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  1. Picked up an Excel SE yesterday and the Avon ZV3 tyres fitted, whilst having plenty of tread and not showing any signs of perishing, are date stamped from the second quarter of 2007. This could explain the occasional twitch from the car when pressing on from the occasional roundabout. Any recommendations for current spec boots to run the 15" speedline alloys?
  2. Got a pretty good discount from Footman James on the excel by having Club Lotus Membership. Quote went from £150 down to £118 👍
  3. Looking for an Excel here too, and just tried to register on the Excel forum but can't get it to register me. Think I may have registered there before a few years ago and the email shows as in use, but the email account reset didn't work for me
  4. Saw your green GS in issue 11 of absolute lotus Martin. It's a stunning car, thanks for sharing it with us.
  5. Excellent, the S2 style speedlines on the car are lovely things, but I know some people prefer the larger rim to allow a bigger brake setup. Saying that, the 285mm 4 piston caliper kit is supposed to work with a 14", which would be plenty on a car this light. I'm glad you're taking this on and posting it on here, as I would have called about the car myself if I weren't waiting to hear on a job that may require relocating.
  6. If you fancied going up to 15" wheels theres a nice set of the speedlines on Ebay at the moment for a very reasonable price.
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