anyway is a bit xenophobic.
  2. I suppose you might be thinking on a bigger scale like the car industry, they've already bought Lotus and British Leyland (Rover) and they didn't need a virus to do that. There are too many other businesses at the moment for it to be a monopoly. The Steel industry - not sure who owns that now but it's not British Steel any more and it's probably not competitive enough to take it on board anyway. Nuclear power - Aren't we trying to get them to do it anyway? Telecoms - they nearly got their foot in the door. It's all a bit xenophobic and Daily Mail if you ask me.
  3. As the market shrinks and local economies take a hit It will be more attractive to do things locally using the newly created cheap labour than outsourcing to the distant Chinese. Local entrepreneurs will be quicker to react than the Chinese government in local emerging markets.
  4. China is very competitive on a global market. It was expanding and developing into a leading player anyway. Would it be of any advantage to damage that global market?
  5. At the stage you are legislated against driving the Esprit, the legislation will most likely prevent you from driving the Evora or MX5 also. Looks like you'll have to wait and see what the alternatives are when that legislation arrives. Always look on the bright side of life and make the best of the situation.
  6. Unless he is continuing to not pay taxes?
  7. Ahhh... So that's why it seemed to think I'd not viewed any of the posts. Are you sure you didn't merge the Brexit and Trump topics?
  8. You've lowered the car onto a telegraph pole to stop anyone from stealing it?
  9. China has been a closed society for a long time. I'm not surprised that they may be restricting access. I would prefer it if they didn't, but I'm not surprised.
  10. Like you say Barry, don't believe everything you are told.
  11. mg4lotus


    There is a segment of our society (Tory boys, and not all of them resign) who don't give a flying fig about throwing out insults and generalising about things whether they are true or not. And of course I am generalising here.
  12. Not seen the figures, are the deposits for the Evija significant?
  13. Is the Tesla Roadster (first gen or second gen) a sports car?
  14. The seatbelt on my 2010 is a bit slow too but I can live with it. I think I can recall a thread which gave advice about improving it's performance. Not sure if this was the original thread I saw but it is one possible solution. Seatbelts sticking | Technical matters | Back Room Forum | Honest John
  15. You have to think his visits to Putin's Russia and Kim Jong-un in North Korea were more of a fact finding mission for the wannabe tin pot dictator to see how they do it.
  16. Warrants can be authorised by magistrates
  17. Bought my smart phone (HTC One A9S) in Feb 2017 for £225. Still going strong. My current Virgin contract is £7 per month. Phones texts and apps. All I need. Bargain. I have got the NHS Covid app which is a bit greedy with the Bluetooth bandwidth. I was stood near an acquaintance whose drone controller was connected to his phone, it sent his drone lairy until I moved out of Bluetooth reach. p.s. I'm only guessing at this as I have no actual evidence.
  18. TVR is just another project? or are you looking for a keeper?
  19. What can you want that the Evora couldn't give you? A couple of guys on here have gone for a Ferarri recently. Is there a theme happening? More importantly.... what does the mrs. want?
  20. Some people refer to the sports car as being a penis extension so I guess for some people there will always be a need for sports cars. It does make you wonder about the motives of women who buy sports cars.
  21. Had sprung matresses and had ordinary foam mattresses, both have been OK. Currently have a spung mattress with a built in ordinary foam topper - very good. We tried laying on memory foam matresses in shops and thought it would have been awkward if you change your sleeping position during the night (my wife is a tosser). I also thought it wouldn't have been as good for bonking. We didn't try that in the shop. We didn't buy one.
  22. Definitely priced to sell.
  23. Omni calculator is only an unofficial estimate and not an official appointment. There are a number of variable parameters they use which also may be less than accurate. However, the slipping of the timeline is a disappointing trend if not totally unexpected.
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