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  1. I'm still at the research stage of modifying. Looking at all my options really. I am a light aircraft engineer, which makes changing the pistons and rods just another day at work. The mapping is where I have the issues, only the diesels I work on even have ECU's. The EX460 seems like a good conversion, but the TVS1900 charger brings a lot of benefits. I only have the comments of others to go on as I haven't seen a dyno graph on the TVS setup, but they seem to be producing lots of torque lower down the rev range than the standard charger. This suggests it is a good match for the engine. The comments on the cars running TVS1900's say this tails off at the top, I am assuming, because it's making lower boost than the OEM charger in order to keep the power down and safe? Not a bad thing if so. Ideally what I want is a charge cooled TVS 1900 mapped to 460 and leaving my option open to take it further, noone seems to be offering this atm - so I'm peering outside the box to see my options.
  2. This interests me, I am suprised by the lack of custom ECU tuning on a car like the exige - and as much as packages like the EX460 / TVS1900 seem to be very good and reliable - when you steer away from the expected specification, the cars ECU is not going to be making the most of mods without custom tuning. Questions atm would be, does it come with a base line map which has already been programed for all the Exige S features? Who would/could do the mapping as modification are made (costs?) and do they have the experience with both Motec software and the Lotus Exige? and lastly - how will it drive compared to the OEM ECU?
  3. Seems a bit large for a watch and too industrial for biscuits 😂
  4. The answer to this may be really obvious but curiosity has got the better of me and I have to ask. My brother gave it to me, found it a couple of days ago in a flat he was clearing. But what would have been inside?
  5. My fuel cap arrived today, perfect fit. Cannot thank Neil Turner @ Lotus enough, I have the updated cap matched to my key. Perfect excuse to go fill the tank, took the scenic route. 😁
  6. This story isn't in anyway interesting - so they spin it into something else entirely, like most of the news stories of the day.
  7. A lot of the blame falls on Lotus, noone knows enough about their cars. In my group of friends I am the first to buy a Lotus and it has absolutly stunned them. The build quality is far better than they expected. I keep hearing "I thought it would be much smaller" - "its a proper sized sports car" I dont think it is clear to most of the population that there are other models and they are all very different - I used to think the Evora was just a slighly larger "lotus" with back seats.
  8. I have had a few Jap cars and its well known that the HKS filters are 'dirty' - just to support Imran's point. I've always removed them for something else. Paper Filters have always offered the best filtration, foam the worst in my experiance.
  9. Looks great, good job! Be good to see a picture of it once its on the car.
  10. I spoke to Neil Turner at Lotus today and he is sorting me out a new cap - Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Peter. Its not something they do anymore so a big to Neil for sorting it for me.
  11. Thanks Peter, I may do the same then. I had spoken to a dealer and he was going to send me a barrel that I would have to get sorted by a locksmith, but my petrol cap is still in pieces so this seems like a much better option. Was going to ask what they charged you, but I assume it was under warrenty?
  12. I've ordered the barrel for mine now as lotus seem to think a locksmith can adjust the tumblers to match. When I piece it back together I will let you know what you need to order.
  13. Thanks fellas, I've gone past the sticky stage though, The key wouldn't come out after first fill up, tiny bit of force and it fell apart. Loosing the barrel was my own stupidity though, should have left it in my pocket. Its been a couple of days now, will chase the dealer up tomorrow and see what he has learned.
  14. Hi all, Need a little help already! The short story - I've lost my petrol cap. The longer story.. Involves me breaking the barrel from the cap, putting it back together to go to work and then driving round a corner to fast. I've managed to recover everything apart from the barrel which is probably in a field somewhere. I've not heard back from the Lotus dealer I called, will they be able to replace the barrel to match my key? The guy I spoke to didn't seem to think so, surely that's not the case? It was suggested I might have to change all the locks!
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