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  1. Are you going to name any names so we know which schools to avoid?
  2. It was also the first thing that sprang to my mind
  3. There are 60 seconds in one minute and 60 minutes in one hour. @comem47, you chose 60 years as your example, was that coincidence? Are you sure?
  4. @Chris Onelevenr I would be a bit suspicious about the efficacy of the MOT test. He didn't even spot the faulty number plate.
  5. Do some self employed people earn less because they can do? Is it more tax efficient?
  6. I got so excited for you then. Never mind, this time next year Rodney. 🤞
  7. Aren't comets traditionally the harbingers of doom? Perhaps it should be renamed comet Covid-19. Of course it's all bunkum.
  8. EV20 LTS? Green and gold or black and gold?
  9. You've won Euromillions and got yourself the first EVija. You'll be setting up an Evija group on the forum and talking amongst yourself for a while?
  10. Not everything is known about Covid-19 but you don't need to be a professor to see what is happening in the Americas, probably due to the policies they are following.
  11. So they died of covid-19 then?
  12. Only had the patience for the first 18 mins. Is he an adviser for Trump? He seems to be guilty of his own assertions?
  13. PeeGee confirmed that clam removal was not required on May 16th. Thank goodness.
  14. One thing to bear in mind is the Evorais a bigger car but can come with powerfold wing mirrors. If you are pushing it in on a regular basis then manufacturing some guide rails for the wheels (like in car washes) and a bump stop to prevent you pushing it into the end wall should be considered. No need to use the handbrake but use chocks for the wheels to stop it wandering. Edit: If your drive is on a slope that might be an issue.
  15. Mine was here when I first bought it but then I moved some of the essential stuff to the side
  16. @mayevora My guess was that you line the car up outside the garage, put it in neutral, get out of the car, then push it in and out of the garage. @oneshot Curfew hours. That must be a pretty rough area you live in, which is a shame as it looks quite nice.
  17. I spotted that bit of information as well, but nobody else seems to be picking up on it.
  18. 2019 Exige 430 cup @ Nottingham on the 25th. I have no information about the car other than what you see.
  19. BCA regularly auction stock supplied from finance companies that are end of lease.
  20. If you can't see the black wheels perhaps you should have a daytrip to Barnard Castle. 😀
  21. @LotusLeftLotusRight you should publish an urban explorer video of your neighbours abandoned garden and apparently abandoned car. 🤭
  22. Well, we know she completed the journey in an AA van but after that it's a mystery to us. 😝
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