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  1. Very nice...which Braille battery is that and who supplied it please.
  2. Can someone please confirm that I have the correct Ferodo pads for the 350? I’ve added a photo of the new pad vs existing and you’ll see the existing pad has a plate (about 1mm thick) on the back of it whereas the new pad doesn’t. I’ve also attached a pic of the new pad part numbers. The backing plates/holes are an exact match btw. Apologies for upside down pics...grrr!
  3. Nope, can't find the missing clip. Deroure says those clips are a factory order. Oh joy!
  4. OK, an update on progress. I ended up taking off the sill and A-pillar trim as one assembly but whilst lifting it away, the clip in the pics fell down from somewhere. Any idea where it’s from? I had to release the air bag cover so ordered some new clips for that. What a ball-ache.
  5. I know, it’s just a lot tighter...I must be missing something. Fresh eyes tomorrow. Thanks for your help so far.
  6. I will get some pics tomorrow afternoon, hopefully that will clarify things. Perhaps with a fresh look tomorrow it will all play ball.
  7. The panel with the name badge? Not on my car there isn’t - 2016 car.
  8. Thanks for all that Paul, much appreciated. Yes, I have done everything I did on the driver’s side but the passenger side ‘A-pillar trim’ is so much tighter fitting unless I’m missing some additional screws? I’ve removed four - two in the ‘coin box’ and two within the A-pillar trim/air vent surround part. I’m pulling like a bastard but something’s going to snap if I pull any harder surely?
  9. Hoping to get some advice before I end up breaking the passenger door sill in a fit of rage! I’m replacing the sills with carbon and the driver’s side went relatively well, old sill removed, carbon one fitted. So, onto the passenger one. I have removed the two screws under the rubber mat in the coin holder and the two screws above. I have released the old sill all the way along so that I can lift it and pull it rearward but the clips that hold the front to the air vent trim will not disengage. I have tried all sorts this afternoon but had to walk away as I feared something was going to break. Question - do I need to release the air bag cover? Will that allow me to remove the sill with the air vent trim as one unit and I can then disassemble/re-assemble out of the car? Another question - how easy is it to remove the air vent trim? Help me...for god’s sake help me! 😩
  10. Yes. If you refer back to the first post on this thread the part numbers are confirmed there.
  11. Obvious answer maybe but, does the grill fit to the car before the diffuser or do you fit the grill to the diffuser as a sub-assembly and then fit it to the car?
  12. Exactly. Tempted to have a go myself but the Xpel is very expensive and the potential for screwing it up is huge.
  13. Really? Perhaps I’m just out of touch then🤔 Well, that was a wasted journey...all locked up, no one there. Doesn’t look promising.
  14. Imran, I tried this company: I’m going to see Vanguard Vehicle Wrapping this afternoon in Stonehouse. Will update later.
  15. I’ve got some Carbon door sills and want to get PPF (Xpel) on them to protect from scratching. What sort of price can I expect to pay for that? I ask as I’ve just been quoted £200 by a local company which I think is taking the p. The sills are loose by the way, not fitted to the car.
  16. Would be more than willing but guys, honestly, in the middle of Winter? Did I not say I’m allergic to salt and wet/cruddy roads? My car’s off the road until March. Yes, when it comes to Winter my car and I hibernate. If you do go have a cracking time.
  17. Austen, what model year is your 350? I ask as I have the lights from Greg but have yet to fit them but I assume I’m going to have the same issue.
  18. Holy sh#t! That is truly incredible...and bloody scary.
  19. My lad bought me this for Christmas: Just a question on fitment. I’m unsure whether this is supposed to sit on top of the existing binnacle with s/a tape or am I supposed to unclip the top part of the binnacle moulding and replace with the carbon - assuming the top part of the binnacle is removable?
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