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  1. Ok so sounds like both transmission have their own little quirks. I personally found the ips unit quite a good setup on the exige 350. Escpecially with the rev matching on the down shifts dound sweet! Given that I want the exige yo be as fast as possible point to point, I am leaning toward the ips. Also given there is no power assisted steering I get the feeling the car could become a bit of a handful of trying to get a quick gear change in before a corner. IPS also keeps balance centered more so. Anyone know if there are chips availible yo speed up the latency between shifts on
  2. Awesome spec! Love the black with the yellow highlights. Definatley winner!
  3. I dont beleive this drag race result at all It's the slowest car out of the 3 but somehow wins by multiple car lengths. My bet is he's just a disgruntled 4c owner out to prove a point. It's his own 4C he quite obviously is doing it to make it look as if his car is much faster than it actually is. 1 - Exige Driver is severely delayed off the mark BOTH times. 2 - once the exige driver is off the alfa pulls away considerably up to 100. When in fact the exige is quoted as .8 second quicker.... just seems all a bit suss to me.... Someone now needs to make a video righting
  4. Thanks Tex. I did notice the shifts were a little slow even when I sport mode. But you soon adjust to this a just shift that fraction earlier than usual. I did notice it responds and feels better to being changed before it hits redline. The rematch function is also a big plus. Is there any after market chips availible that can speed up shift times? Not that it's a big deal. Part of me would like a manual but part of me likes the focus the IPS unit allows.
  5. I'm looking at getting into an exige in the near future. Likely starting with the 350 sport a doing some upgrades from there. If there is anyone who have driven both manual and paddle shift on the v6 power plant, how did you find them? What did you go with and why? Reason I am asking is because after driving the 350 sport paddleshift over the weekend I actually really liked the driving style it produced. And found there was more time better spent on corners focusing on throttle input and steering. The only thing I wasnt sold on was the shift response wasnt as sharp as what I would ha
  6. Hello from Melbourne, Australia. Long time car nut looking to get into an exige very soon!
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