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  1. Hi Guy. Sorry I missed this response (thought I had replied but it obviously didn't post correctly. I'm normally between Stratford and South East London.
  2. Hello everyone and happy new year. Sorry for the break in communication but I’ve been all over the place. Thanks for the messages - really interesting and a little bit emotional to see the actual car. Now have the various bits of paper in London and a Corgi Lotus Elite model which belonged to Don (blue rather than white!) which I’ll pass on too. If anyone wants to get hold of me please give me a call on 07515 501119 and I’ll be happy to meet up. I’m in London every day and based in Stratford but can easily hope on the Central line or high speed.
  3. Happy to do this. I’m based in London but the paperwork is in Weymouth currently. I’ll be able to get it over Christmas and bring it back so could meet somewhere in early Jan. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again one day - I’ve many memories of being collected from school in it back in the 80s.
  4. HI, thanks for responding. It was a white Elite with red leather interior. Remember it had the Riviera graphics on the upper rear quarters. I think it had a removable roof but that could have been the previous one he owned. Will have a look through the docs and see if I can find the VIN. Yes!
  5. Hi, Just sifting through some old paperwork and found information relating to my uncles old Lotus Elite. The car was bought secondhand in Weymouth and was on number plate NYF 686Y but later became 31 HOT. I wondered if the present owner might like what I have (bill of sale, manual (copy) and guarantee as well as some old owners club info. Please feel free to get in contact here or on 07515 501119. Hope to be of help to someone. Peter
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