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  1. Yep. It was in Gloucestershire but I think the car driver was in his 50’s so I can’t compete with 78! My brother had an 848, loved it but found it really uncomfortable.
  2. Hey Ruud, don’t get me wrong, I still love bikes! I can’t ride them anymore but I will always love bikes more than I do cars so please don’t feel bad about posting your bike history. I didn’t put my post up to make people think like that.
  3. Bikes were my passion since I was 11, last one I had was a Ducati 748...I adored that bike. If I wasn’t riding it I was cleaning it. Termis, jhm airfilter, chipped - gorgeous. Then one sunny Saturday it all ended, unbeknown to me. All I remember is two weeks later being woken by a nurse repeating my name. I was incredibly lucky to survive; they called my wife to my bedside in intensive care four times to say goodbye. But I wasn’t going! It’s left me with long-term injuries including a tbi. It was an unavoidable accident according to the Police, I had no time to react to the car driver who was trying to pull off an incredibly stupid move. In a split second my old life and career had finished and a whole new world of pain and struggle was replacing it. A grim prognosis was the outlook. But you know what, 17 years down the line I think I’ve proved them all wrong. I’ve learnt to walk again, learnt to talk again, working part-time, still a dad to my 18 yr old son and still a husband to my wonderful she’s stuck with me christ only knows. The only thing I want you guys to take away from this is this: You may think you’re an experienced and safe rider, I did. But on that day, I can’t remember seeing a car, reacting to a car, grabbing the brakes, nothing. Apparently I was resuscitated at the roadside before being airlifted and I can’t recall a god damn thing. They are out there guys, and they are waiting for us...just have that in the back of your mind on your next ride out. But above all, enjoy riding your bike as it’s a feeling that can never be matched, no matter what car you drive. Here endeth the lesson 😊
  4. No, not using until the Spring. It’s about a 2 hr journey (Guildford to Gloucestershire). If the weather is ok i.e. no snow then I’ll drive it and just give it a damn good constant clean for about a week after! 😪 It’s not a new car, it’s a private sale.
  5. Thanks, looking forward to it like a kid at Christmas 😃
  6. 😂🤣😂, to be clear then, the suggestion is I drive it, stop being a jessie and a wuss and man up? I think I’m going to enjoy this forum! Thanks chaps 👍
  7. Am I being a Jessie? Should I just drive it home no matter what the weather (argh, all that salt on the road!) or should I look into hiring a trailer? It would be an ‘open’ trailer so if the roads are cruddy, which is highly likely, it will still get filthy. Unless someone knows of a decent covered car collection service? Or, again, am I being a Jessie?
  8. Thanks guys for your suggestions on PPF, I will take a look.
  9. OK thanks, I’ll have a think about it and be selective who I choose.
  10. Thanks Duncan. The car doesn’t have PPF on the front, did you ever consider getting it done? I’m wondering if there is a recognised go-to or favourite for Lotus owners?
  11. New&onesearchad=Used Went to view today and absolutely loved it. The seller was gutted as soon as he agreed the deal, he’s really going to miss it - I do feel sorry for him as we all know what it feels like I’m sure. Thanks Duncan for making me aware of the car. It will be in good hands!
  12. Duncan, what do you reckon on the asking price?
  13. I stand corrected, the seller did indeed have the car shipped down from Edinburgh!
  14. Going to look at this car at the weekend. Current owner bought it from B&C about 8 months ago. He’s put about 7K on it since then with a trip to Europe with his wife, 1 trackday at Silverstone and a couple of laps of Brands Indy. Cup 2 tyres all round with plenty of life left so I’m told. 4K since last service. 1 stonechip on front, 1 behind the dvr’s side intake. Reason for selling - work has gone mad and it’s not getting used. The seller likes to switch cars fairly regularly but says he’s happy to keep this if it doesn’t sell. Thoughts welcome please
  15. Thanks duncx, it looks like a good spec’d car. Nice colour. I’ve emailed the seller.
  16. Thanks Andy, I’ll take a look.
  17. Thanks for all your replies so far guys, it’s appreciated and really helpful. I still have the GT-R, I store it from Nov through to March. I don’t know how much I would miss it but last year was the first year I was glad to take it off the road for Winter. It’s an expensive car to run; fuel, tyres, servicing and a 59 plate car is now going to start needing tlc in other areas, not that it has wanted for nothing. I agree that it is a fantastically engineered piece of kit but the draw of the Loti is strong. I am just worried that six months down the line I don’t want to end up regretting the switch.
  18. Can anyone shed any light on this car at Howards Lotus, Weston Super Mare: Looking at their fb page, I can see it’s been with them since at least Nov 2018. I called about it over a week ago and they apparently had 5 people interested. I called again this afternoon and it’s still available. Very low mileage and price doesn’t look too bad. From what I can see it’s got no radio, no air-con, no carpets but none of that bothers me. Harnesses means it’s been used on track . I’m possibly going tomorrow to have a look but something doesn’t quite sit right. If anyone knows the car or has any thoughts on what I should be looking out for I’d be really grateful. I’m coming from a Nissan GT-R (8 yrs ownership), drove a 350 Sport about a year ago and absolutely loved it. Will I miss the GT-R though?
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