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  1. Has anyone else had this issue? Fitted GRP V3 lights to the Exige but when you turn on the fog lights (to light up all 4 rear lights), the Traction control light lights on the dash and you can’t select sport/race modes. ‘Greg from GRP advised I need to fit a resistor to overcome this which I have done but I’m still getting the same issue. He said I could link up the red wires between the outer and inner lights to have all 4 on at the same time which I have done but doing this also lights up the TC on the dash. ‘I’ve sent Greg pics of how I connected up the resistor and he said it looks right. I know some Evora owners had the same issue but can’t find anything from Exige owners?
  2. If Davey D isn’t interested then I will be!
  3. Great photos, thanks for sharing.
  4. I’d like to add the 430 Cup Shark Fins to my car but the latest ones go all the way down over the sill whereas earlier versions stopped level with the top of the sill. DeRoure only offer the later version. Any ideas where I can get the previous ones?
  5. If you look under ‘S2’ you will find the black ones which fit although they don’t have the conical washers, they’re one piece.
  6. What if you’re going from a standard system to non-valve? What do you do with the vacuum pipe - plug it?
  7. Can anyone shed any light on how the boot release cable is supposed to be routed? My car has come back from repair with the release cable bridging across the corner and pulling away the carpet - clearly not right.
  8. Karls

    Soft top

    I’d be interested in that.
  9. Yes, just the silencer section. It’s a 2016 350 so hopefully nothing too corroded yet.
  10. I managed an under tray off and diffuser fitting with the car on axle stands so is an exhaust easy enough?
  11. Alright I give up...are you Batman?
  12. Yep, money for old rope really. The seller supplies the spiel and photos. They ‘suggest’ a reserve price which is aimed to ensure it sells. Then sit back and rake it in. Simple!
  13. Can I join in and add my list? I don’t recall the model years of ,many of them so apologies! Mk3 Triumph Spitfire - my first car and one I forever seemed to be underneath of...usually in the middle of Winter on a freezing garage floor. I filled the boot with logs one Winter to get more grip over the rear wheels in the snow but one particular day whilst driving there was a loud bang where I suddenly saw the rear near side wheel overtaking me at 40mph complete with half shaft and the car tilted up so the offside front was off the ground. No brakes so just slid to an eventual halt. Driver’s faces coming the other way we’re a picture! Mk4 Triumph Spitfire - I didn’t learn! Looked good until I found most of it was body filler & newspaper! Young and naive - good times! MG Metro Turbo - we’re not messing about now! In mean ‘black’ with red pin striping (I know, who’s the Daddy?). Great until gearbox went ‘BANG!’. MG Maestro 2.0i - In ‘Racing’ red (it probably wasn’t called racing, probably). A pretty good car as I recall but got bored. Fiat Panda - great little car; we moved house using it! Fiat Punto 1.7TD - great car until my step-son wrote it off. 1.8 Ford Focus - Company car but handled well and well ragged. It was always up for a good ragging, couldn’t fault it. Mk 4 Golf - Company car. It was a Golf... Ford CMax - what was I thinking? Mitsubishi L200 - a car made to look like a truck Toyota Hilux - THE truck - superb! Mk5 Golf GTi Mk 5 - good car but got boring, even with a remap & pipe Audi RS4 B7 - 4.2 V8 - wonderful car, a lot of special memories. Decat non-res system was just mmmmmm... Porsche 911 Carrera S 997.1 - a quality car but just didn’t do it for me, kept it 6 months! Nissan GT-R R35 - a superb car, ended up at 680bhp...owned since 2010, for sale (sob!) Land Rover 90 Truck Cab - complete restoration - almost killed me, took 5 years hard labour! (Likes to mark it’s territory...) Fiat Panda - the newer one; we love it! Subaru Forester STi - a fine car, pipe & remap of course. Bought as a justifiable reason as a ‘dog car’ - no, not for dogging but to transport our large GSD, although in reality that never happened much - I don’t think he liked the colour. Lotus Exige Sport 350 - the car that got me out of the GT-R (but I still want both!) Bikes: Malagutti 50 - field bike; I was only 10 - it was FANTASTICALLY FANTASTIC! (Until it seized). Yamaha DT50 - it was cruel, so cruel. Honda XL125 - loved it Kawasaki KLR600 - loved it even more! Maico 250 - rebuilt from a box of bits from a farmer’s barn. Wowzers that was a rapid thing! Suzuki GSXR400RR - oh mama, I believed I WAS Kevin Schwantz! Suzuki GSXR600 - my wife bought me this for my birthday - I know! Ducati 748 - the love of my life (after my wife of course). I believed I really WAS Carl Forgarty but obviously much better looking!
  14. I used some home-made wooden ramps and drove the car up on them to give me the clearance needed.
  15. It’s a tricky one this. I like to cover my car up after a wash when it’s dust free but the only way for me to dry the brakes is to take it slowly round the block, clutch fully out with left foot braking whilst on the accelerator. It does the trick and ensures discs remain rust free with no sticking pads. A quick spray on the bodywork with some Bouncer’s Done n Dusted and light wipe then cover on.
  16. I agree, it’s certainly how it looks and feels. I’m sure once I take it back and he can see it properly rather than on a video he’ll spot his mistake.
  17. Thanks for replies guys. It’s a 2016 350 Sport. The harness bar and fitting kit was bought from Seriously Lotus. Harnesses were bought from MSAR. I’m not sure what subframes I have.
  18. Had my harnesses installed earlier this week whilst still enabling use of the seatbelts. The passenger side retention buckle by the handbrake is nice and tight but the driver's side buckle is loose. The bolts is tight though. I know springs/spacers were removed to allow the extra thickness of the harness lap belt. I've been told this movement is normal by the installer but I don't think it is. I video'd the movement but the file is too large to upload. The lateral movement from side to side makes you think the bolt isn't tight. Surely this isn't right?
  19. what is the solution on later models as my Exige suffers from the same.
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