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  1. This is an interesting topic. Have a look at which discusses the research done on different fuels wear effects and also watch Aston Martin specialist Bamford Rose video which talks about energy density and the lack of fuel flex sophistication in AM engine management. Having been a v-power consumer for some time I am now researching this further to see how my cars are suited to the E5 or E10 fuels. It seems to me the biggest determinants of suitability for performance cars are the level of engine management flex capability for ethanol and the basic energy density of the fuel itself. Then there's the green perspective and economics to consider. More research needed!
  2. I have explored this topic with dealers and indeed there are a few clutch and gearbox issues. I have a MY11 Evora S and there was a change to the clutch for later cars. Of course all these things will eventually wear out or break so driving with mechanical sympathy will help longevity. Silverstone Lotus can do a good deal on new gearboxes from the factory should the worst happen, but they said they had only a few and I suspect in more heavily tracked cars. Should the worst happen I know it will cost say c£6k for clutch and box which is way less than depreciation on a newer model. Drive smoothly!
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