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  1. The wing mirrors are different and it also says it doesn't have the Lidar periscope that we have seen in the teaser. 

    It also states that the Polestar 3 is going to be constructed in Charleston USA whereas the 132 is going to be constructed in Wuhan. If they were the same vehicle wouldn't they be manufactured in the same factory?

    With regards to the Lidar periscope it is situated at the front of the roof but along it's rear edge there seems to be a seam that goes the whole width of the roof.... unusual.... What's that all about?

  2. mmm.. Makes me want to carry a cricket bat around with me. Purely for defensive purposes of course.

    This years Reith lectures have a section about AI and attack drones for military purposes. Good in the right hands, bad in the wrong hands.

    Kargu military attack drone, maybe I need a bigger cricket bat.

  3. Looking at the head on skeleton line drawing there are two types of tyres, fat ones and skinny ones. I would guess the fat ones are the cup 2s and the skinny ones are the Good Years. Happy for someone to correct me if I'm wrong with that.

    The skinny tyres are sitting higher than the fat ones. I'm presuming this is the difference between Sport setup and Touring setup. Again, happy to be corrected if I'm wrong.

    If the skinny tyres are sitting higher in the drawing then the car will be closer to the ground. I would have thought the Sport setup would have fatter tyres and sit closer to the ground. Alternatively, if the suspension travel is shorter on the Sport causing the tyres to sit higher and the car to sit lower then I would have thought the fatter tyres would be higher and the skinny tyres lower.

    Confusing. Are the skinny tyres winter tyres? Why would the ride height be different?



  4. The Emira length is 4412 and the Evora length 4394m which is 18mm difference. I think the images must have been taken from a different angle and giving a different perspective and scale.

    The Evora approach angle was 11.5 degrees in earlier models becoming 10 degrees later. I don't know what the Emira approach angle is but wouldn't be surprised if it is similar.

  5. Looking at this skeleton drawing that was in the pictures thread the i4 (green colour) and v6 (tan colour) seem to be positioned in more or less the same space. The v6 has the supercharger sat on top.

    The extra space created by the moved bulkhead is probably due to thermal management as mentioned by @TomE and in other threads.



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