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  1. That does look nice. Are there any other parts needed to swap this out from a 350 i.e. fixings/fasteners etc?
  2. I will fit the new shortened plate anyway and once we get some decent sunshine, let the UV rays do their stuff and see how the finish behaves. Hopefully the darker areas that were under the s/a tape will out-gas and lighten up over time.
  3. I’ve been unwell since my last post so have been unable to progress it any further. Let me know how you get on. Have you found a difference in shade between where the s/a tape was/wasn’t?
  4. Thanks MrP, ‘I’m not sure what the G-Technique coating was, it’s got a sticker on the windscreen stating ‘7 year guarantee Crystal Serum’. However, the area under the plinth would not have been coated. I will try the things you recommend and update. It’s weird though, I’d have thought the area under the plinth which has been shielded from UV would be a darker shade than the surrounding un-shielded areas but it’s lighter but only where the s/a tape has been. I can’t feel any residue/ridges along where the tape has been, just the lighter shade. I guess, as you have said, it could be that the tape has altered the way these areas of the material have vented.
  5. Certainly worth a try, thanks. Interestingly the car did have a G-Techniq Crystal Serum treatment when new or nearly new in 2016 so I’m wondering if what can be seen is treated area versus non-treated but it still wouldn’t account for the witness marks of the s/a tape that are still evident.
  6. I am going for a smaller rear plate so have removed the plinth having referred to previous posts about how to do it. So, having done that, I am left with a faint outline of where the plinth was along with witness marks of the 3 horizontal strips of s/a tape. I have tried the following products to try and get rid of this: G-Techniq Tar & Glue Remover, Tardis, IPA; applying each with a microfibre cloth but still the difference in shade remains. Are there any other suggestions about what else I can try?
  7. Can anyone advise how I can gain access to the Lotus Service notes for the V6 Exige / 350 Sport? I have gone into the Lotus website but I will have to pay for an hour’s access as a minimum. Any other way?
  8. I’m looking to remove the seats in order to fit the harness bar from Seriously Lotus and the Schroth harnesses. I have searched on the forum but couldn’t find anything definitive. The only guide I have found is this: Can I assume this would be the same for the Exige s3? Is it sensible/easier to remove the roof as well? I haven’t bought the harnesses yet, just the harness bar. Is it easier to fit the harnesses whilst the seats are out or not much difference, otherwise I’ll hold off buying the harnesses until next year. Thanks in advance.
  9. It’s still looking promising weather-wise!
  10. I would be up for that too!
  11. As I own a 350 Sport and live only 20 mins away, Imran kindly offered to fit my intake for me so that he could familiarize himself with any nuances of the 350 compared to the V6S. The actual availability and fitting came up very quick;y. As soon as Imran had received the ally tube from Europe then it was processed and the assembly completed yesterday in double-quick time and yesterday evening fitting commenced - this was the first one of the production batch; I felt honoured 🙂 I collected the car this morning and what can I say. For those of you that have ordered the intake, you will not be disappointed. Firstly, how it looks and to my eyes it looks really nice, very professional. The welds are lovely and installed in the car it looks factory not aftermarket. The stock airbox has gone, thank christ. When you look at the stock box it seems such a torturous route for air to flow whereas with the new intake it’s just a direct straight flow - it’s got to be better right? DAMN RIGHT! Driving the car, throttle response is much sharper, the sucking of air is audible and I can now actually hear my supercharger! The car felt quicker and more urgent and I wasn’t giving it full chat as Imran advised to give the ecu time to learn the new airflow initially to avoid the possibility of any error codes. I suppose I drove it for about 45 mins and towards the end of the journey I was giving it a bit more stick with no protests from the ecu. I’m really pleased with this modification, it just lets the engine breathe, you can tell it’s much happier and you will be too. Well done Imran, give yourself a pat on the back pal, your hard work has been well worth it. 👍
  12. Is it going to be ‘supermudfest’ with the amount of rain we’ve had today?
  13. Guys, I was fortunate enough tonight to experience this induction system first-hand as a passenger in Imran’s car. Compared to my (standard) 350 it is night and day different. I struggle to hear anything of the supercharger in mine but in Imran’s car you can clearly hear the induction noise and the supercharger whining away, I thought it sounded great, just how it should be! A look in the engine bay revealed the huge airbox gone and in it’s place the neat install of the indiction kit. I was shocked to realise just how much space the standard airbox takes up! All that weight! It’s crazy. Suffice to say my order remains in place. Lovely car by the way Imran.
  14. Definitely interested in this Imran! Cracking job.
  15. Thanks Chris, that is appreciated. I have just bought two standard tickets (@ £12.50 ea. as that was the only choice) so please feel free to buy bazza’s ticket.
  16. Is there anymore space on the stand? I thought it was for 50 cars but the tickets via the link say sold out?
  17. Hmm, The Willaston wouldn’t want to mess with them would you.
  18. There is another way. It involves 9V batteries, tinfoil and full sugar coke. I did it on my titanium tips on another car and it worked well. See if you can google it.
  19. Why on earth would you want to leave such wonderful scenery behind? I just don’t get some people...
  20. Saw this on youtube...god, I still love the look of these, they’re timeless:
  21. Great! Thanks for your help. Are the clips straightforward to fit for re-assembly?
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