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  1. Was thinking the same. This unit is on my radar, but seems to lack a lot of customisation.
  2. I use this for the UK. I doubt its accurate, but does give you some idea.
  3. The 4C could have been a great little car, a manual gearbox would have been a good start. Most people think my Exige is an Elise - and tell me about my 1.8l engine. I just nod and agree now - Elise's are great and I can't be arsed to explain anymore - The owner of that 4C definetly needs a reality check
  4. I think it is important you take your car to someone who you trust and has a good reputation. I have had so many bad experiances with main dealers. After much reading on the net the one place I had read very little negative feedback on and lots of positive stuff was Hanger 111 - so I too make the 2 hour trip, confident I will have the job done properly by people who know the car.
  5. I think you made the right choice. The standard P-Zero's lost traction after a few hot laps at a recent track day. Was expecting them to fair a lot better.
  6. Cars looking really good MAG, nice work. Looking forward to your feed back on the EX430
  7. Not working for me. You can drag and drop the file - seems like you are linking the wrong thing. Looking forward to seeing the pictures, sounds like a fun trip
  8. Finally got my car on the track, was a fantastic experience and a great weekend, but dont do it like we did! 4 of us set off early Saturday morning and headed for Lydden Hill A straight 6, V6, V8 and a V10 - I picked up a lot of banter about my car not making it home We arrived nice and early for the briefing - which was something along the lines of - Very sticky track, hard on tyres, its 30oC, you will probably need new tyres - which is great, especially when your train leaves for france 1 hour after the track day finishes. My first sessio
  9. I am very impressed with the Evija, everyone at Lotus should be very proud. As an EV - its so far away from what i would have concidered a typical Lotus, but somehow it still seems very Lotus to me. The shape, the weight - the minimalist approach. If this handles anything like a Lotus. Wow. Gj.
  10. You really have transformed the interior, the workmanship looks amazing. Mind me asking who did your carpets?
  11. I have had a quick look under the dashboard and can't see it. Not being as fit as i used to - thought i would ask before i do myself an injury! Could someone point me in the right direction please?
  12. F1_Chris

    No Lotus

    I always see other Lotus's when I am driving the daily's... once in the Lotus, i dont see any!
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