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  1. Found this thread, thought I'd throw my hat into the ring alongside the others! Fortunate enough to also have a 250 FE on it's way to my lucky paws - build slot looking like mid-August so a little while longer to wait yet... Cup250FE CocoPops - Isotope Green / Red Interior / Black Wheels 08sag - Met Orange / Silver Interior / Black Wheels JG250 - Vivid Green / Silver Interior / Black Wheels Jonnyboy - Metallic Grey TonyKL - Fire Red Alunavegg - Daytona Blue AndyM - Daytona Blue Baefi - Vivid Green SuzyH - Pearl yellow huage-f1 - Elise Grey, Black interior with silver contrast stitching / Diamond cut wheels kerm111t - Vivid Green / Silver Interior / Diamond Cut Wheels alpinetracks - Heritage Racing Green / Silver Interior / Black Wheels Sport240FE Cyph3r - Burnt Orange / Anthracite Wheels Happyclappygiraffe - Epsom Green / Tan leather interior / black wheels Andrew190783 - Azure Blue / Black wheels Trebor_UK - Red / Anthracite Wheels
  2. Had a lot of fun filming this one - will be there on the Sunday and fingers crossed it’s looking like another good turnout!
  3. Cheers, will be getting out to any events I can too. Now just hoping for one of those really hot winters that we so often get!
  4. Evening all, it's been a long long road and what seems like an eternity, but I've finally taken the plunge and sunk my hard-earned into my first Lotus. With my mates having had or currently having one, and myself owning a VX in the past, the struggle has been real Picked up an Elise 220 Cup on Saturday, and even though the weather tried to dampen the day, it was never going to wipe the smugness off my face. Even managed to get a sunset pic with Kerm111t before the weekend was out.
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