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  1. The Evora has ceased production so the pool of available cars is going to get no bigger. Those who have driven the car know how brilliant and beautiful it is. It has effectively achieved classic / cult status. I can only see prices going up depending on condition. The type 131 won't be released until 2022, I can only see demand for existing cars increasing. If you are thinking of buying an Evora I would suggest getting on board while you can.

    Will the price take a dip when the 131 is released? Maybe, but not by much as I think the status has already been achieved. There will probably be a ceiling to the price as people will then start to look at other exotic cars but this car will surely have put that cachet to the name Lotus.

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  2. My home Internet connection is frustrating as 3 or 4 times per year the performance really drops off due to a fault in the cabinet or exchange.

    When the current contract runs out I am thinking of changing to a 4G / 5G mifi router and doing away with the landline.

  3. C4 F1 commentators:

    Steve Jones - wacky

    David Coulthard - knowledgable and informative - good

    Mark Webber - ditto

    Alex Jacques - irritating

    Billy Monger - irritating

    New trackside interviewer guy - irritating

    Lee McKenzie - good

  4. If Verstappen had declined to relinquish the place I don't think he would have gained a 5 second gap.

    I find the new C4 commentators irritating. Coulthard, as ever, was knowledgable and informative, we didn't hear enough from him. Vettel was delusional. haha.

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