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  1. Tonight was my first time driving my '88 Esprit at night. When I returned home, the headlights wouldn't go down or turn off. I'm assuming that since it's affecting both the motors and the on / off operation that it's likely to be the switch. Any advice or opinions are appreciated.
  2. Thanks for all of your info and advise. As a new owner, it's really nice to have this kind of support. After driving more, it is getting a little easier to start but the idle is still a bit erratic and the throttle response is delayed. As soon as time permits, I'll try an injector cleaner and possibly bring it to a Bosch FI specialist if things don't improve.
  3. The buyer stated that everything was replaced new or rebuilt. Engine, turbo, trans., clutch, suspension, brakes, fuel system and tanks, etc. Other than original paint (cracking) and the doors slightly sagging, the car appears perfect....but of course the key word is "appears". I noticed the conflict in it being an SE but it came back titled as an SE....not sure why.
  4. Thanks for the info...yes I've got a LOT to learn. I'm not familiar with freescan or espritmon. No check engine light at this point. I'll have to check the ebpv and idle valve.
  5. I've been a car guy forever but my knowledge of the esprit is limited. I picked up my 88 SE 2 days ago. Everything had been rebuilt from the ground up. It seems to be having some issues though ( fuel? ). It's very hard to start and when it finally does, I have to pump the throttle to keep it running. It will eventually idle but very rough. When I drive it, it seems to run fine. Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated
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