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  1. If any of you guys fancy doing a proper session of pilates or yoga and suffering for it for the next two days, then I suggest you buy a set of DBW Pedals and try fitting the buggers!

    I think I may have cracked a rib after rolling around on the sills, doing a very convincing impression of a beached whale. I pity anyone who happened to walk by and heard the language.

    But they’re fitted and no, I haven’t tried them yet...just waiting for the pain to subside a bit first :)




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  2. I had my oem steering wheel replaced today with a B&G removable kit from Seriously Lotus and a Momo Tuner wheel.

    After it was fitted and after a 30min journey and a visit to the local s/market, I was just manoeuvering out of the car park when suddenly the wheel/boss/column assembly moved vertically by about 1-2 inches. I initially thought the boss hadn’t been tightened on the splines but subsequent investigation showed that was all good. I’ve been driving the car a month on the oem wheel with no play whatsoever; it’s only today after the removable wheel was fitted did I get the problem but only after a 30 min drive.

    Anyone have a clue what it could be? Car is a 2016 350 Sport.

    It’s going back to the guys that fitted it tomorrow (they did send out the guy that fitted it to be fair to look at it at my home address but he couldn’t resolve it there and then).

  3. Has anyone found a decent step-by-step guide in how to remove the oem steering wheel (with airbag) and swap for a Momo wheel? I’ve found snippets here and there but no good guide. I was going to get Lotus Silverstone to do it whilst the car is in for service but my Momo wheel is currently at Royal Steering Wheels and won’t be back in time. The removable steering wheel kit I need to fit was from Dave at Seriously Lotus.

    Failing lack of a decent guide, has anyone used a decent indy to do it in Gloucestershire?

  4. Just in the midst of cleaning the new arrival; wheels off and cleaning in the arches. I removed the rear offside wheel this afternoon and found a couple of things which are pictured. The first was the collar highlighted on the shock; I rattles around quite loosely and moves up and down freely which I’d have thought would make a hell of a noise whilst driving. Are these normally like this?

    Secondly, looking behind the brake disc on the same hub there is what looks like a bodge job of a taped up wire (ABS sensor?). Surely this isn’t how it should look from factory is it?

    The cars got warranty until July so I can get stuff like this sorted as long as I spot it.



  5. Cheers Duncan, yeah, it’s great. The cleaning starts tomorrow and as I managed to clear out the years of accumulated crap in my garage over the last two weeks, paint the walls white and put down flooring, will continue on the lead up to the Spring. At last I have a garage that is going to be nice to spend time in, especially with a lovely Lotus in it 😁

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