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  1. It's the same thing that drives me crackers about people smoking in pub toilets. They bring a law in but there's no feasible way to police it due to lack of staff numbers.. Alright it's a lot easier to spot a drone than find a bloke smoking whilst he's having a piss. Point being even if they brought a law in to limit the distance drones can go you'll still get an idiot with a soldering iron who'll find a way around it.
  2. Bibs?? Just don't catch any of your neighbours washing on the way there
  3. I'm waiting for a "highly intelligent individual" to pull out the Trump card and suggest they 'put a wall up' to stop anyone entering the airspace.
  4. I'm going with organised chaos and brave
  5. Hi Mark, I have just been and had a look at the car and there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the dash - I can only think that it has been through the workshop since. When you're ready just let me know and we can take it from there. Tom.
  6. Thank you all for your responses and once today's reaction limit is topped up I will fill my boots with smiley faces ! The Elise will be used as an everyday car so it will certainly get the use. Might need a spine readjustment after a few months though - I live on a cobbled street that turns to pot holes if you go the other way A few years ago I had a 51 plate died on me after daily use ragging it over Ilkley Moor every day for just over a year. Definitely wasn't an enthusiast at the time - it was cheap and at 6'3" I could fit in it. I approached a few forums for advice
  7. Thanks Stephen. I'm definitely looking forward to getting more involved with the brand and you're right owning one will certainly help. It's just a shame Lotus aren't on the company car scheme otherwise I'd be driving home in one
  8. That was a much more straight forward answer than I was expecting
  9. Just throwing another possibility into the bag. Alongside the pictured service history it will come with 12 months service from JCT600 Lotus Leeds and 12 months MOT.
  10. Hi All, I am beginning to understand the love you all have for Lotus but I'm also torn with the anagram 'Lots of Trouble Usually Serious'. Yes they're beautiful cars and I am sure they a great fun to drive but how many of you have spent a small fortune due to faults with your cars? Just to be clear that's faults not desired upgrades There is another reason behind my question - other than a salesman doing his best to be as awkward as hell. We have an 18 plate Elise sprint 220 in Orange that keeps looking at me! It would be a day to day car not convinced I'd attempt a track yet. I am
  11. Good grief....29 years old and I got a grand total of 4
  12. Potentially I don't see why not, we do get customers from all over the country. Some arrange their own transport and others I have done my best to arrange the logistics.
  13. Hi, Good I'm glad to hear that the service team are pulling their weight I'm yet to meet Steve to be honest but it's only matter of time. You came a long way for a service! Or did you just fancy going for drive?
  14. I'll try that - Any idea what they're like in the snow? Is this a slightly biased view seen as you have one? Have you always had an Exige?
  15. If you don't tell everyone no one will notice! Just love the colour on the Evora. We've an Elise 220 Sport on stock at the minute as a demonstrator vehicle. Looks mint but not allowed it is a company car....pfft.
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