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  1. UPDATE! I cannot find the plenum cover, chargecooler, or fuel rail. This is not going to be something these people are wanting to invest thousands into since the guy at whatever shop stole a bunch of stuff. Watch for it at brig a trailer auction site within the next 30 days probably.
  2. Hi, I'm Jack and I turned a moonlighting gig into a sole proprietorship in Indianapolis. I have a friends car in my shop and we are ready to work on it (most of my customers are friends). He knows little about it, mostly info about the big fight it took to get it from another shop. The owner had this 1989 Esprit SE and had restored the interior himself. I'll get interior pictures later. It's pretty nice. He learned how to sew, and bought some Japanese sewing machine for a certain stitch I believe, did it all himself! Looks great. But were in the engine part of the forum, so I'll stay on
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