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  1. I'm in the same boat with my 111R. After plenty of research I'm going for the 2bular. Looks the best designed/engineered exhaust specifically for the 111R/R. I've read plenty of reviews to confirm this, plus it's available in different diameters depending on how loud you want it.😁
  2. Cheers for this, cracking thread. So, it looks like brake cleaner, water and magic sponges are order of the day. Got the brake cleaner, just need the magic sponges off eBay. Thanks again. Mark
  3. Hi, Having just recently purchased a 2006 111R I'm looking to get the wheels off, clean inside the wheel arches and give the bare parts of the aluminium chassis a clean also. Now, when I had my previous 111R back in 2009 I did this and I cleaned the aluminium chassis with WD40 and it came up like new. However I have read some posts (not on this forum) that WD40 can strip away the protection form the aluminium; is this true? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Mark
  4. Thanks for the kind words.👍 Mark
  5. Cheers and welcome to Lotus ownership . I think the biggest difference for me with the Boxster is the feeling of weight and steering feel. Now the 987 has an hydraulic rack and was regarded as one of the best in the business but the Elise is in a completely different league. The way the Elise turns in, corners and changes direction, my Boxster could only dream of and it was a well sorted car. So the Elise should though, my Boxster was 1360kg my 111R is only 860kg so half a ton difference. But to be fair it's not really fair to compare them as they fill completely different briefs. But as
  6. Cheers . Nice 5 Turbo. Always wanted one of them when I was in my early twenties. Couldn't afford one though :(. Mark
  7. Great video. 👍 Here's my new baby. Aspen White 111R.
  8. Great stuff, they truly are a hidden gem, even the most mundane journey puts a smile on my face. You are right, the cup suspension can be a tad hard. Just had H&R springs fitted to mine as one of the original springs snapped. Looks great lowered Mark
  9. That is my Twingo 133 Cup. Absolute blast of a car. Proper old school hot hatch. Mark
  10. Hi, It'll be mainly a road car but I plan at least one track day a year (don't get enough holidays from work ). Always did one track day a year in the Boxster. I've also got some European trips planned for the future. Roll on the Spring .
  11. Just a quick hello (sort of) from the North East of England. After ten years, I'm back in a Lotus. I picked up an Aspen White 2006 111R Touring Pack with 9k on the clock a couple of weeks ago. I've come from a Porsche 987 Boxster S which I had for seven years which was a great car. However I always wanted to get back in to an Elise after owning an S1 and S2 111R for a couple of years. I have only driven the car a few times since I picked her up from Norwich a few weeks ago but I'm already smitten, it's a totally different kettle of fish to the Porker, Its an amazing car. My wife loves dr
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