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  1. Thought I'd give Lotus' new configurator a try - Not the best configurator in the world. Seemed to work far better on my phone than on my laptop.... Still, it managed to get the job done.
  2. Certain your car is often out on the lash! Lol
  3. Could be a tight one.... Were you able to get under?
  4. Stunning. Great choice of colour too!
  5. From a trip to Finland over the weekend. DSC01151 by Daniel Air, on Flickr DSC01242 by Daniel Air, on Flickr DSC01251 by Daniel Air, on Flickr DSC01092 by Daniel Air, on Flickr DSC01096 by Daniel Air, on Flickr DSC01090 by Daniel Air, on Flickr I really need to work on my Night shots.
  6. Still new to this photography game - DSC00849 by Daniel Air, on Flickr DSC00846 by Daniel Air, on Flickr DSC00841 by Daniel Air, on Flickr DSC00840 by Daniel Air, on Flickr DSC00631 by Daniel Air, on Flickr Currently using the Sony A6300
  7. Just watched a lovely Green Exige 410 enter the circuit! Hope you had fun out there. Love a wet trackday.
  8. I test drove that very car a few weeks back. From what i was told. The previous owner didnt have the opportunity to take the car on track. The tyres were in pretty good condition! Apart from the colour (British Green) I loved everything about it. All the right options were checked .....or in the case of this car. Unchecked. Good price imo. Anyway I'm now more likely to order one brand new.
  9. Any owners of Matt black Exiges here? Would love to see more pics.
  10. So I managed to test another Sport 350 recently. Unlike the first one I drove, this particular version was very different - * No sound insulation or carpets * No stereo *Two-piece brakes * Harness bar and harnesses * Cant recall the other options Unlike my first test drive. This one was far more enjoyable. I think I had at least an hour with the car. In short, I loved it. My only issue was the colour. British Green... Not a horrid colour, just didn't really float my boat. So I'm now considering buying brand new - After I've returned the Mini GP to stock and returned it. Plans to sign up to the Lotus Academy are off.... Seems to be sold out for the next few months, with the earliest available date being around June / July iirc.
  11. I dont know... Didn't ask. Have a feeling it wouldn't be cheap.
  12. I managed to have the opportunity to drive an Exige without sound insulation and / or carpets. And to be honest it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I fairly certain it's something I can live without!
  13. So not a clear night and day difference. Any locals want to take me for a spin?
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