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  1. Good job! To do a proper job takes a long time, more so on these cars than others I’ve had tbh. Thanks for posting.
  2. That’s a great choice of direction - RS6 and R7. Well done that man! Ignore all the negative comments - I don’t get people and I don’t like them or their views so I say each to their own. You can’t beat the feeling of riding a bike; I don’t care what car it is, it will not come close to the sensation of riding a bike. Just have to be very mindful of other f@ckwits on the road and their unpredictability. But enjoy your choices, I think they’re bloody perfect!
  3. Hats off to you for getting Ken Block to do the sanding.
  4. Has anyone else had this issue? Fitted GRP V3 lights to the Exige but when you turn on the fog lights (to light up all 4 rear lights), the Traction control light lights on the dash and you can’t select sport/race modes. ‘Greg from GRP advised I need to fit a resistor to overcome this which I have done but I’m still getting the same issue. He said I could link up the red wires between the outer and inner lights to have all 4 on at the same time which I have done but doing this also lights up the TC on the dash. ‘I’ve sent Greg pics of how I connected up the resistor and he said it looks right. I know some Evora owners had the same issue but can’t find anything from Exige owners?
  5. If Davey D isn’t interested then I will be!
  6. Great photos, thanks for sharing.
  7. I’d like to add the 430 Cup Shark Fins to my car but the latest ones go all the way down over the sill whereas earlier versions stopped level with the top of the sill. DeRoure only offer the later version. Any ideas where I can get the previous ones?
  8. If you look under ‘S2’ you will find the black ones which fit although they don’t have the conical washers, they’re one piece.
  9. What if you’re going from a standard system to non-valve? What do you do with the vacuum pipe - plug it?
  10. Can anyone shed any light on how the boot release cable is supposed to be routed? My car has come back from repair with the release cable bridging across the corner and pulling away the carpet - clearly not right.
  11. Karls

    Soft top

    I’d be interested in that.
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